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By Rev. Brahmadeva, Forest, Monk.

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Reproduction Date: 3/28/2021

Author: Rev. Brahmadeva, Forest, Monk.
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Education, Meditations
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Publisher: The Reverend Brahmadeva Forest Monk
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Forest Monk, R. B. (2021). PRACTICAL MEDITATION GUIDE BY A FOREST MONK. Retrieved from

This meditation guide is a complete meditation book that covers all the sides of practising meditations. This book is a self-study book. All the information you need for practising meditations is given in the book. Including attaining form and formless meditative levels. This E-book teaches you both concentration meditations and wisdom meditations. 40 concentration meditations are clearly explained by the forest monk. This E-book contains 27 chapters. If you were seeking for guidance to be an ascetic, then this is the perfect book for you. Chapter 25 is a complete manual for a life of asceticism. If you were looking for guidance for stopping masturbation or watching porn – this is the book for you. Chapter 23 is a full guide for healing from porn addiction and masturbation. If you suspect you are attacked by black magic; fear not. Chapter 27 contains various natural medicines. If you were looking to learn about invisible worlds or how to acquire the Divine Eye – this is the E-book you must read. Full instructions are given. This is the ultimate meditation book. It is absolutely free! Download now!

This E-book contains the formation of the Earth, natural medicines, acquiring the divine eye, how to survive from black magic attacks, white magic, how to heal porn addiction, how to become an ascetic, achieving form trances, achieving formless trances, 40 concentration meditations, many wisdom meditations, attainment of supreme enlightenment etc. E-book features: PDF format. Fully text reflow. Night mode. Easy to read. Low file size.

"All meditations in the world can be divided into 2 categories as concentration meditations and wisdom meditations. The final objective of any concentration meditation is either attainment of meditative levels and enjoy the divine pleasure in this present life or after death to be born as a brahma in a brahma world." "The final objective of any wisdom meditation is the attainment of enlightenment. Also known as extinction of existence, the ending of all woes permanently. Meditating means keeping or holding or begetting a continuous equal thought generation without mixing with outer thoughts. Another definition for meditating is unification of mind in meritorious intention." "What is a concentration meditation? For unifying our minds we use special techniques. With the help of that techniques we unify our minds and attain levels of concentration. Those techniques are called concentration meditations." "What is a wisdom meditation? Wisdom meditations are for realization of universe and nature. They bring truth and wisdom. Therefore, they are called wisdom meditations. Meditations can be practiced with either open eyes or closed eyes. But some meditations like Anapanasathi meditation must be practiced with closed eyes. Meditations can be practiced while walking, sitting, standing and laying. But some meditations like Anapanasathi meditation must be practiced in sitting posture. A yogi should keep his right hand on left hand in sitting posture. Palms should be upward. Sitting meditation posture with closed eyes is ideal for all meditations." "Wherever the yogi sits for meditating he must lean his back either to the trunk of tree or to the wall in 90 degrees. His back bone must be as that. All meditation practitioners must avoid things which distract mind. Such as music. Music is about distraction. Meditation is about concentration. Therefore, follow precepts well." "There are 10 concentration levels and 8 superior meditative levels. The first 4 meditative levels have form. Because in these meditative levels the yogi concentrates upon a form; they are called form plane meditative levels." "Now after he is sure about the point, he should pay his complete attention for that point. Never inhale or exhale by force. Let it happen naturally. Eyes closed and position your mind at the point. Be aware of breathing in and breathing out. Do not do anything else. Just watch it by your mind." "When you see that you stay with full brightness or see that you have entered into bright light or see that you have gone deeper into complete brightness or see that you have sank in light; know that you are now in 1st form plane meditative level which means 3rd concentration level. A yogi, having separated himself from lust, having separated himself from demeritorious states, attains to the 1st form plane meditative level."

Table of Contents
Chapters Chapter 1: What is the ultimate necessity of practicing meditation? 卐 (Page number 35) Chapter 2: All virtues unavoidable for starting a meditation. 卐 (Page number 37) Chapter 3: Fundamentals of meditations. 卐 (Page number 65) Chapter 4: Awakening dispassion. 卐 (Page number 77) Chapter 5: The 3 roots of demerit and what is karma? 卐 (Page number 101) Chapter 6: The 5 dark covers of consciousness. 卐 (Page number 103) Chapter 7: About concentration meditations. 卐 (Page number 104) Chapter 8: The Anapanasathi meditation. 卐 (Page number 115) Chapter 9: The 11 Kasina meditations. 卐 (Page number 123) Chapter 10: And 29 other concentration meditations. 卐 (Page number 136) Chapter 11: Importance of 4 secondary meditations. 卐 (Page number 177) Chapter 12: Mechanism of concentration meditations. 卐 (Page number 179) Chapter 13: Attaining all 4 form meditative levels. 卐 (Page number 189) Chapter 14: Attaining 4 meditative levels that are not form. 卐 (Page number 191) Chapter 15: Information about supernatural powers. 卐 (Page number 196) Chapter 16: The 15 natures and 8 sciences. 卐 (Page number 205) Chapter 17: About wisdom meditations. 卐 (Page number 208) Chapter 18: The nature of universe. 卐 (Page number 211) Chapter 19: Truths and circles and more. 卐 (Page number 271) Chapter 20: What are the 4 noble truths? 卐 (Page number 441) Chapter 21: Methods of practising wisdom meditations. 卐 (Page number 450) Chapter 22: About perception meditations. 卐 (Page number 498) Chapter 23: How to heal yourself from porn addiction? 卐 (Page number 503) Chapter 24: Who are Seven Rishis? 卐 (Page number 518) Chapter 25: A manual for a life of asceticism. 卐 (Page number 521) Chapter 26: Questions and answers for them by a forest monk. 卐 (Page number 715) Chapter 27: Book suggestions and extra learning. 卐 (Page number 809)


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