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Ananda College

Ananda College
ආනන්ද විද්‍යාලය
ஆனந்தா கல்லூரி
"අප්පමාදො අමතපදං"
Appamado Amathapadan
(Buddhist quote from the Apramadha Vagga in the Dhammapada.
Meaning: "Heedfulness, punctuality leads to Nirvana.")
Sri Lanka
Type National
Established 1886
Founder Colonel Henry Steel Olcott
Principal Kithsiri Liyanagamage
Grades Class 1 - 13
Gender Boys
Enrollment 5,000

Maroon and Gold

Affiliation Buddhist
Alumni Old Anandians
Colonel H.S. Olcott, founder of Ananda College
Kularathna Hall

Ananda College (Sinhala: ආනන්ද විද්‍යාලය), Colombo, is a national school for boys, with a student population exceeding 8,000 across 13 grades from primary to secondary classes,[1] on a campus of 20 acres (81,000 m2) in the suburb of Maradana.[1] Ananda College intercepted as a result of Buddhist Renaissance taken place in the 19th century stands still as a light house to the nation nurturing countless erudite scholars, professionals, patriotic heroes and well-disciplined citizens who serve for the name of the Motherland Sri Lanka. It was established on November 1, 1886, by the Buddhist Theosophical Society led by Colonel Henry Steel Olcott and became a government school in 1961. As of 2013 an academic staff of more than 250 was led by Mr. Kithsiri Liyanagamage. Ananda College is often cited as the crowning glory of Sri Lankan Buddhist education.


  • Early history 1
  • Ananda Viharaya 2
  • Medals and trophies 3
    • Scholarships and prizes 3.1
    • Trophies and sports scholarships 3.2
  • Houses 4
  • "Battle of the Maroons" 5
  • Old Boys’ Association 6
  • Clubs & Societies 7
  • Notable alumni 8
  • Olcott oration 9
  • College war memorial 10
  • Past principals 11
  • Notable teachers 12
  • References 13
  • External links 14

Early history

Following a meeting of Buddhists at Pettah, under the patronage of Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thero, an English-Buddhist school was inaugurated at No. 61 Maliban Street, Colombo, on 1 November 1886 by the Buddhist Theosophical Society. C. W. Leadbeater was appointed the first principal of "Ananda today". The first session was attended by 37 students.

By the time the school was officially registered in March 1889, there were 120 students. In August 1889, it was moved to more spacious premises at No. 19 Prince Street. That same year, J. P. R. Weerasuriya became the first Anandian to pass the Cambridge junior examination.

In March 1890, the school's proximity to a Catholic school led to controversy—and a move to 54 Maliban Street where further growth ensued, and student enrolments rose to 200 in September 1892 and 270 in 1894. That year, Mr Tudor Rajapaksha donated 3.2 acres (13,000 m2) of land[2] and the school was relocated in the suburb of Maradana. On 17 August 1895, the former English Buddhist School was renamed as Ananda College Colombo.

By 1961, the college had officially become a government school.[2]

Ananda Viharaya

Ananda Viharaya

The iconic Ananda Viharaya, the inspirational and stirring landmark of Ananda College is undoubtedly the most easily distinguishable building of the college.[3] The foundation stone for the Vihara mandiraya was laid by Late Prime Minister, Hon. Dudly Senanayake on 29 January 1953 during the tenure of Mr. L.H. Mettananda. The model of the “Mulagandhakuti Viharaya” has been replicated when designing the building and the Buddha statue has been designed by Venerable Kalasoori Mapalagama Vipulasara Thero.

Completed under Col. E.A. Perusinghe, Late Governor, Honourable William Goppallawa handed over the Viharaya to the School on 6 March 1969. A magnificent edifice constructed to cater to the spiritual needs of the students. The Vihara Mandiraya has become indispensably and irrevocably intertwined with the identity of Ananda College. Venerated by students, teachers and the administration and all who visit the College premises, the Ananda Vihara Mandiraya by such virtue has become the Third Most venerated Buddhist shrine in the world.[3]

Medals and trophies

Scholarships and prizes

  • Fritz Kunz Memorial Trophy - This is the school's most prestigious lifetime achievement trophy, given to the "most outstanding Anandian" passing out from the school each year.
  • Dr. Keerthi Rajapakse Memorial Trophy - This is awarded at the annual prize giving to the prefect with most outstanding academic performance.
  • Ananda Pradeepa Trophy - This is awarded at the annual prize giving to the student with highest marks in GCE Advanced Level examination.
  • C. W. Leadbeater Challenge Trophy
  • S. A. Wijethilaka Memorial Challenge Trophy
  • A. E. Bultjens Challenge Trophy
  • J. T. Davis Challenge Trophy
  • K. G. Maddumahewage Challenge Trophy

Trophies and sports scholarships

  • Most Outstanding Sportsman Trophy - This is the most prestigious award a sportsman can achieve at the school, awarded annually at the school Colours Night to a sportsman who has made outstanding achievements in his field of sports.
  • Ananda Padma Award - Presented for outstanding achievement in sports as a student.


The students are divided among four houses:

  • Parakrama - Colour -      Red
  • Vijaya - Colour -      Dark Green
  • Asoka - Colour -      Dark Purple
  • Gamunu - Colour -      Navy Blue

The houses are named after the four main ancient Sinhala kings of Sri Lanka. An annual track-and-field tournament among these houses is held at the beginning of the first term.

"Battle of the Maroons"

In a tradition dating back to 1924, an annual cricket contest is held between Ananda College and Nalanda College Colombo. The two schools have contributed many players to the Sri Lanka national cricket team, including the old Anandians Sidath Wettimuny recipient of Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 1985, Arjuna Ranatunga - who captained the Sri Lanka Cricket team to victory in the 1996 Cricket World Cup and who was also named as a Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 1999, former Test captain Marvan Atapattu and T20 captain Dinesh Chandimal.[4]

Old Boys’ Association

Sir annual general meeting.[5]

Clubs & Societies

Students at the Ananda College run over 40 clubs and organizations, including cultural and religious groups, academic clubs and teams, and common-interest organizations. These student societies include:

Notable alumni

Olcott oration

Olcott oration is an annual event organized by the old boys association of Ananada College, which commemorate the founder Colonel Henry Steel Olcott of Ananda College and other leading Buddhist schools in Sri Lanka. Every year famous personalities who educated at Ananda College, share their own experience for the "Olcott oration" and renowned dignitaries who have delivered the oration in the past, include Prof. Nimal Rajapakshe, Prof. Sumedha Chandana Wirasinghe and Prof. Ravindra Fernando.[8][9][10]

College war memorial

The Ananda College war memorial is situated in front of the Henry Steel Olcott Hall, and is dedicated to alumni of Ananda college who died while members of the Sri Lankan armed forces. Lieutenant A.P.N. P de Vas Gunawardana on 23 July 1983 became the first Anandian officer to sacrifice his life while in the Military. The plaque bears the names of old Anandians who were killed in the line of duty which includes the names of 45 war heroes from the Sri Lanka Army,[11] and many more names of war heroes from the sri Lanka Navy and the Sri Lanka Air Force. Ananda College OBA organises an annual "Ananda Viruharasara" event to honour military dead.[12][13][14]

Past principals

Notable teachers


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External links

  • Official website
  • Ananda College Cricket
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