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Tomato jam

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Title: Tomato jam  
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Subject: Fruit preserves, Condiments, Ketchup, Melba toast, Pepper jelly
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Tomato jam

Melba toast topped with goat cheese and tomato jam

Tomato jam (also referred to as tomato jelly)[1] is a type of fruit preserve prepared with tomatoes and sugar.[2] Green tomatoes are used in some preparations.[1][3] Some preparations may use honey,[4] and some include bacon.[5] It has been described as "a cross between marmalade and ketchup".[6] Some commercially prepared varieties are produced. It is sometimes used in the preparation of sandwiches similar to a BLT, using the jam in place of tomato.[7]

Tomato jam has been reported as being a popular condiment in South Africa.[8]


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In 1840 in the United States, a recipe was published in the American Farmer that involved straining stewed tomatoes through cloth, adding an equal amount of sugar, and then boiling the mixture for a few hours.[1]

In 1843 in the U.S., a recipe for preparing tomato jam was published in the Boston Cultivator.[1] The preparation process included rubbing stewed tomatoes through a sieve, adding an equal amount of sugar, and then stewing the mixture into a jam.[1]

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