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Rulers of Montferrat

See also: List of consorts of Montferrat

The Marquises and Dukes of Montferrat[1] were the rulers of a territory in Piedmont south of the Po and east of Turin called Montferrat. The March of Montferrat was created by Berengar II of Italy in 950 during a redistribution of power in the northwest of his kingdom. It was originally named after and held by the Aleramici. In 1574, Montferrat was raised to a Duchy by Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor (see Duchy of Montferrat).


Aleramici dynasty

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Palaeologus dynasty

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Gonzaga dynasty

Main article: House of Gonzaga

In 1536 Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor granted the marquisate, despite competing claims from Savoy and from the Marquis of Saluzzo, to the Gonzagas. This was confirmed in 1559 by the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis.[3]

  • Frederick Gonzaga (1536–1540), Duke of Mantua. Married to Margaret of Montferrat, daughter of William IX and Anne of Alençon, and Marchioness of Montferrat in her own right.
  • Francis I (1540–1550), Duke of Mantua, Marquess of Montferrat. Son of Margaret of Montferrat and Frederick Gonzaga.
  • William X (1550–1587), Duke of Mantua, Marquess, then (from 1574) Duke of Montferrat. Son of Margaret of Montferrat and Frederick Gonzaga
  • Vincent I (1587–1612), Duke of Mantua and Montferrat. Son of William X
  • Francis II (1612), Duke of Mantua and Montferrat. Son of Vincent I
  • Ferdinand I (1612–26), Duke of Mantua and Montferrat. Son of Vincent I.
  • Vincent II (1626–27), Duke of Mantua and Montferrat. Son of Vincent I.
  • War of the Mantuan Succession (1627–1631) - a portion was lost to Duchy of Savoy
  • Maria, Duchess of Montferrat 1612–61, also Duchess of Mantua 1627–1631. Daughter of Francis II.
  • Charles I, called "of Nevers", Duke of Montferrat (1627–1637), also Duke of Mantua and Nevers. Father-in-law of Maria, co-ruler with Maria and his son, Charles.
  • Charles II (1637–1665). Also Duke of Nevers until 1659. Son of Maria, grandson of both Charles I and Francis II.
  • Ferdinand Charles (1665–1708), Duke of Montferrat and Mantua. Son of Charles II.



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