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Croats of Boka Kotorska

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Title: Croats of Boka Kotorska  
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Subject: Croats of Boka Kotorska, Ethnic groups in Montenegro, Croats, Croatian name, Croats of Hungary
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Croats of Boka Kotorska

Croats of Montenegro
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Bay of Kotor 4,519 [2]
Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
South Slavs
Part of a series on
Percent of Croats in municipalities of Montenegro in 1953
Ethnic composition of 3 Boka municipalities in 2003

The Croats have a minority in Boka Kotorska (Bay of Kotor), a coastal region in Montenegro, the largest of their kind in Tivat. The three municipalities making up the Bay of Kotor (Tivat, Kotor and Herceg-Novi) include 4,519 Croats or 6,70%.[2] They are also known as Bokelji, a common name for all inhabitants for of Boka Kotorska. Tivat is home to the minority political party Croatian Civic Initiative, and to the National Council of Croats in Montenegro. Kotor is home to Croatian Civic Society of Montenegro.


Many Croats in this region are followers of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Kotor in Kotor is part of the Archdiocese of Split-Makarska in Croatia and its faithful are mostly the Croats in Boka.

Places of worship

Notable individuals


Settlements in Montenegro with significant Croatian minority (10 percent or more) include (2011):[3]

Census Year
District Number of Croats Percentage
Herceg-Novi 8.39%
Kotor 25.94%
Boka kotorska 22.26%
Census Year
Municipality Number of Croats Percentage
Herceg-Novi 1,544 10.18%
Kotor 3,483 20.92%
Tivat 3,423 57.29%
Herceg-Novi 1,195 6.5%
Kotor 2,612 13.8%
Tivat 3,375 48.73%
Herceg-Novi 702 3.01%
Kotor 1,644 8.03%
Tivat 2,876 30.87%
Herceg-Novi 630 2.28%
Kotor 1,617 7.2%
Tivat 2,663 23.35%
Herceg-Novi 831 2.45%
Kotor 1,842 7.84%
Tivat 2,761 19.73%


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