Founded 2008
Founder Andy Psychotronic, Tim Bevington
Genre Punk rock/Ska
Country of origin U.K.
Location Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Official website TNSrecords

TNSrecords (also known as TNS and That's Not Skanking) is a DIY Record Label based in Manchester, United Kingdom, founded in 2008 by Revenge of the Psychotronic Man bassist/vocalist Andy Psychotronic, along with a personal friend of his, Tim Bevington. They specialise in Punk rock, and Ska, though have also included some Heavy metal acts. As well as the Record Label, TNS produce a free Fanzine and also arrange gigs in Manchester, and run TNSradio, a podcast featuring music from their own artistes, and other similar artistes from around the world. They have also organised gigs in Macclesfield, and Blackpool. They are sometimes referred to as TNS Records, but the correct name is TNSrecords.


According to their website[1] TNS is run based on the following core principles:

  • TNS are dedicated to supporting exciting music at grass roots level.
  • We believe in the music 'scene' working together as a community making every aspect better for all, discriminating against none.
  • TNS is run on a not-for-profit basis. We generally just about cover costs, anything else funds future releases.
  • 'TNS' bands should be actively involved in supporting other bands and helping them to play in their towns, working as hard as possible to get underground music out to genuine fans.
  • TNS oppose pay-to-play gigs, music competitions and money grabbing promotors. Music should never be about competing.
  • We believe that music can be a positive force politically, socially and morally, but also that everyone involved should have lots of fun!


The following all have releases on TNSrecords:[2]

  • A War Against Sound
  • Autonomads
  • Beat The Red Light
  • Black Star Dub Collective
  • Bootscraper
  • BrainDead
  • Broken Aris (Sweden)
  • Faintest Idea
  • The Fractions
  • Fist Of The North Star (USA)
  • Hated Til Proven
  • Harijan
  • John Player Specials
  • The Kirkz
  • Kollapse (Denmark)
  • Leagues Apart
  • Revenge of the Psychotronic Man
  • Rising Strike
  • Sense of Urgency
  • The Shadowcops
  • Sounds of Swami
  • Stand Out Riot
  • Stoj Snak (Denmark)


To date, TNS Records have the following releases releases;[2]

  • TNS001 Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter, a 20 track compilation CD featuring UK based Punk Rock and Ska acts.
  • TNS002 Revenge of the Psychotronic Man v The Fractions, a split EP, featuring TNS Records' owner, Andy Psychotronic's own band, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, and The Fractions.
  • TNS003 Harijan v The John Player Specials, a split EP, featuring Harijan, and The John Player Specials.
  • SUP001 Carnival Militia, a CD album by Stand Out Riot
  • TNS004 A Big Pot Of Hot, a CD album by The Shadowcops
  • SUP002 Quicker Than Khan CD album by The Emos
  • TNS005 Make Pigs Smoke, a CD album by Revenge of the Psychotronic Man
  • TNS006 Halcyon Days 7" EP by Sounds of Swami
  • TNS007 Mainstream Music Is Shit, a 37 track double compilation CD featuring UK based Punk Rock and Ska acts. - released August 2009
  • TNS008, a CD split EP, featuring Stand Out Riot, A War Against Sound, and Sense Of Urgency - released 6 December 2009
  • TNS009, Beat The Red Light, a CD EP, by Beat The Red Light
  • TNS010, Agroculture, a CD album by The Kirkz
  • TNS011, To Anywhere, a CD album by Leagues Apart
  • TNS012, Ignorance Is This, a CD album by Faintest Idea
  • TNS013, Country & Eastern, a CD album by Bootscraper
  • TNS014, Salt The Lands, a CD album by Beat The Red Light - 2011
  • TNS015, Gentleman Bandits, a CD album by Stand Out Riot - 2011
  • TNS016, Four Band Split, a CD split EP featuring Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Mighty Midgets, Fist of the North Star and Broken Aris - 2011
  • TNS017, Bite The Hand That Feeds, a CD album by Rising Strike- 2011
  • TNS018, From Rusholme With Dub, a CD/LP split album by Autonomads and Black Star Dub Collective - April 2012
  • TNS019, Songs For The Short Of Attention, a CD album by Hated Til Proven - tbc, 2012
  • TNS020, TNSrecords vol.3 'These Troublesome Thinkers', a 42 track double compilation CD featuring UK based Punk Rock and Ska acts. - May 2012
  • TNS021, Dub Of Transgression, a 7" EP by BrainDead 2012
  • TNS022, S/T, a CD album by Bootscraper- 2012
  • TNS023, The Voice Of Treason, a CD album by Faintest Idea- 2012
  • TNS024/024v, Shattered Dreams Parkway, a 12" and CD album by Revenge of the Psychotronic Man (band) 2012
  • TNS025, Songs About Beliefs, a 7" EP by Stoj Snak 2012
  • TNS026, S/T, a 10" EP by Kollapse 2012

