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Pennsylvania Route 954

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Title: Pennsylvania Route 954  
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Subject: List of State Routes in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Route 85
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Pennsylvania Route 954

PA Route 954
;">Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
;">Major junctions
South end: PA 56 in Center Township
North end: PA 210 in North Mahoning Township
;">Highway system

Pennsylvania Route 954 (PA 954) is a 35-mile-long (56 km) state highway located in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. The southern terminus is at Pennsylvania Route 56 in Center Township. The northern terminus is at Pennsylvania Route 210 in North Mahoning Township. The route has followed its current alignment since 1936.

Route description

PA 954 begins at an intersection with PA 56 in Center Township, heading north on a two-lane undivided road. The route heads through forested areas, turning northwest and becoming the border between Center Township to the west and Brush Valley Township to the east. The road crosses the Yellow Creek into White Township and becomes South 6th Street Extended, passing near residential areas. PA 954 becomes South 6th Street and runs through agricultural areas before reaching an interchange with the US 422 freeway. Following this interchange, the route runs through a mix of farmland and woodland with some homes, crossing the Two Lick Creek and passing under a freeway carrying US 119 and PA 286 Truck. The road passes through more rural areas before entering residential areas, where it becomes the border between Indiana to the west and White Township to the east. PA 954 fully enters Indiana and runs past more homes, heading into the downtown area. Here, the route turns west to form a concurrency with PA 286 on Philadelphia Street, a three-lane road with a center left-turn lane, passing downtown businesses. PA 954 splits from PA 286 by heading north on two-lane undivided North 9th Street, while PA 286 turns south onto South 9th Street. The route heads through residential areas, crossing back into White Township.[1][2]

PA 954 turns northwest onto Fulton Run Road and winds through forested areas, crossing a Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad line. The road continues through more wooded areas with some farm fields and homes, passing through the community of Fulton Run. The route turns to the north and crosses Crooked Creek and a Norfolk Southern railroad line. PA 954 enters Washington Township and turns northeast onto Shelcota Street, passing through more rural areas and running a short distance northwest of the railroad line and the creek. The road heads into Creekside and intersects the western terminus of PA 110, becoming Chambersville Road at this point. The route crosses back into Washington Township and runs through a mix of farms and woods with some homes, splitting from Chambersville Road by turning north onto an unnamed road. PA 954 runs north-northwest through forests with some farm fields and residences, entering open agricultural areas as it turns west, reaching Willet. Here, the route becomes Five Points Road and comes to Five Points, turning north. The road runs through areas of farmland and woodland, crossing into South Mahoning Township.[1][2]

In this area, PA 954 comes to a junction with PA 85/PA 210, turning east to form a concurrency with the two routes on an unnamed road. The three routes run through the residential community of Beyer before passing through more rural areas prior to entering Plumville. Here, the road becomes Main Street and passes homes and businesses. PA 954 splits from PA 85/PA 210 by turning north Smicksburg Street. The route heads back into South Mahoning Township and passes through a mix of agriculture and woods, becoming an unnamed road. The road heads into open farmland and runs through Denton before crossing into West Mahoning Township. PA 954 runs through woodland before crossing into Smicksburg and becoming Kittanning Street. The route heads northeast through residential areas of the town, heading back into West Mahoning Township and turning southeast and crossing the Little Mahoning Creek in wooded areas. The road becomes unnamed and continues through farmland and woodland, curving to the east. PA 954 heads northeast and crosses into North Mahoning Township, passing through more rural areas with some homes as it heads east to its terminus at PA 210 in Trade City.[1][2]

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