Regan ryzuk

Regan Ryzuk (born Regan Onufry Ryzuk, March 29, 1955, New York) is an American composer and pianist. Regan is the son of renowned painter, Onufry Ryzuk and published author and playwright, Mary S. Ryzuk, PhD. He is the oldest their two children.


A graduate from Montville Township High School in New Jersey in 1973,[1] Ryzuk studied with Robert Helps at Manhattan School of Music as well as attended The Juilliard School.[2] Ryzuk's classical music studies then led into jazz studies with Jaki Byard and Sir Roland Hanna. At Juilliard, he studied music theory and composition.

Development as a composer

Ryzuk began touring with various ballet companies – traveling through Europe and Latin America.[3] The playing of ballet classes, improved his improvisational techniques and laid the groundwork for one of his greatest compositional works – "48 Preludes and Fugues" – in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach. This work was composed over the course of a year when he was living in Switzerland.[4]

After moving back to the United States, Ryzuk lived in New York and continued his composition work. He also developed a base of students, including Fountains of Wayne co-founder, Adam Schlesinger.

He was a founding partner in TV/film music production company, respectively known as SOUNDGUILD.[5] Regan’s work can be heard on numerous television and movie projects through his work with Zomba Music.[6] Additionally, he has provided music for Extreme Music Library, LTD.

Musicals & Theater

Ryzuk collaborated on a number of musicals with Mary S. Ryzuk, including some of Grimm's Fairy Tales[7] as well as a full length, fully orchestrated musical based on the Novel, the Lodger.[8] He also wrote the music and the book for Joe’s Bar, with additional lyrics by Mary S. Ryzuk.[9]

Ryzuk was co-founder of the theater company Enchanted Players,[10] as well as composer in Residence at the historical Darress Theatre in Boonton, New Jersey.[11]

Associated Acts

Awards won

  • 1980 Kean College Jazz Composition and Performance Award[2]
  • 2004-2005 Perry Awards for Joe's Bar - Outstanding Musical Direction, Outstanding Production of an Original Musical,


  • Manhattan School of Music
  • Juilliard School of Music
  • Studied Under: Jaki Byard, Steven Citron, Sir Roland Hanna, Robert Helps, Henry Rauch, Ernst Ulmer and Stanley Wolfe



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