TNSrecords Fanzine

TNSrecords also produce a fanzine which is free, and available at various music stores, and also on-line.[3] The Fanzine features reviews of recent musical releases from the Punk rock, Ska, Hardcore, Psychobilly, and occasionally other genres, as well as articles, often of a comedy nature, and news about forthcoming gigs. That's Not Skanking fanzine originally started in 2003, in Manchester. It covered punk rock, ska and related genres. That incarnation of the fanzine lasted 18 issues, with an average run of 250 copies. However, the launch of TNSrecords resulted in the fanzine being relaunched as TNSrecords fanzine. As of Summer 2011 there have been 14 issues, which usually coincided with label releases and have a print run of around 1500. The fanzine also uses imagery of animals and has also featured comical features such as funny footballer names and human impressions of animals. Content wise it varies from covering the ridiculous, through to more political and social issues. Band wise, as well as documenting the local scene and bands from the label, interviews have also been conducted with more established acts such as Zeke, Million Dead and many more. The fanzine is currently featured in an exhibition at salford Art Gallery, curated by Salford Zine Library. The film features commentary by Andy.

TNS gigs

TNSrecords also arrange gigs.[4] These usually feature bands that play Punk rock, Ska and other similar genres. They are usually held at Retro Bar, Gulliver's, Kraak Gallery & Base Cafe in Manchester. But sometimes take place further afield, including Blackpool, Leeds, and Macclesfield.


In February 2009 TNSrecords launced TNSradio, a monthly podcast featuring Punk and Ska music.[5] From February 2010 the podcast became a weekly show which is broadcast on American internet radio stations Punk Rock Demonstration.[6] and Real Punk Radio.[7] Due to a lack of time TNSrecords were unable to continue with the weekly show, with the episodes stopping in the summer of 2010. The show returned in June 2011, this time on a monthly basis, as part of the Punk Britannia weekly podcast[8] which is broadcast on Punk Rock Demonstration[6] and from the Studs and Punks website.[9]

People with animal's heads

TNSrecords often use the imagery of Human Beings, with Animal's heads. Pictures such as these often appear on advertising for TNS gigs, and also appeared on the cover of the split cd released by TNSrecords featuring Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and The Fractions. They also feature prominently in the TNSrecords Fanzine. It is unclear where or when the use, by TNSrecords, of such imagery began.

Other acts that have worked with TNS Records

Early in 2008 TNSrecords released a Compilation CD featuring UK Punk and Ska acts, under the title Music By People Who Drink Cider In The Gutter. The CD received critical acclaim in the Manchester press[10] as well as some note in the rest of the U.K..[11] There has also been some notice taken of the Compilation CD Internationally.[12] Tracks were included by various bands:

  • The Dangerfields
  • Revenge of the Psychotronic Man (band)
  • The Kirkz
  • The Shadowcops
  • Buzzkill (band)
  • Great St. Louis
  • Dog Toffee
  • Just Panic
  • Harijan (band)
  • The Fractions
  • On The Turn (band)
  • Speeding Bee
  • Faintest Idea
  • The Hyperjax
  • The Medicine Bow
  • Mr International and The Getawy Gang
  • Sounds of Swami
  • Death By Decibels
  • The Shuffle
  • Matt Woods (musician)

In the summer of 2009 TNSrecords released their second Compilation CD featuring UK Punk and Ska acts, under the title Mainstream Music Is Shit. Tracks were included by various bands including: Disk 1

  • The Shadowcops
  • Sounds of Swami
  • Revenge of the Psychotronic Man (band)
  • Rising Strike
  • D'Corner Bois
  • The Kirkz
  • The Emos
  • The Dangerfields
  • The Dead Reckoninc
  • The Hyperjax
  • Great St. Louis
  • The Nova Fives
  • Just Add Monsters
  • Fair Do's
  • The Dangerous Aces
  • The Terrors
  • SmackRats
  • 2 Sick Monkeys

Disk 2

  • Harijan (band)
  • Cartoon Violence
  • Stand Out Riot
  • John Player Specials
  • Jimmy The Squirrel
  • The Hostiles
  • The Hijacks
  • Sense of Urgency
  • A War Against Sound
  • Kickback UK
  • Faintest Idea
  • The Autonomads
  • Rasta4eyes
  • Just Panic
  • Los Salvadores
  • Bootscraper
  • The Medicine Bow


External links

  • Official site
  • Official Facebook page
  • Official Myspace page
  • TNSradio Myspace page
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