Tosa han

The Tosa Domain (土佐藩 Tosa han?) was a feudal domain in Tosa Province of Japan (present-day Kōchi Prefecture) during the Edo period. Its official name is "Kōchi han" (高知藩?). Some from the domain played important roles in events in the late Tokugawa shogunate. Among them are John Manjiro, Sakamoto Ryōma, Yui Mitsue, Gotō Shōjirō, Itagaki Taisuke, Nakae Chōmin.

List of daimyo

  1. Kazutoyo
  2. Tadayoshi
  3. Tadatoyo
  4. Toyomasa
  5. Toyofusa
  6. Toyotaka
  7. Toyotsune
  8. Toyonobu
  9. Toyochika
  10. Toyokazu
  11. Toyo'oki
  12. Toyosuke
  13. Toyoteru
  14. Toyoatsu
  15. Toyoshige
  16. Toyonori

Simplified genealogy of the Yamauchi Lords of Tosa

  • Yamauchi Moritoyo (1510-c1559). He had issue, including two sons:
    • I. Kazutoyo, 1st Lord of Tosa (cr. 1601) (c1545-1605; r. 1601-1605)
    • Yasutoyo (1549-1625). He had issue, including:
      • II. Tadayoshi, 2nd Lord of Tosa (1592-1665; r. 1605-1656). He had issue, including:
        • III. Tadatoyo, 3rd Lord of Tosa (1609-1669; r. 1656-1669). He had issue, including:
          • IV. Toyomasa, 4th Lord of Tosa (1641-1700; r. 1669-1700).
      • Fukao Shigemasa (1598-1672). Adopted into the Fukao family. He had issue, including:
        • Fukao Shigeteru. He had issue, including:
          • Fukao Shigenao. He had issue, including:
            • Yamauchi Tadashige (1682-1721). He had issue, including:
              • VIII. Toyonobu, 8th Lord of Tosa (1712-1768; r. 1725-1767). He had issue, including:
                • IX. Toyochika, 9th Lord of Tosa (1750-1789; r. 1768-1789). He had issue, including:
                  • X. Toyokazu, 10th Lord of Tosa (1773-1825; r. 1789-1808). He had issue, including:
                    • XI. Toyoaki, 11th Lord of Tosa (1793-1809; r. 1808-1809).
                    • XII. Toyosuke, 12th Lord of Tosa (1794-1872; r. 1809-1843). He had issue, including:
                      • XIII. Toyoteru, 13th Lord of Tosa (1815-1848; r. 1843-1848)
                      • XIV. Toyoatsu, 14th Lord of Tosa (1824-1848; r. 1848)
                      • XVI. Toyonori, 16th Lord, 1st Marquess Yamauchi (1846-1886; r. 1859-1869; Governor of Tosa 1869-1871; created 1st Marquess 1884). He had issue, including:
                        • XVII. Toyokage, 2nd Marquess, 17th family head (1875-1957; 2nd Marquess 1886-1947; 17th head 1947-1957)
                        • Toyoshizu, 1st Baron Yamauchi (cr. 1906) (1883-1937). He had issue, including:
                          • XVIII. Toyoaki, 18th family head (1912-2003; 18th head 1957-2003). He had issue, including:
                            • XIX. Toyokoto, 19th family head (1940 - ; 19th head 2003 - ). He has issue, including:
                              • Toyohiro (b. 1978)
                              • Toyonao (b. 1979)
                    • Toyoakira (1802-1859). He had issue, including:
                      • XV. Toyoshige, 15th Lord of Tosa (1827-1872; r. 1849-1859)
      • Kazutada (1600-1663). He had issue, including:
        • Kazutoshi (1649-1675). He had issue, including:
          • V.Toyofusa, 5th Lord of Tosa (1672-1706; r. 1700-1706)
          • VI. Toyotaka, 6th Lord of Tosa (1673-1720; r. 1706-1720). He had issue, including:
            • VII. Toyotsune, 7th Lord of Tosa (1711-1725; r. 1720-1725).


See also

  • Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives


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