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Akino Arai

Akino Arai
Native name 新居 昭乃
Born (1959-08-21) August 21, 1959
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres J-pop, anison
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, lyricist
Instruments Vocals, piano
Years active 1986–present
Labels Victor Entertainment, FlyingDog
Associated acts Marsh-Mallow
Website //

Akino Arai (新居 昭乃 Arai Akino, born August 21, 1959, in Tokyo) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, and lyricist for various anime theme songs and shows,[1] including Record of Lodoss War, Please Save My Earth, Macross Plus, Outlaw Star, Kaze no Stigma and Aria The Origination.


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Arai joined Victor Music Entertainment after graduating from university. She worked on collaborations with various artists there. Her first single, "Yakusoku" was released in 1986, and was used as an insert song for the anime Windaria.[2] She also released the album Natsukashii Mirai. In 1988 she left her agency. In 1992, she released the singles "Kaze to Tori to Sora ~reincarnation~" and "Kooru Sona" which were used as songs for the Record of Lodoss War anime and The Weathering Continent film, respectively.[3][4]

Her activity in anime continued with Please Save My Earth. In 1994, she sang "Voices" for the Macross Plus OVA,[5] where she also was the singing voice for Myung Fang Lone and Sharon Apple.[6] She would later release her first compilation album Sora no mori in 1997. She wrote and performed the two ending songs for the 1998 anime Outlaw Star and contributed songs for Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight.[5] In 1999, she released "Kanaete" for the Puppet Master Sakon anime. In 2001, she released "Hana no katachi" as a song for the Daichis - Earth Defense Family. "Kusei Toshi" was released for Tokyo Underground in 2002, and "Natsukashii umi" was an opener song for Kurau: Phantom Memory.[5]

She performed the opening theme for Spice and Wolf II.[7] In 2012, she provided music for Shibuya International's 10th anniversary short film called Birth.[8]

Arai has performed at many conventions, music festivals, and clubs. In 2005, she celebrated her 20th anniversary in her music career with the compilation album, Sora no Uta, and went on tour to France and Germany in 2006.[5] On March 24, 2013, she performed at Hong Kong Polytechnic University as her first live concert appearance in Asia outside Japan.[9]

Arai has worked with many different music artists. In 1989, she joined Tomoko Tane on some of her albums. She also worked with Yuri Shiratori and composed tracks for the latter's album. In 1998, she and Yayoi Yula released the album Goddess in the morning. She joined a band called Marsh-mallow which released an eponymous album in 2001. In 2011, she worked with a new music group, releasing RuRu Chapeau.[5]

Arai hosted a weekly hour-long radio show called Viridian House and has also named her website after that.[5]


Older albums and singles were released by Victor (VDR, VICL, VIDL) label, later re-released under FlyingDog (VTCL) on April 25, 2012.

Studio albums

List of albums, with selected chart positions
Year Title[10] Catalogue
1986 Natsukashii Mirai VDR-1284 97  
1997 Sora no Niwa VICL-60043
2000 Furu Platinum VICL-60549
2004 Eden
2009 Sora no Sphere
30 4
2012 Red Planet VTCL-60301 39 3
2012 Blue Planet VTCL-60302 38 3

Compilation albums

List of compilation albums, with selected chart positions
Year Title[10] Catalogue
1997 Sora no Mori: Arai Akino Best Album VICL-60042
2002 RGB VICL-60869
2005 Sora no Uta
20th Anniversary Album
35 3

Concept album

List of concept albums, with selected chart positions
Year Title[10] Catalogue
2001 Kouseki Radio
(鉱石ラジオ, Crystal Radio)

Live albums

List of live albums, with selected chart positions
Year Title[10] Catalogue
2005 VHMusic      
2006 VHMusic2: the first euro tour      


List of singles, with selected chart positions
Year Title[10] Oricon[13][12] Album
1986 "Yakusoku"
97   Natsukashii Mirai
1986 "Chizu wo Yuku Kumo"
( 地図をゆく雲, A cloud which passes through the map)
68   Natsukashii Mirai
1991 "Kaze to Tori to Sora ~reincarnation~"
(風と鳥と空, Wind and birds and sky)
Record of Lodoss War OVA image song
64   Sora no Mori
1992 "Kōru suna" (凍る砂, Frozen Sand)     Sora no Mori
1996 "Shounen no hane"
(少年の羽, Feather boy)
Dragon Quest Retsuden: Roto no Monshō theme song
1998 "Hiru no Tsuki"
(昼の月, Moon at Noon)
Outlaw Star first ending theme
1998 "Tsuki no Ie"
(月の家, House of the Moon)
Outlaw Star second ending theme
1999 "Kanaete"
(叶えて, Grant)
Ayatsuri Sakon ending theme
39   RGB
2001 "Hana no katachi"
(花のかたち, Shape of flower)
34   RGB
2002 "Kakusei Toshi"
(覚醒都市, Awakening City)
Tokyo Underground ending theme
51   Sora no Uta
2004 "Natsukashii Umi"
(懐かしい宇宙, Nostalgic Sea)
Kurau Phantom Memory opening theme
19   Sora no Uta
2006 "Kimi e Mukau Hikari"
(キミヘ ムカウ ヒカリ)
Zegapain opening theme
31 5 Blue Planet
2008 "Kin no Nami, Sen no Nami"
(金の波 千の波)
ARIA the Origination closing theme
26 7 Red Planet
2009 "Mitsu no Yoake"
Spice and Wolf II opening theme
41 4 Blue Planet
2013 "Unknown Vision"
Maoyū Maō Yūsha ending theme
44 3  


List of collaboration albums, with selected chart positions
Year Title[10] Catalogue
1998 Goddess in the Morning
(with Yayoi Yura)
2001 Marsh-mallow (with Yoko Ueno, Tamao Fujii, Megumi Maruo and Reichi)
2011 RuRu Chapeau
(with kiro, Hisaaki Hokari, and Takashi Iwato)


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