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Vice Magazine

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Title: Vice Magazine  
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Vice Magazine

For the word, see Vice. For other uses, see Vice (disambiguation).
January 2009, the Universal Sadness Issue
Editors Rocco Castoro (editor-in-chief) Andy Capper (global editor)
Categories Lifestyle
Frequency Monthly

900,000 (worldwide)

80,000 (United Kingdom)[1]
Founder Suroosh Alvi, Shane Smith, Gavin McInnes
First issue 1994 (1994)
Country United States
Based in New York City, New York
Language English
ISSN OCLC number 30856250

Vice is an international magazine focused on arts, culture, and news topics. Founded in 1994 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in later years the company expanded into VICE Media, with divisions including the magazine, a website, a film production company, a record label, and a publishing imprint. As of March 2013, the magazine's editor-in-chief is Rocco Castoro[2] and its global editor is documentary filmmaker Andy Capper.[3]

The magazine's editors have championed the "Immersionist" school of journalism, regarded as a DIY antithesis to the methods practiced by mainstream news outlets, and the monthly publication is frequently focused on a single theme.

The magazine is available free of charge in twenty-eight countries and is financed by advertising. As of 20 August 2013, the Vice YouTube channel has 3,233,977 subscribers.[4]


Established by Suroosh Alvi, Shane Smith, and Gavin McInnes, the magazine was launched in 1994 as the Voice of Montreal with government funding, and the intention of the founders was to provide work and a community service.[5]

When the editors later sought to dissolve their commitments with the original publisher Alix Laurent, they bought him out and changed the name to Vice in 1996. Apparently unhappy in Canada, and in search of more streetwear advertising income, the magazine's personnel relocated to New York City in 1999.[6] Andy Capper co-founded the UK division of Vice with Andrew Creighton.

In 2008, the magazine was read by over 900,000 people across twenty-two countries.[7] As of 20 August 2013, the Vice YouTube channel has 3,104,049 subscribers.[4]

Numerous media sources reported in mid-August 2013 that Rupert Murdoch's corporation 21st Century Fox had invested US$70 million in Vice Media, resulting in a 5 percent stake. Following the announcement, Smith explained, "We have set ourselves up to build a global platform but we have maintained control."[8][9]

Core staff

  • Rocco Castoro - editor-in-chief as of March 2013
  • Andy Capper - global editor as of March 2013
  • Jesse Pearson - editor-in-chief for eight years, until his resignation in December 2010.
  • Adam Gollner - editor while the magazine was in Canada



VICE includes the work of journalists, columnists, fiction writers, graphic artists and cartoonists, and photographers. Vice's content has shifted from dealing mostly with independent arts and pop cultural matters to covering more serious news topics. The magazine's editors have championed the "Immersionist" school of journalism, regarded as something of a DIY antithesis to the methods practiced by mainstream news outlets, and has published an entire issue of articles that were written in accordance with the ethos. Entire issues of the magazine have also been dedicated to the concerns of Iraqi people,[10] Native Americans,[11] Russian people,[12] people with mental disorders,[13] and people with mental disabilities.[14] Vice also publishes an annual guide for students in the United Kingdom.[15]

In 2007, a Vice announcement was published on the Internet: "After umpteen years of putting out what amounted to a reference book every month, we started to get bored with it. Besides, too many other magazines have ripped it and started doing their own lame take on themes. So we're going to do some issues, starting now, that have whatever we feel like putting in them."[16]


In a March 2008 interview with The Guardian, Smith was asked about the magazine's political allegiances and he stated, "We're not trying to say anything politically in a paradigmatic left/right way ... We don't do that because we don't believe in either side. Are my politics Democrat or Republican? I think both are horrific. And it doesn't matter anyway. Money runs America; money runs everywhere."[5]

Founder Smith has stated: "I grew up being a socialist and I have problems with it because I grew up in Canada [and] I’ve spent a lot of time in Scandinavia, where I believe countries legislate out creativity. They cut off the tall trees. Everyone’s a C-minus. I came to America from Canada because Canada is stultifyingly boring and incredibly hypocritical. Thanks, Canada."[6]

