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High Park—Swansea

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Title: High Park—Swansea  
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Subject: Derwyn Shea, High Park (provincial electoral district), Bill Boytchuk, Elaine Ziemba, Defunct Ontario provincial electoral districts
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High Park—Swansea

High Park—Swansea
Ontario electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Ontario
District created 1975
District abolished 1999
First contested 1975
Last contested 1995

High Park—Swansea was a provincial riding in the west-end of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1975 to 1999.

It was created during the 1975 riding redistribution, taking much of its territory from the defunct High Park riding.[1] It was abolished in 1999, and redistributed into the current-day Parkdale–High Park, York South—Weston and Davenport ridings, that followed the same boundaries as the federal ones.[2][3]


  • Members of Provincial Parliament 1
  • Electoral results 2
    • 1975 boundaries 2.1
    • 1987 boundaries 2.2
  • References 3
    • Notes 3.1
    • Citations 3.2

Members of Provincial Parliament

Parliament Years Member Party
prior to 1975 consisted of most of High Park riding
30th 1975-1977     Ed Ziemba New Democrat
31st 1977-1981
32nd 1981-1985     Yuri Shymko Progressive Conservative
33rd 1985-1987
34th 1987-1990     David Fleet Liberal
35th 1990-1995     Elaine Ziemba New Democrat
36th 1995-1999     Derwyn Shea Progressive Conservative
Sourced from the Ontario Legislative Assembly[4]
merged into the Parkdale–High Park, York South—Weston and Davenport ridings after 1999

Electoral results

1975 boundaries

Ontario general election, 1975
Party Candidate Votes[5] Vote %
    New Democrat Ed Ziemba 10,215 40.0
    Conservative Yuri Shymko 8,442 33.0
    Liberal Ed Negridge 6,440 25.2
    Communist Steve Amsel 234 0.9
    Independent Ann Noble 217 0.8
Total 25,548
Ontario general election, 1977
Party Candidate Votes[6] Vote %
    New Democrat Ed Ziemba 10,408 40.7
    Conservative Bill Boytchuk 9,620 37.7
    Liberal Ted Ives 4,980 19.5
    Libertarian Robert McKay 360 1.4
    Communist Christian Negre 178 0.7
Total 25,546
Ontario general election, 1981
Party Candidate Votes[7][nb 1] Vote %
    Conservative Yuri Shymko 10,917 47.3
    New Democrat Ed Ziemba 8,169 35.4
    Liberal Peter Simonels 3,442 14.9
    Libertarian Bob Cumming 538 2.3
Total 23,066
Ontario general election, 1985
Party Candidate Votes[8] Vote %
    Conservative Yuri Shymko 9,995 38.2
    New Democrat Elaine Ziemba 9,594 36.7
    Liberal John Rudnicki 5,681 21.7
    Libertarian Bob Cumming 411 1.6
    Independent Robert Szajkowski 246 0.9
Green Andrew Scorer 222 0.8
Total 26,149

1987 boundaries

Ontario general election, 1987
Party Candidate Votes[9] Vote %
    Liberal David Fleet 9,740 35.5
    New Democrat Elaine Ziemba 8,927 32.5
    Conservative Yuri Shymko 8,095 29.5
    Libertarian Bob Cumming 666 2.4
Total 27,428
Ontario general election, 1990
Party Candidate Votes[10] Vote %
    New Democrat Elaine Ziemba 11,092 43.8
    Liberal David Fleet 8,314 32.8
    Conservative Yuri Polakowsky 4,784 18.9
Family Coalition Tingle Coburn 429 1.7
    Libertarian Michael Beech 359 1.4
Green Bill Seney 332 1.3
Total 25,310
Ontario general election, 1995
Party Candidate Votes[11] Vote %
    Conservative Derwyn Shea 10,559 38.8
    New Democrat Elaine Ziemba 8,899 32.7
    Liberal Ted Lojko 7,121 26.1
Green David G. Burman 368 1.4
    Natural Law Greg W. Roberts 286 1.0
Total 27,233



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