Scarborough Board of Education

Scarborough Board of Education
District 16
Board office location 140 Borough Drive
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
M1P 4N6
Board identifier SBE
Founded 1954
Dissolved December 31, 1997
Chair of the Board Gaye Dale
Director of Education Earl G. Campbell

Scarborough Board of Education (SBE, commonly known as School District 16) is the former public-secular school district serving Scarborough, Ontario, Canada from 1954 when it was established to 1998 it was merged into the Toronto District School Board.[1]


In 1992, the SBE and the Centennial College made a deal to establish an adult education centre, the Scarborough Career Planning Centre, at the Centennial College.[2] In 1994 the entities agreed to establish the centre there beginning in the fall of that year.[3]

Plans were made to conduct the Scarborough Alternative For Educating Troubled Youths (SAFETY) program in 1994. The program was designed for students with twenty-day suspensions, the maximum period possible, in the former Highbrook Senior Public School facility. Community protests put these plans on hold and were never materialized.[4] Currently, the SAFETY program was later evolved into the TDSB's Caring and 'Safe School' programs.


Scarborough's schools in the south end of the city were built from the 1920 to 1960s. Older 19th and 20th century school houses were demolished to make way for large buildings as the area grew.

On the north end of the city schools were built from the 1960s to 1980s.

Elementary Schools

Name Opened Notes Image
Donwood Park Public School
Highbrook Senior Public School closed 1980s and used as ASE
St Andrews Public School
Anson S Taylor Public School
Charles Gordon Senior Public School
Henry Kelsey Senior Public School
Terry Fox Public School
Hillside Public School

Secondary Schools


Name Opened Notes Image
Agincourt Collegiate Institute 1915 Formerly Agincourt Continuation School
Alternative Scarborough Education 1 c.1980s Shared space with St. Andrews PS
Delphi Secondary Alternative School c.1980s Alternative Scarborough Education 2 - located a Chartland PS
Bendale Secondary School 1963
Dr. Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute 1979
Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute 1964
Sir Robert L. Borden Business and Technical Institute c.1966
Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute 1976
Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute 1961
Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute 1953
Timothy Eaton Business and Technical Institute 1971 Closed 2009, sold in 2012.
R. H. King Academy 1921 previously R.H. King CI and Scarborough High School
L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute 1973
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute 1965
Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute 1970
Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute 1964
Maplewood Vocational School c.1957
Midland Avenue Collegiate Institute 1963 Close 2000 and became Bond Academy until 2010
Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute 1969
Sir William Osler Vocational School
Tabor Park Vocational School 1965 closed 1986, and now Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School since 1989
Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute c.1978
W. A. Porter Collegiate Institute 1958
Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies 1986 Moved to former Midland CI site 2010
David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute 1958
West Hill Collegiate Institute 1955
Wexford Collegiate Institute 1965
Woburn Collegiate Institute 1963

Leased school properties

As of 1989, the Scarborough Board of Education has leased one school building to the Metropolitan Separate School Board (now the Toronto Catholic District School Board) operating as a secondary school.

Directors of Education


The board's administrative offices were located at 140 Borough Drive within the Scarborough Civic Centre and operations out of a building at 2466 Eglinton Avenue East (northside of Eglinton and west of Midland Avenue, but sold and replaced by Rainbow Village condos in 1990. Buses and board vehicles were later stored on Mclevin Avenue. The administrative offices remains in use today by the Toronto District School Board.

The board operated a fleet of their own school buses, similar to the Toronto Board of Education and Board of Education of North York and were stored at 2466 Eglinton Avenue East site.

Hillside Outdoor Education Centre, formerly Hillside PS (SS No 4), was used for outdoor education programs and located near Rouge Park.


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