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Prem Chand Pandey

Prem Chand Pandey
Prem Chand Pandey is addressing the Workshop at CORAL, IIT Kharagpur, December, 2010
Born (1945-08-10) 10 August 1945
Ramapur, Phulpur, Azamgarh District, Uttar Pradesh, India (then in the United Provinces of British India)
Residence Bhubaneswar, India
Nationality Indian
Fields Space Science, Planetary Scientist, Climate-Satellites, Polar-Remote Sensing
Institutions Space Applications Centre
Ministry of Earth Sciences
IIT Kharagpur
IIT Bhubaneswar
Alma mater University of Allahabad
Doctoral advisor S. L. Srivastava
Known for Polar-Remote Sensing
Bhaskara Satellite series
ISRO's past and future mission such as OCEANSAT and CLIMATESAT Ocean-Satellite, Indian Remote Sensing satellite, Climate-Satellite, and Indian Antarctic Program
Notable awards NASA Certificate of Recognition and Cash Award
Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
Vigyan Gaurav Award

Prem Chand Pandey is an Indian scientist and academic in the fields of Satellite Oceanography, Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Science, Antarctic and Climate Change.


  • Education and career 1
  • Awards and recognitions 2
  • Membership in special national and international expert committees/ bodies (past/present) 3
  • Works 4
    • Bibliography 4.1
  • References 5
  • External links 6

Education and career

Pandey obtained his Masters and Bachelors degrees in Electronics and science respectively from Allahabad University, Allahabad. He completed his D.Phil. degree from the same university[1][2] (on microwaves) in 1972.

In 1966, Pandey became a lecturer in DAV Degree college, Azamgarh. From 1968 to 1972 he was Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Research Fellow at the microwave research laboratory of the Department of Physics, University of Allahabad, and from 1973 to 1977 a research officer at the Central Water and Power Research Station, Khadakwasla. In 1977 he joined the Space Applications Centre(SAC)/ ISRO, Ahmedabad and became the founder head of the Oceanic Sciences Division/ Meteorology and Oceanography Group/ Remote Sensing Applications Area (OSD/ MOG/ RESA). He worked for the next twenty years at SAC. In the 1980s he was also a research associate at the NASA - Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, where he worked on the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite and SEASAT programs.[3] During 1997-2005, he was the founding director of the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR)/Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Goa.[4] At the initiative of Murali Manohar Joshi he founded the K. Banerjee Centre of Atmospheric and Ocean Studies (KBCAOS)[5] to initiate the Atmospheric and Ocean Science Studies in Allahabad University which is now full fledged faculty academic centre of Allahabad University.[6][7][8][9] He was Visiting Professor at Center for Ocean, River, Atmosphere and Land Sciences (CORAL), IIT Kharagpur (IIT-Kgp) since 2005 to 2007 and also he was an Emeritus Professor at IIT-Kgp's same center since 2007 to August, 2011, where he played key role in establishment of the CORAL.[10] Currently he joined as a Professor at School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences, IIT Bhubaneswar with effect from 1 September 2011.[11][12][13][14]

Awards and recognitions

  • The Rekha Nandi and Bhupesh Nandi Prize from the Institution of Engineers (India)[33]
  • Felicitation by Shri Kapil Sibal, Honorable Minister for S/T and Ocean Development, for outstanding achievements in Polar Science & Ocean Science and Technology, on 27 July 2004, on DOD (MoES) foundation Day.[34]
  • An Honor of "Proud Past Alumni" in the list of 42 members, from "Allahabad University Alumni Association", NCR, Ghaziabad (Greater Noida) Chapter 2007-2008 registered under society act 1860 with registration no. 407/2000.[2][35][36]

Membership in special national and international expert committees/ bodies (past/present)

