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List of Moroccan Dutch people

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Title: List of Moroccan Dutch people  
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Subject: List of Dutch people, List of Moroccans
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List of Moroccan Dutch people


The following is a referenced list of notable Dutch people of Moroccan origin. Some of the people listed below are immigrants, others are of the second-generation. Large-scale immigration to the Netherlands started on 14 May 1969, when the Netherlands and Morocco signed a treaty allowing recruitment of mostly unschooled labourers to work in Dutch mining, industry, construction and agriculture. Most guest workers intended to earn lots of money in a relatively short period and then return home.[1] The fact that their number has risen to over 335,000 people, or over 2 percent of the Dutch population, proves many changed their minds.[2] When the 1973 oil crisis hit the Netherlands, demand for labour greatly diminished and many guest workers lost their jobs.

Before the 1990s, immigration policy was a taboo in The Netherlands, leaving many social problems of immigrants undealt with. Today the situation seems to be getting better, with many prominent Moroccans achieving success in for example sports (e.g. football player Khalid Boulahrouz), music (e.g. singer Hind Laroussi) and politics (e.g. Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb).[3]


Name Life Notability Link Morocco photo
Ahmed Salah Abdelfatah 1949– actor Immigrant from Morocco[4]
Yassine Abdellaoui 1975– footballer (retired) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[5]
Bouchra van Persie 1983– Wife of Dutch footballer Robin van Persie Dutch-born to Moroccan parents
Laïla Abid 1977– journalist, presenter, news anchor Immigrant from Meknes, Morocco[6]
Ahmed Aboutaleb 1961– politician; incumbent mayor of Rotterdam (Labour Party) Immigrant from Beni Sidel, Morocco[7]
Ibrahim Afellay 1986– footballer (FC Barcelona), Dutch international Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[8]
Achmed Ahahaoui 1983– footballer (Go Ahead Eagles) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[9]
Karim El Ahmadi 1985– footballer (Feyenoord), Moroccan international Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[10]
Ismaïl Aissati 1988– footballer (AFC Ajax) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[11]
Jamal Akachar 1982– footballer (Moghreb Tétouan) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[12]
Youssef El Akchaoui 1981– footballer (NEC Nijmegen) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[13]
Achmed Akkabi 1983– actor and presenter Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[14]
Esmaa Alariachi 1979– presenter Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[15]
Hajar Alariachi 1986– presenter Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[16]
Jihad Alariachi 1984– presenter Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[16]
Najib Amhali 1971– comedian and actor Immigrant from Nador, Morocco[17]
Ahmed Ammi 1981– footballer (ADO Den Haag) Immigrant from Temsaman, Morocco[18]
Nordin Amrabat 1987– footballer (PSV Eindhoven) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[19]
Khadija Arib 1960– politician; MP (Labour Party) Immigrant from Hedami, Morocco[20]
Oussama Assaidi 1988– footballer (De Graafschap) Immigrant from Beni-Boughafer, Morocco[21]
Mohammed Azaay 1976– actor Immigrant from Tétouan, Morocco[22]
Malik Azmani 1976– politician Moroccan father[23]
Naïma Azough 1972– politician; MP (GreenLeft Party) Immigrant from Asdif, Morocco[24]
Tarik Azzougarh (Cilvaringz) 1979– rapper and hip hop producer, Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[25]
Samir Azzouz 1986– terrorist and islamist Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[26]
Hassan Bahara 1978– writer Immigrant from Teroua n'Aït Izou, Morocco[27]
Otman Bakkal 1985– footballer (PSV Eindhoven) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[28]
Said Bakkati 1982– footballer (Go Ahead Eagles) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[29]
Nacer Barazite 1990– footballer (Arsenal F.C.) Dutch-born to Moroccan father[30]
Rachid Belkacem 1973–2006 terrorism suspect (acquitted) "Dutch national of Moroccan descent"[31]
Abdelkader Benali 1975– writer and journalist Immigrant from Ighazzazen, Morocco[32]
Walid Benmbarek 1980– actor One Moroccan grandparent on each side[33]
Mohammed Benzakour 1972– columnist, essayist, poet, politician, writer Immigrant from Nador, Morocco[34]
Loubna Berrada 1976– politician (VVD), activist Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[35]
Naima El Bezaz 1974– writer, essayist, journalist Immigrant from Meknes, Morocco[36]
Ali Bouali (Ali B) 1981– rapper, presenter and occasional comedian Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[37]
Rachid Bouaouzan 1984– footballer (Wigan Athletic) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[38]
Hafid Bouazza 1970– writer Immigrant from Oujda, Morocco[39]
Hassnae Bouazza 1973– journalist, columnist, writer, translator, TV programme-maker Immigrant from Oujda, Morocco[40]
Elbekay Bouchiba 1978– footballer (Al-Wakra) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[41]
Nourdin Boukhari 1980– footballer (NAC Breda), Moroccan international Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[42]
Khalid Boulahrouz 1981– footballer (VfB Stuttgart), Dutch international Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[43]
