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Sudbury (provincial electoral district)


Sudbury (provincial electoral district)

electoral district
Provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Rick Bartolucci
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District created 1905
First contested 1908
Last contested 2007
Population (2001) 79,342
Electors (2007) 61,584
Area (km²) 162
Pop. density (per km²) 489.8
Census divisions Greater Sudbury
For the current federal electoral district, see Sudbury (electoral district)

Sudbury is a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since 1908. It is one of the two districts serving the city of Greater Sudbury.

Its population in 2001 was 89,443.

Sudbury was given its own riding provincially in the 1908 election, when the former riding of Nipissing West was divided into Sudbury and Sturgeon Falls. It initially included a large portion of the Sudbury District; in 1952, the boundaries were narrowed significantly to include only the city of Sudbury, the geographic township of McKim and the town of Copper Cliff. The rest of the original Sudbury riding was incorporated into the new riding of Nickel Belt. The riding of Sudbury East was additionally created in 1967.

Federally, however, the city remained part of the Nipissing electoral district until 1947.


Sudbury electoral district consists of the part of the City of Greater Sudbury bounded on the west and south by the Greater Sudbury city limits, and on the north and east by a line drawn from the western city limit of Greater Sudbury east along the northern limit of the former Town of Walden, north, east and south along the limits of the former City of Sudbury, west along Highway 69 and Regent Street, south along Long Lake Road, west along the northern boundary of the Township of Broder, southwest along Kelly Lake, and south along the eastern limit of the former Town of Walden to the southern city limit of Greater Sudbury.


The provincial electoral district was first contested in the 1908 election. Prior to its creation, the town of Sudbury was part of the district of Nipissing West.

In 1996, Ontario was divided into the same electoral districts as those used for federal electoral purposes. They were redistributed whenever a readjustment took place at the federal level.

In 2005, legislation was passed by the Legislature to divide Ontario into 107 electoral districts, beginning with the next provincial election in 2007. The eleven northern electoral districts are those defined for federal purposes in 1996, based on the 1991 census (except for a minor boundary adjustment). The 96 southern electoral districts are those defined for federal electoral purposes in 2003, based on the 2001 census. Without this legislation, the number of electoral districts in northern Ontario would have been reduced from eleven to ten.[1]

Members of the Legislative Assembly/Members of Provincial Parliament

This riding has elected the following members of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

Parliament Years Member Party
12th 1908–1911     Francis Cochrane Conservative
13th 1911–1914     Charles McCrea Conservative
14th 1914–1919
15th 1919–1923
16th 1923–1926
17th 1926–1929
18th 1929–1934
19th 1934–1937     Edmond Lapierre Liberal
20th 1937–1943     James Cooper Liberal
21st 1943–1945     Robert Carlin Cooperative Commonwealth Federation
22nd 1945–1948
23rd 1948–1951     Welland Gemmell Progressive Conservative
24th 1951–1954
1954–1955     vacant (death of Gemmell)
25th 1955–1959     Gerry Monaghan Progressive Conservative
26th 1959–1963     Elmer Sopha Liberal
27th 1963–1967
28th 1967–1971
29th 1971–1975     Bud Germa New Democrat
30th 1975–1977
31st 1977–1981
32nd 1981–1985     Jim Gordon Progressive Conservative
33rd 1985–1987
34th 1987–1990     Sterling Campbell Liberal
35th 1990–1995     Sharon Murdock New Democrat
36th 1995–1998     Rick Bartolucci Liberal
37th 1999–2003
38th 2003–2007
39th 2007–2011
40th 2011–present

Election results

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2007 electoral reform referendum

Ontario electoral reform referendum, 2007
Side Votes %
First Past the Post 21,842 68.3
Mixed member proportional 10,130 31.7
Total valid votes 31,972 100.0



  • Elections Ontario 2003 results

Coordinates: 46°34′30″N 80°54′43″W / 46.575°N 80.912°W / 46.575; -80.912

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