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Title: Nss-6  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: SES World Skies, 2002 in spaceflight, NSS-7, Lockheed Martin satellites and probes, SES-2
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Mission type Communications
Operator New Skies Satellites (2002-2006)
SES New Skies (2006-2009)
SES World Skies (2009-2011)
SES S.A. (2011-present)
COSPAR ID 2002-057A
SATCAT № 27603
Mission duration 15 years
Spacecraft properties
Bus A2100AXS
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin
Launch mass 4,700 kilograms (10,400 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date 17 December 2002, 23:04 (2002-12-17T23:04Z) UTC
Rocket Ariane 44L V156
Launch site Kourou ELA-2
Contractor Arianespace
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Geostationary
Longitude 95° east
Perigee 35,780 kilometres (22,230 mi)
Apogee 35,805 kilometres (22,248 mi)
Inclination 0.00 degrees
Period 23.93 hours
Epoch 28 October 2013, 01:04:17 UTC[1]

NSS-6 is a communications satellite owned by SES WORLD SKIES.

NSS-6 covers the whole of Asia with six high-performance Ku band beams, which can deliver broadband media to small businesses, ISPs or domestic rooftop antennas in those markets. The satellite delivers Direct-To-Home power and performance, as well as significant inter-regional connectivity. High-gain uplink performance (i.e. high receiver G/T figures) allows the use of small uplink antennas and/or amplifiers.

  • Manufacturer: Lockheed-Martin
  • Orbital Location: 95° East
  • Launch date: December 17, 2002
  • Launch Vehicle: Ariane 4
  • Number of Transponders (physical): Ku band: 50
  • Number of Transponders (36 MHz Equivalent): 60
  • Saturated EIRP Range: Ku band: 44 to 55 dBW
  • Frequency Band: Ku band uplink: 13.75 to 14.50 GHz
  • Frequency Band: Ka band uplink: 29.5 to 30.0 GHz
  • Frequency Band: Ku band downlink: 10.95 to 11.20 GHz, 11.45 to 11.70 GHz, 12.50 to 12.75 GHz


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  • ITC Global uses NSS-6 for enterprise grade private networks in (e.g.) Australasia

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