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National Register of Historic Places listings in New Bedford, Massachusetts


National Register of Historic Places listings in New Bedford, Massachusetts

List of Registered Historic Places in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Contents: Counties in Massachusetts
This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted December 5, 2014.[1]
[2] Name on the Register[3] Image Date listed[4] Location Description
1 Acushnet Heights Historic District
Acushnet Heights Historic District
December 1, 1989
Roughly bounded by Summer, Weld, Purchase, Pope, County, and Robeson
2 Butler Flats Light
Butler Flats Light
June 15, 1987
New Bedford Channel
3 Buttonwood Park Historic District
Buttonwood Park Historic District
August 24, 2000
Kempton St., Rockdale Ave., Hawthorne St., and Brownell Ave.
4 Sgt. William H. Carney House
Sgt. William H. Carney House
April 21, 1975
128 Mill St.
5 Central New Bedford Historic District
Central New Bedford Historic District
April 24, 1980
Roughly bounded by Acushnet Ave. and School, Middle, and 6th Sts.
6 County Street Historic District
County Street Historic District
August 11, 1976
Roughly bounded by Acushnet, Page, Middle, and Bedford Sts. (both sides)
7 Dawson Building
Dawson Building
September 30, 1982
1851 Purchase St.
8 Thomas Donaghy School
Thomas Donaghy School
March 2, 1989
68 South St.
9 ERNESTINA (schooner)
ERNESTINA (schooner)
January 3, 1985
Steamship Wharf
10 Fire Station No. 4
Fire Station No. 4
July 24, 1975
79 S. 6th St.
1867 building was oldest fire station in state when closed; now home of New Bedford Fire Museum
11 First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
April 21, 1975
149 William St.
12 Fort Taber District
Fort Taber District
February 8, 1973
Wharf Rd. within Fort Rodman Military Reservation
13 Griffin Street Cemetery
Griffin Street Cemetery
March 19, 2014
S. 2nd & Griffin Sts.
14 Hazelwood Park
Hazelwood Park
June 24, 2010
597-603 Brock Ave.
15 Head of the River Historic District
Head of the River Historic District
December 2, 2009
2-28 Mill Rd., 2-13 Tarkiln Hill Rd.
Extends into Acushnet.
16 Hotel Waverly
Hotel Waverly
January 26, 1990
1162-1166 Acushnet Ave.
17 Howland Mill Village Historic District
Howland Mill Village Historic District
May 30, 1996
Roughly bounded by Bolton, Winsper, Hemlock Sts., and Rockdale Ave.
18 Robert C. Ingraham School
Robert C. Ingraham School
March 2, 2010
80 Rivet St.
19 Jewish Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery
April 15, 2014
Old Plainville Road
20 Nathan and Mary Johnson Properties
Nathan and Mary Johnson Properties
February 16, 2000
17-19 and 21 7th Street
National Historic Landmark; home and meetinghouse of African-American abolitionist couple who took in Frederick Douglass after he escaped from slavery
21 Lightship No. 114
Lightship No. 114
May 30, 1990
formerly State Pier
22 Manomet Mills
Manomet Mills
May 24, 2012
194-194R, 200 Riverside Ave.
23 Merrill's Wharf Historic District
Merrill's Wharf Historic District
November 11, 1977
MacArthur Dr.
Encompasses Steamship Pier and adjacent Coal Pocket Pier.
24 Moreland Terrace Historic District
Moreland Terrace Historic District
June 3, 1996
Roughly bounded by Moreland Terrace, Ash, Bedford, and Page Sts.
25 New Bedford Gas and Edison Light Complex
New Bedford Gas and Edison Light Complex
June 3, 2002
180 MacAuthur Dr.
26 New Bedford Historic District
New Bedford Historic District
November 13, 1966
Bounded by Front St. on the east, Elm St. on the north, Acushnet Ave. on the west, and Commercial St. on the south
National Historic Landmark
27 New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park
New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park
November 12, 1996
33 William St.
28 North Bedford Historic District
North Bedford Historic District
September 19, 1979
Roughly bounded by Summer, Park, Pleasant, and Kempton Sts.
29 Oak Grove Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
April 28, 2014
Parker St.
30 Old Third District Courthouse
Old Third District Courthouse
September 28, 1971
2nd and William Sts.
31 Palmer Island Light Station
Palmer Island Light Station
March 26, 1980
New Bedford Harbor
32 William J. Rotch Gothic Cottage
William J. Rotch Gothic Cottage
February 17, 2006
19 Irving St.
33 William Rotch, Jr. House
William Rotch, Jr. House
April 5, 2005
396 County Street
Early Richard Upjohn house for prominent whaling family
34 Rural Cemetery and Friends Cemetery
Rural Cemetery and Friends Cemetery
April 28, 2014
149 Dartmouth St.
35 Shawmut Diner
Shawmut Diner
November 28, 2003
943 Shawmut Ave.
36 Bradford Smith Building
May 17, 1984
1927-1941 Purchase St.
37 Thompson Street School
Thompson Street School
January 26, 1990
58 Crapo St.
38 Times and Olympia Buildings
Times and Olympia Buildings
July 7, 1983
908-912 and 880-898 Purchase St.
39 U.S. Customhouse
U.S. Customhouse
December 30, 1970
Southwestern corner of 2nd and Williams Sts.
Oldest U.S. Customs facility in continuous use; Greek Revival public building by Robert Mills
40 Union Baptist Church
Union Baptist Church
June 16, 2008
109 Court St.
41 Union Street Railway Carbarn, Repair Shop
Union Street Railway Carbarn, Repair Shop
October 2, 1978
1959 Purchase St.
42 Wamsutta Mills
Wamsutta Mills
August 19, 2008
Acushnet Ave., Logan, Wamsutta, and N. Front St.
43 Whitman Mills
Whitman Mills
August 29, 2003
1, 90, and the eastern side of Riverside Ave., rear 1 and the southern and northern sides of Coffin Ave., and 10 Manomet St.
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