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Niyabinghi chants

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Title: Niyabinghi chants  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Music of Jamaica, Rastafari, Deejay (Jamaican), Caribbean music in the United Kingdom, Rastafari movement
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Niyabinghi chants

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Niyabinghi chanting[1] typically includes recitation of the Psalms, but may also include variations of well-known Christian hymns and adopted by Rastafarians. The rhythms of these chants were eventually an influence of popular ska, rocksteady and reggae music.

Niyabinghi chants include:

  • "400 Million Blackman"
  • "400 Years" (its lyrics influenced Peter Tosh's "400 Years")
  • "Babylon In I Way"
  • "Babylon Throne Gone Down" (arranged by Bob Marley to "Rastaman Chant" in 1973)
  • "Banks of the River"
  • "Behold Jah live"
  • "Blackman Get Up Stand Up" (its lyrics influenced Bob Marley's and Peter Tosh's "Get Up, Stand Up" in 1973)
  • "Brimstone"
  • "Chant Zion Chant"
  • "Closer Than a Brother"
  • "Come sight up in Jah Army"
  • "Fool Fool"
  • "Have a little light in I"
  • "I'n'I Riding"
  • "I Am Getting Ready"
  • "Idemption Trodding"
  • "I Must Trod Home"
  • "I Shall Not Remove" (its lyrics influenced Bob Marley's "Forever Loving Jah")
  • "I Will Not Go With You"
  • "Jah Got the Whole World"
  • "Jah Wind Blow East"
  • "Leave Babylon"
  • "Little Children"
  • "Mystery Babylon Have To Move" / "Him Have To Move"
  • "Never Get Burn"
  • "New Name"
  • "No Night in Zion" (arranged and released by Culture in 1997, arranged and released by Luciano in 2001)
  • "Nyahbinghi Voyage" (arranged and released by Steel Pulse)
  • "One Day Nearer Home"
  • "Over Hills and Valleys"[2]
  • "Peace and Love"
  • "Promise to Hear I Chant"
  • "Rastafari Conquer"
  • "Rastafari Know What This Gathering For"
  • "Rivers of Babylon" (arranged and released by The Jamaicans, Boney M arrangement became a world hit)
  • "Rock-of-my Soul"
  • "Rock of Ises"
  • "Roll River Jordan"
  • "Run Come Rally"
  • "Satta Massagana"
  • "Send One Mighty Ingel"
  • "So Long Rastafari" (arranged by Bob Marley in 1978; arranged and released by Dennis Brown in 1979)
  • "Take a Sip"
  • "The Lion of Judah" / "The Conquering Lion" (arranged by Bob Marley in 1976)
  • "The Things You Do" (arranged and released by Sizzla Kalonji)
  • "Universal Tribulation"
  • "Volunteer Ithiopian"
  • "What a Weeping"
  • "What a Woe"
  • "Will You Be Ready"
  • "Zion Land"


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