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Air Greenland destinations

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Title: Air Greenland destinations  
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Air Greenland destinations

Air Greenland domestic destinations network as of May 2010. This has changed somewhat.

Air Greenland domestic airport network includes all 13 civilian airports within Greenland. Two international airports capable of serving large airlinersKangerlussuaq Airport and Narsarsuaq Airport−were formerly used as U.S. Air Force military bases, and have been used for transatlantic flights.[1]

All other regional airports are STOL-capable, and are served with de Havilland Canada Dash 7 and de Havilland Canada Dash-8 Q200 fixed-wing aircraft. Outside Greenland, the airline operates transatlantic flights to Keflavík International Airport in Iceland, and to Copenhagen Airport in Denmark.[1]

Smaller communities are served by settlement flights from the local helicopter hubs in Upernavik Airport in the Upernavik Archipelago in northwestern Greenland, in Uummannaq Heliport in the Uummannaq Fjord region in northwestern Greenland, Ilulissat Airport and Aasiaat Airport in the Disko Bay region in western Greenland, in Qaqortoq Heliport and Nanortalik Heliport in southern Greenland, and in Tasiilaq Heliport in southeastern Greenland. Out of 45 heliports served, 8 are primary, the remainder are helistops.[1]

The following is a list of destinations served by Air Greenland (GL).[2]


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As of May 2010, Air Greenland operates scheduled passenger flights to the following airports:

City Airport code Airport name Notes
Aasiaat JEG BGAA Aasiaat Airport
Ilulissat JAV BGJN Ilulissat Airport
Kangerlussuaq SFJ BGSF Kangerlussuaq-Søndre Strømfjord International
Kulusuk KUS BGKK Kulusuk Airport
Maniitsoq JSU BGMQ Maniitsoq Airport
Narsarsuaq UAK BGBW Narsarsuaq-Bluie West One International
Nuuk GOH BGGH Nuuk Airport
Paamiut JFR BGPT Paamiut Airport
Pituffik THU BGTL Thule Air Base [3]
Qaanaaq NAQ BGQQ Qaanaaq Airport
Qaarsut JQA BGUQ Qaarsut Airport
Sisimiut JHS BGSS Sisimiut Airport
Upernavik JUV BGUK Upernavik Airport
Copenhagen CPH EKCH Copenhagen Airport
Reykjavík-Keflavík KEF BIKF Keflavík International Airport seasonal (from Nuuk)
Iqaluit YFB CYFB Iqaluit Airport seasonal (from Nuuk)[4]

Primary heliports

As of May 2010, Air Greenland operates scheduled passenger flights to the following primary heliports:

City Airport code Airport name Notes
Alluitsup Paa LLU BGAP Alluitsup Paa Heliport
Ittoqqortoormiit OBY BGSC Ittoqqortoormiit Heliport
Nanortalik JNN BGNN Nanortalik Heliport
Narsaq JNS BGNS Narsaq Heliport
Qaqortoq JJU BGJH Qaqortoq Heliport
Qasigiannguit JCH BGCH Qasigiannguit Heliport seasonal
Qeqertarsuaq JGO BGGN Qeqertarsuaq Heliport seasonal
Tasiilaq AGM BGAM Tasiilaq Heliport [5]
Uummannaq UMD BGUM Uummannaq Heliport


As of May 2010, Air Greenland operates scheduled settlement flights to the following district helistops:

City Airport code Airport name District Notes
Aappilattoq none BGAQ Aappilattoq Heliport Upernavik
Aappilattoq none BGAG AAP Aappilattoq Heliport South [6]
Akunnaaq none BGAK Akunnaaq Heliport Disko seasonal
Ammassivik none BGAS Ammassivik Heliport South
Attu none BGAT Attu Heliport Disko seasonal
Iginniarfik none BGIG Iginniarfik Heliport Disko seasonal
Ikamiut none BGIT Ikamiut Heliport Disko seasonal
Ikerasaarsuk none BGIK Ikerasaarsuk Heliport Disko seasonal
Ikerasak none BGIA IKE Ikerasak Heliport Uummannaq [7]
Ilimanaq none BGIL Ilimanaq Heliport Disko seasonal
Illorsuit none BGLL ILL Illorsuit Heliport Uummannaq [8]
Innaarsuit none BGIN Innaarsuit Heliport Upernavik
Isortoq none BGIS Isortoq Heliport Tasiilaq
Kangaatsiaq none BGKA Kangaatsiaq Heliport seasonal
Kangersuatsiaq none BGKS KAQ Kangersuatsiaq Heliport Upernavik [9]
Kitsissuarsuit none BGKT KIT Kitsissuarsuit Heliport Disko seasonal[10]
Kullorsuaq none BGKQ KLQ Kullorsuaq Heliport Upernavik [11]
Kuummiit none BGKM Kuummiit Heliport Tasiilaq
Moriusaq none BGMO Moriusaq Heliport Qaanaaq
Narsarmijit none BGFD Narsarmijit Heliport South
Niaqornaarsuk none BGNK Niaqornaarsuk Heliport Disko seasonal
Niaqornat none BGNT Niaqornat Heliport Uummannaq
Nuugaatsiaq none BGNQ NUG Nuugaatsiaq Heliport Uummannaq [12]
Nuussuaq none BGNU NUS Nuussuaq Heliport Upernavik [13]
Qeqertaq none BGQE QQT Qeqertaq Heliport Disko [14]
Saattut none BGST SAA Saattut Heliport Uummannaq [15]
Saqqaq none BGSQ QUP Saqqaq Heliport Disko seasonal[16]
Savissivik none BGSV Savissivik Heliport Qaanaaq
Sermiligaaq none BGSG Sermiligaaq Heliport Tasiilaq
Siorapaluk none BGSI Siorapaluk Heliport Qaanaaq
Tasiusaq none BGTQ Tasiusaq Heliport South
Tasiusaq none BGTA TSS Tasiusaq Heliport Upernavik [17]
Tiniteqilaaq none BGTN Tiniteqilaaq Heliport Tasiilaq
Ukkusissat none BGUT UKK Ukkusissat Heliport Uummannaq [18]
Upernavik Kujalleq none BGKL UPK Upernavik Kujalleq Heliport Upernavik [19]

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