Nadia Bouras 1981– historian Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[44]
Ali Boussaboun 1979– footballer (FC Utrecht), Moroccan international Immigrant from Tangier, Morocco[45]
Dries Boussatta 1972– footballer (retired), Dutch+Moroccan international Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[46]
Mbark Boussoufa 1984– footballer (RSC Anderlecht), Moroccan international Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[47]
Saïd Boutahar 1982– footballer (Willem II Tilburg) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[48]
Mohammed Bouyeri 1978– terrorist and islamist, murderer of filmmaker Theo van Gogh Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[49]
Mohammed Chaara 1980– actor Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[50]
Faldir Chahbari 1979– martial artist and welterweight kickboxer Immigrant from Ijarmawas, Morocco[51]
Abdelhali Chaiat 1983– footballer (De Graafschap) Immigrant from Saka, Morocco[52]
Anouar Charik 1991– Businessman (Sjagil Group) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[53]
Dr Oussama Cherribi 1959– politician; MP (VVD), academic (PhD social sciences) Immigrant from Kenitra, Morocco[54]
Sabra Dahhan 1983– columnist Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[55]
Abdellah Dami 1982– presenter, journalist, writer Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[56]Dutch-born to Moroccan parents
Nasrdin Dchar 1978– actor and presenter Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[57]
Anouar Diba 1983– footballer (Al-Wakrah) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[58]
Tofik Dibi 1980– politician; MP (Greenleft Party) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[59]
Mamoun Elyounoussi 1988– actor "Dutch national of Moroccan descent"[60]
Karim Fachtali 1988– footballer (TOP Oss) Immigrant from Beni Said, Morocco[61]
Nouredine el Fahtni 1982– terrorist and islamist Immigrant from Midar, Morocco[31]
Mohammed Faouzi 1987– footballer (SBV Excelsior) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[62]
Brahim Fouradi 1985– rapper, presenter Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[63]
Mohamed Fouradi 1982– rapper, presenter Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[63]
Samir El Gaaouiri 1984– footballer (VVV-Venlo) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[64]
Rachid El Ghazoui (Appa) 1983– rapper Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[65]
Chahid Oulad El Hadj 1988– martial artist and welterweight Muay Thai kickboxer Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[66]
Wassila Hachchi 1980– politician Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[67]
Anouar Hadouir 1982– footballer (Roda JC) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[68]
Mounir El Hamdaoui 1984– footballer (AZ Alkmaar) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[69]
Touriya Haoud 1977– actor, singer, model and Playmate Dutch-born to Moroccan father[70]
Dr Sadik Harchaoui 1973– academic (PhD law), civil servant, manager Immigrant from Douar Khababa, Morocco[71]
Badr Hari 1984– martial artist and heavyweight kickboxer Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[72]
Maryam Hassouni 1985– actor, known for her Emmy Award-winning role in Offers Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[73]
Saadia Himi 1984– model, Miss Netherlands Earth 2004 Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[74]
Fouad Idabdelhay 1988– footballer (NAC Breda) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[75]
Moestafa El Kabir 1988– footballer (NEC Nijmegen) Immigrant from Targuist, Morocco[76]
Ali El Khattabi 1977– footballer (retired), Moroccan international Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[77]
Dunya Khayame 1981– actor, columnist Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[78]
Prof Fouad Laroui 1958– writer and academic (PhD econometrics) Immigrant from Oujda, Morocco[79]
Hind Laroussi (Hind) 1984– singer, Idols Netherlands contestant Dutch-born to Moroccan father[80]
Nassir Maachi 1985– footballer (Cambuur Leeuwarden) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[81]
Ahmed Marcouch 1969– politician Immigrant from Morocco[82]
Mourad Mghizrat 1974– footballer (Haaglandia) Immigrant from Fes, Morocco[83]
Mohammed Mohandis 1985– politician Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[84]
Rajae El Mouhandiz 1979– singer, recording artist, producer & poet Immigrant from Larache, Morocco[85]
Khalil el-Moumni 1941– imam Immigrant from Beni Mansour, Morocco[86]
Samir El Moussaoui 1986– footballer (ADO Den Haag) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[87]
Mimoun Oaïssa 1975– actor and screenwriter Immigrant from Beni Said, Morocco[88]
Mimoun Ouled Radi 1977– actor Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[89]
Tarik Oulida 1974– footballer (retired) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[90]
Mohamed Rabbae 1941– politician; alderman and MP (GreenLeft Party), activist Immigrant from Berrechid, Morocco[91]
R.R.C. Rensen (Raymzter) 1979– rapper Dutch-born to Moroccan mother[92]
Khalid Sinouh 1975– footballer (HSV), Moroccan international Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[93]
Abid Tounssi (Salah Edin) 1980– rapper Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[94]
Karim Touzani 1980– footballer (Sparta Rotterdam) Dutch-born to Moroccan parents[95]

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  • Collective Organisation for Moroccans in The Netherlands (SMN), an advocacy group for Moroccan immigrants
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