  • IIT Kharagpur Nominee : Ocean Atmospheric Science and Technology Cell of MoES [37]
  • Advisory Board Member, Text Books for Higher Education : The Energy Research Institute, New Delhi [37]
  • Member of the Working Group on Promotion of Radar Meteorology, in Kolkata : India Meteorological Department, New Delhi [37]
  • Member, ISRO-CNES Joint Working Group : [37]
  • Chairman, National Advisory Committee, to set up School of Earth Ocean and Climate Sciences : Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar [37]
  • Member, Joint Scientific Working Group of SAC-ISRO, for SARAL Mission
  • Chairman, Research Advisory Committee of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), Pune
  • Member, Governing Council, IITM, Pune.[38][39]
  • Honorary Professor, Goa University
  • Member, Academic Council, Goa University (Governor’s Nominee).[40]
  • Member : (Visitor’s Nominee )Selection Committee for Earth Sciences in Pondicherry University (A Central University).
  • Adjunct Professor at BITS (Goa Region) (up to 2007).[41]
  • Member, Special Advisory committee, School of Environmental Science Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi
  • Chairman, National Academy of Sciences, India, Kharagpur local Chapter
  • Member, Research Advisory Committee of Center of Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) of IIT Delhi.
  • Member, Science & Engineering Research Council (SERC), Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi.
  • Scientist Member, Governing Council of IITM, Pune.
  • Member, Governing Council, Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad
  • Member, Programme Advisory Committee on DST on Atmospheric Science/ Glaciology.
  • Member, NNRMS Oceanography, Programme of ISRO.
  • Vice Chairman of OSTC Cell of DOD at Mangalore/ Tamil University.
  • Member, High Power Ministerial delegation led by Hon Shri Kapil Sibal to Antarctica.[42]
  • Delegate/ Member (International), in SCAR, CEP, ATCM, COMNAP/ SCALOP, ICSU, PGIPY-2007-08,
  • Fellowship Award Committee of SCAR, U.K. (1997–2005)
  • Member, ICSU/WMO committee for International Polar Year (IPY) framework documents preparation.[43]
  • Chairman, High Power Committee set up by Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), GOI to Review NCAOR’S activities, 2008.
  • Chairman, Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Ahmedabad Chapter (1994–96)
  • Vice President, Indian Soc. of Remote Sensing, (2002–04)
  • Vice President, India Meteorological Society (1991–93)
  • Patron, Antarctic Society, Hyderabad
  • President (sectional); Environmental Science Section, Indian Science Congress Association, 2006-7.[44]
  • Also remained member of Executive Council of the Indian Geophysical Union (1991–1993).[45]


Pandey has published more than 134 research papers,[46] 7 books, 9 reports and 4 Atlases has guided 11 PhDs. He has also edited a number of journals like Marine Geodesy,[47] Indian Journal of Polar Science, 2008 and the Remote Sensing section in Mausam, the quarterly research journal of India Meteorological Department.[48] He has been a member of the editorial board of the Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing[49] Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics (IJRSP),[50] Indian Journal of Marine Science, India (1995–2000), Vayu Mandal, Bulletin of Indian Meteorological Society, (1995–1996), Proceedings of Indian Academics (Physical Sciences) and the Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing (2006).


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  • India in the Antarctic: Scientific and Geopolitical Perspectives, with Sanjay Chaturvedi, Neloy Khare, Centre for the Study of Geopolitics, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India. 2005. ISBN 81-7003-287-3.
  • Dharati Se Pare Antariksha Tak: Vigyan Ki Pahal, with Neloy Khare, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India. 2001.
  • Bharat Me Vigyan Ki Uplabdhiyan: Ek Jhalak, with Neloy Khare, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India. 2002.
  • Antarctic Geoscience, Ocean -Atmosphere interaction and Palaeoclimatology, with S. Rajan, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India. 2005.
  • Dharakata Mahadweep, with Neloy Khare and Rakesh Sharma, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India. 1998.
  • Pandey, P.C. (2007) in "India: Antarctic Program", Encyclopedia of the Antarctic edited by Beau Riffenburgh, pp. 529–530, Abingdon and New York: Taylor & Francis, ISBN 0-415-97024-5.
  • Remote Sensing Applications to Coastal Oceanography, in Modelling and Monitoring of Coastal Marine Processes, with Rakumar, A K Verma, A K Mathur and Neera Chaturvedi, Antarctic Study Centre-National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Space Application Centre(ISRO), pp 45–55, Edited by C. R. Murthy, P. C. Sinha and Y. R. Rao, India. 2008. Springer Netherlands.ISBN 1-4020-8326-2.Excerpts


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External links

  • Professor Prem Chand Pandey, web page at IIT Bhubaneswar
  • Dr PC Pandey, webpage at IIT Kharagpur
  • "CSIR-Prize Winner Index" (Alphabetical). Prem Chand Pandey-1989.
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