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Regions of the African Union

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Title: Regions of the African Union  
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Subject: African Union, Chairperson of the African Union, Trade and Industry Committee (African Union), Infrastructure and Energy Committee, Rural Economy and Agriculture Committee
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Regions of the African Union

Regions of the AU
 North   Southern   East   West   Central 

The member states of the African Union are divided into five geographic regions of the African Union.[1]



# Member state Capital Area (km2)
1  Algeria Algiers 2,381,740
2  Egypt Cairo 1,001,451
3  Libya Tripoli 1,759,540
4  Mauritania Nouakchott 1,030,700
5  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic El Aaiún (proclaimed) 281,000
6  Tunisia Tunis 163,610


# Member state Capital Area (km2)
1  Angola Luanda 1,246,700
2  Botswana Gaborone 581,726
3  Lesotho Maseru 30,355
4  Malawi Lilongwe 118,484
5  Mozambique Maputo 801,590
6  Namibia Windhoek 824,116
7  South Africa Pretoria 1,221,037
8  Swaziland Mbabane 17,364
9  Zambia Lusaka 752,618
10  Zimbabwe Harare 390,757

East Africa

# Member state Capital Area (km2)
1  Comoros Moroni 2,235
2  Djibouti Djibouti 23,200
3  Ethiopia Addis Ababa 1,104,300
4  Eritrea Asmara 117,600
5  Kenya Nairobi 580,367
6  Madagascar Antananarivo 587,041
7  Mauritius Port Louis 2,040
8  Rwanda Kigali 26,798
9  Seychelles Victoria 451
10  Somalia Mogadishu 637,661
11  South Sudan Juba 619,745
12  Sudan Khartoum 1,886,068
13  Tanzania Dodoma 945,087
14  Uganda Kampala 236,040


# Member state Capital Area (km2)
1  Benin Porto-Novo 112,622
2  Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 274,000
3  Cabo Verde Praia 4,033
4  Côte d'Ivoire Yamoussoukro 322,462
5  Gambia Banjul 10,380
6  Ghana Accra 238,534
7  Guinea-Bissau Bissau 36,125
8  Guinea Conakry 245,857
9  Liberia Monrovia 111,369
10  Mali Bamako 1,240,192
11  Niger Niamey 1,267,000
12  Nigeria Abuja 923,768
13  Senegal Dakar 196,723
14  Sierra Leone Freetown 71,740
15  Togo Lomé 56,785


# Member state Capital Area (km2)
1  Burundi Bujumbura 27,834
2  Cameroon Yaounde 475,442
3  Central African Republic Bangui 622,984
4  Chad N'Djamena 1,284,000
5  Congo Republic Brazzaville 342,000
6  DR Congo Kinshasa 2,345,409
7  Equatorial Guinea Malabo 28,051
8  Gabon Libreville 267,667
9  São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé 964

Additional Region

The AU considers the African diaspora and some of the five current Regions of the African Union that may be further sub-divided due to containing more member states, as its additional regions.[2]


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