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National Progressive Unionist Party

National Progressive Unionist Party
حزب التجمع الوطني التقدمي الوحدوي
Hizb al-Tagammu' al-Watani al-Taqadomi al-Wahdawi
President Sayed Abdel Aal[1]
Founder Khaled Mohieddin
Founded 1977 (1977)
Headquarters Cairo
Newspaper Al Ahali
Ideology Left-wing nationalism
Democratic socialism
Political position Left-wing[2]
National affiliation

National Front Alliance[3]
Reawakening of Egypt[4]

Leftist Alliance[5]
International affiliation None
Colours          Red, black (official)
     Green (costumary)
House of Representatives
0 / 568
Politics of Egypt
Political parties

The National Progressive Unionist Party (Arabic: حزب التجمع الوطني التقدمي الوحدويtranslit.: Ḥizb al-Tagammu' al-Watani al-Taqadomi al-Wahdawi, commonly referred to as Tagammu) is a socialist political party in Egypt.

The party is considered to be a defender of the principles of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. It calls for standing against attempts to reverse the revolution's social gains for labourers, the poor, and other low-income groups. In late 2014, the party withdrew from the Egyptian Front.[6]


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  • Platform 2
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History and profile

The party was established in 1977[2] and its founder was Khaled Mohieddin, who was a former free officer.[7]

The party boycotted the first presidential elections in 2005. The party won 5 out of 518 seats during the 2010 legislative elections.

In the 2011-2012 Egyptian parliamentary election, the party ran in the Egyptian Bloc electoral alliance.


  • Rejection of religious extremism.
  • Building the character of the Egyptian citizens.
  • Ending the State monopoly over the media.
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues.
  • Developing the Egyptian industries.

Prominent Party figures


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External links

  • Al Ahali, official paper of Tagammu
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