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Muhammad Karakunnu

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Title: Muhammad Karakunnu  
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Muhammad Karakunnu

Muhammad Karakunnu
Sheikh Muhammad Karakunnu speaking at a programme in Dubai on 6 July 2012
Born July 1950 (age 64)
Residence Karakunnu, Malappuram district
Occupation Islamic Scholar.
Assistant Amir, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Kerala chapter.
Director of Islamic Publishing House, Kerala.
Spouse(s) Amina Begum
Children Aneez Mohammed, Aleef Mohammed,
Ayman Mohammed

Mohammed Karakunnu (Malayalam:ശൈഖ് മുഹമ്മദ് കാരകുന്ന്) is an indian Islamic scholar and author. He is the Assistant Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.[1][2] He authored more than sixty books and has delivered numerous speeches on Islam, Muslim and Jamat-e-islami.He served as Director of Islamic Publishing House, Kerala.[3][4]


Mohammed Karakunnu was born to Mohammed Haji and Fatima on 1950 July 15 at Karakkunnu, a village near Manjeri in malappuram district, kerala. He completed his education from Farooq Raudathul Uloom Arabic College, Kozhikode. He worked as a teacher in various government High schools.[1] Later he took voluntary retirement and fully concentrated in writing and speeches for Islamic Dawah and propagation. He was executive member of Jamat-e-islami Hind and its kerala chapter. He is married to Amina. Aneez Mohammed, Dr. Aleef Mohammed, Dr. Basima, Ayman Mohammed are their children.[1] He served as Director of Islamic Publishing House, Kerala.


Sheikh Karakunnu has authored 47 Islamic books and translated another 14.[5] He is an active participant in various stages of symposiums on Islam and inter-religious dialogue and debate. The widely accepted book, Quran Lalitha saram (simple meaning of Quran) is co-authored by Sheikh Mohammed and Vanidas Elayvoor.[6] He received number of awards in recognition of his works. Some of his books are:[7][8]

  1. Quran in simple sense
  2. Quran with word to word meaning
  3. Quran: Malayalam translation
  4. Lantern
  5. Guiding light
  6. Inheritance law in Islam
  7. Mission of prophets
  8. Prophet Mohammed: The great teacher of humanity
  9. Prophet Mohammed and Atheists
  10. world grace
  11. Farooq Umer
  12. Abu Huraira and the critics
  13. Aboodarrul Giffari
  14. Bilaal ibn Rabah
  15. Umer bin Abdul Azeez
  16. Footprints
  17. Enduring signs (3 Parts)
  18. Historic legends
  19. 20 women jewels
  20. Haji Saheb
  21. The Ascendants
  22. KamalaSurayya
  23. Enduring Figures
  24. Ibadath: In Islamic Scholars'Perspective
  25. Hajj: Manoeuvre, history and spirit
  26. Islam: the ideology of the new age
  27. False religious understanding and desperate leaders
  28. The way of liberation
  29. Humane face of religion
  30. Islam and religious harmony
  31. Suicide, materialism and Islam
  32. Quranic approach towards Jihad
  33. Islam means
  34. God, religion, holy book: debate
  35. Jesus in Quran
  36. Rebirth and Hereafter world
  37. Sarvva Matha Satya Vaadam
  38. Alcohol-free society is possible
  39. Twinkling stars (7 Parts)
  40. To those who seek solace
  41. Marital life in Islam
  42. Happy Family
  43. Grooming children
  44. Polygamy
  45. Divorce
  46. Right of divorcee in Islam
  47. Jamaate Islami in a glance
  48. Misconstrued Jamaate Islami
  49. Jamaate Islami and Salafi Critics
  50. Face to Face
  51. Florets of virtue
  52. Light
  53. The way of success

Translated into Malyalalam

  1. Islam in focus
  2. Mile stones
  3. Al Halal wal Haram
  4. Al Musthaqbil li Hada Al Deen
  5. Hadha Al Dheen
  6. Min Ravaihi Hadaraathina
  7. Al Islam Baina Jahli Abnai wa Ajazi
  8. Al Thouheed
  9. Al Jihad Fil Islam
  10. Al Fard Wa Al Doula Fil Shareeathil Islam
  11. Forty Hadiths of Navavi
  12. Khasaisuthasawurul Islam
  13. Douruthulaba


  1. Glittering stars
  2. Divorce
  3. Islam and religious harmony
  4. Humane face of religion
  5. Marital life in Islamic Perspective
  6. Jamaate Islami in a glance
  7. 20 women Jewels


  1. Happy Family
  2. Suicide, Materialism and Islam


  1. Humane aspect of religion
  2. Happy Family
  3. Mohammed: the great teacher of Humanity


  1. Happy Family [9]

He also directed the project for releasing an electronic edition in Malayalam of Tafheemul Qur’an, the popular commentary of the Qur'an in six volumes by Abul Ala Maududi.[10]


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