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WFCI (defunct)

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Title: WFCI (defunct)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: WWLI, 1941 in radio, 1927 in radio, 1933 in radio
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WFCI (defunct)

City of license Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Broadcast area Providence-Warwick-Pawtucket market
Frequency 1420 kilocycles
First air date April 1927 (temporary permit issued)-May 1933 (merged into WPRO)
re-established 1941
Format Network radio (Mutual Radio Network: June 1, 1942-)
Power 5,000 watts
Class III
Facility ID None
Former callsigns WFCI, WPAW (first WFCI)
Affiliations NBC Blue, Blue Network, ABC
Owner Pawtucket Broadcasting Company
Sister stations WFCI-FM/101.5: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

WFCI was one of four radio stations in the pre-World War II Providence market (the others being WPRO, WEAN and WJAR). WFCI was an affiliate of the NBC Blue network which in 1943 became simply the Blue Network & finally changed to the American Broadcasting Company, or ABC, in 1945. WFCI added FM service on 101.5 Megacycles/Channel 268 circa 1950. On that frequency today is today's WWBB.

A listing for WFCI: Pawtucket dates from at least 1927, owned by Frank Crook. It is not known if he was a principal of the Pawtucket Broadcasting Company. If this WFCI is the same station, it was on 1330kc. on or before June 30, 1927, with 50 watts then moving to 1240 kc. (not yet a Class IV frequency as it would become under NARBA) a year later. WFCI's first studio/office location was at 450 Main Street in Pawtucket. The original WFCI became WPAW which was merged into WPRO in May 1933. WFCI was then restarted in 1941. The station became a Mutual affiliate as of June 1, 1942 (prior to that it had served as WEAN's overflow station). WFCI moved to the Biltmore Hotel in Providence in 1949 and took WEAN's ABC affiliation. WFCI was relicensed to Providence in 1950.

WFCI was sold to the Providence Journal-Bulletin in 1952 which changed the callsign to WPJB, matching their radio station on 105.1 Mc. (now WWLI). When the Journal-Bulletin bought WEAN in 1954, it surrendered WPJB's license back to the FCC.

1420 was not silent long as WBSM in New Bedford, Massachusetts was given permission to move to 1420 in 1956 where it remains to this day.


  • Buddy & The Gang.
  • Cavaliere Antonio Pace hosted an Italian program which had originated at WPRO & was also heard at one time on WRIB.


  • Frank Crook: Founder.
  • Arthur Paquette: Host of the "1420 Club" (1942)
  • Anita Ramos: Supervisor of foreign broadcasts.
  • Mark Sheeler: Disc jockey (1948)
  • Wallace A. Walker: General Manager (1946)

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