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Procurator (Russian: прокурор, prokuror), was an office initially created by Peter the Great, the first Emperor of the Russian Empire, in an effort to bring the Russian Orthodox Church more directly under his control.

The Russian word prokuror also has the meaning of prosecutor.

Chief Procurator (also Ober-Procurator; обер-прокурор, ober-prokuror) was the official title of the head of the Holy Synod, effectively the lay head of the Russian Orthodox Church, and a member of the Tsar's cabinet. Konstantin Pobedonostsev, a former tutor of both Alexander III and Nicholas II, was one of the most powerful men to hold this post.

General Procurator (Procurator General) and Ober-Procurator were major supervisory positions in the Russian Governing Senate, with their meaning changing over time. Eventually "Ober-Procurator" became the title of the Chief of a department of the Senate.

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