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Trans-Sumatran Highway


Trans-Sumatran Highway

The Trans-Sumatran Highway (Indonesian: Jalan Raya Trans-Sumatra) is a primary north-south road in the Indonesian island of Sumatra, 2,508.5  km long, and connecting the north of the island in Banda Aceh to Bandar Lampung in the south, running through many major cities, including Medan and Padang on the way. Upgrade work is expected to begin in March, 2013 to make it a full-fledged highway, including land acquisition.[1]

The road is a major artery, carrying transmigrants (see transmigrasi) from Java to the less densely populated Sumatra, and carrying Sumatran visitors to Jakarta and Java. The Trans-Sumatran Highway forms the whole section of the Asian Highway Network route .

It consists of 4 parts, namely Jalan Raya Lintas Barat (Jalinbar), Jalan Raya Lintas Tengah (Jalinteng), Jalan Raya Lintas Timur (Jalintim), and Jalan Raya Lintas Pantai Timur.

Parts of it are being set up for controlled-access highways. The Medan-Binjai Toll Road is 20.5 km long and set to open between 2005 and 2010.


  • Major cities linked by the roads 1
  • Controlled-access highway planning 2
  • Toll Road progress 3
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Major cities linked by the roads

Controlled-access highway planning

In 2012, the Indonesian government had planned to build the Trans-Sumatra toll road that connects Lampung to Aceh along 2,700 kilometers. The government will allocate Rp 150 trillion for the construction of the toll roads.[2] In the early stages, the toll road parts which is ready to be built are Padang-Sicincin Toll Road (27 km), Medan-Kuala Namu Toll Road, and Kuala Namu-Tebing Tinggi Toll Road.[3]

Toll Road progress

  • Medan-Tebing Tinggi Toll Road is divided into 2 sections:[4]
    • Section-1: Medan-Perbarakan-Kualanamu (17.8 km) has been kicked-off in September 2014 and the land acquisition has reached 83 percent and construction finished reached 15 percent at end of 2014. It was predicted to be finished in June 2016.
    • Section-2: Perbarakan-Tebing Tinggi (43.9 km), the 40-year concession deal has been signed and the land acquisition has reached 81 percent. It was predicted to be finished in 2017.

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