Web address
Owner VICE Media
Launched 2011
Alexa rank Increase 1,542 (August 2013)[17]
Current status Active

VICE originally founded their website as in 1996, as was already owned. In 2007, they started as a domain, which prioritized videos over print, and had a number of shows for free such as The Vice Guide to Travel. In 2011, both and were combined into[18]

The website has expanded and diversified to include a network of online video channels, including

The following are categories on the website as of August 2013:

  • Video
  • News
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Photo
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Tech
  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
  • Magazine
  • Dos & Don'ts

VICE Books

The magazine has published the collections The DOs and DON'Ts Book and The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll. In 2008, the photograph compilation The Vice Photo Book was released and featured published works from previous editions of the magazine.[19]

VICE Music

VICE Records
Parent company VICE Media
Founded 2002 (2002)
Status Active
Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location Brooklyn, New York
Official website

VICE Records or VICE Music, founded in 2002, has released albums and singles by the following artists through various major label distributors:

VICE Film,

Main article:
Vice releases documentaries and television shows through Vice Films, many of which have won awards or been aired on major channels such as

According to Vice co-founder Suroosh Alvi, "traditional journalism always aspires to objectivity, and since day one with the magazine we never believed in that...Our ethos is subjectivity with real substantiation. I don't think you see that on CNN."[21] Vice Films released the feature length rockumentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad in 2008, which follows the thrash metal band Acrassicauda in Iraq. The New York Times praised the production and reporting, calling it a "splendid feat of D.I.Y. reportage...Both a stirring testament to the plight of cultural expression in Baghdad and a striking report on the refugee scene in Syria, this rock-doc like no other electrifies its genre and redefines headbanging as an act of hard-core courage."[22]

Vice Films had its first theatrical release White Lightnin' in 2009, and a documentary on professional bull riders, entitled The Ride, in 2010.[23] The MTV series The Vice Guide to Everything premiered in December 2010 and features Vice films, as well as new material.

Swansea was featured in a television documentary "Swansea Love Story" as part of the Rule Britannia series on The episode covers a heroin epidemic in the UK.[24]

Reincarnated, a documentary film on Snoop Dogg's transformation into reggae artist and Rastafarian Snoop Lion, was released in 2013,[25] while, in April 2013, the Vice YouTube channel reached over 2,000,000 subscribers.[26]

Vice, a news series featuring founder Smith, debuted on HBO on April 5, 2013.[26] Lil Bub & Friendz, a feature documentary about meme cats such as Grumpy Cat,[27] premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 18, 2013[28] and won the Tribeca Online Festival Best Feature Film.[29]


Title Format Producer Channel Year
Vice Guide to Travel Documentary film series, MTV2 2006
True Norwegian Black Metal Documentary film series 2007
Heavy Metal in Baghdad Rockumentary, film festivals 2007
White Lightnin' Dramatic feature VICE Films Film festivals 2009
The Vice Guide to Everything Television series MTV2 2010
Rule Britannia Documentary film series 2010
The Ride Documentary feature VICE Films Film festivals 2010
The Fourth Dimension Three short films VICE Films Film festivals 2012
Vice Documentary television HBO HBO 2013
Lil Bub & Friendz Documentary feature VICE Films Film festivals 2013
Reincarnated Documentary feature VICE Films Film festivals 2013


Old Blue Last Pub

VICE runs a pub and music venue in Shoreditch, east London named The Old Blue Last, in which a live music program entitled "Live at the Old Blue Last" is filmed.[30] After VICE bought the Old Blue Last in 2004[31] it underwent a series of improvements, with most taking place in 2010.[32] Bands who have played at the venue include Arctic Monkeys, Amy Winehouse, Chromeo, Black Lips, and Florence + the Machine.[33]

i-D magazine

VICE integrated with the British fashion magazine i-D[34] in December 2012,[35] with VICE CEO Andrew Creighton calling it "one of the only fashion publications in the world we actually respect."[36]

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