Telecommunications in Niue

Communications in Niue include postal, telephone, internet, press and radio.


Postal services are through the Niue Post Office.

Telecommunications services

Telephone service is provided by GSM platforms.

Telephones - main lines in use: 1,100 (800 land line, 300 fixed wireless) (2003)

Telephones - mobile cellular: undisclosed (excludes 300 fixed wireless) (2003)

Telephones - GSM mobile cellular: undisclosed (2011)

Telephone system:
domestic: single-line telephone system connects all villages on island
international: provided by Telecom Niue (IDD code: 683)


Radio broadcast stations: AM 1, FM 1, shortwave 0 (1998)

Radios: 1,000 (1997)

Television broadcast stations: 1 (1997)

Televisions: NA


Niue has only one printed newspaper, the Niue Star, founded in 1993.[1]

Internet service

Niue has free Internet service through the efforts of the Internet Users Society Niue, established 1999. However users need to pay NZD$25 to a local IT company to register the MAC address of their WiFi card before being able to login into this WiFi network.

Alternatively, where ADSL is available, users can have connections through Telecom Niue's Internet Services located at Alofi through their island wide distributed wireline.

.nu Internet domain

The .nu TLD is assigned to Niue.

Niue, through an outside company, registers Internet domain names, so most .nu Web addresses are not actually located in Niue. They are commonly used by Danish, Dutch and Swedish websites, because in those languages 'nu' means “now”.

Niue was the first country in the world to plan on offering free nation-wide WiFi Internet access, using the funds provided by the domain registrations. 95% of Niueans now have Internet access at home, work or through the schools, making it the country with the highest per capita internet penetration in the world.

Niue Computer Society Incorporated

The Niue Computer Society (Inc.) was established in November 2004 with an aim of addressing the information communication technology(ICT) interests of the people of Niue. NCS's main goal is to address the digital divide in Niue through providing opportunities to train people how to use computers, regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. The level of needs will vary, and the task will be enormous, however NCS will try to align itself and co-operate with other organisations or agencies to be able to provide training for the people of Niue.

The next phase is to empower the people of Niue to take advantage and benefit from the opportunities available from the online market place on the Internet. This is really being able to market and sell any product and service over the Internet.

The training will enable most of the people on Niue to be able to surf the Internet with confidence, and be able to communicate with other Niueans in Niue and around the world. The ability to share and exchange data, information and knowledge are the key factors towards the survival of the Niue language, culture and traditions as we face the challenges of living scattered around the World.


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