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Mutant Response Division

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Title: Mutant Response Division  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Firestar, Pyro (comics), The Dark Phoenix Saga, Bastion (comics), Kestrel (Marvel Comics), Harpoon (comics), MRD, Wolverine and the X-Men (TV series)
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Mutant Response Division

Mutant Response Division
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Factor #204
Created by Peter David
In-story information
Base(s) Mobile
Owner(s) Bolivar Trask
Stephen Lang
Employee(s) Colonel Moran, Sylvius, Nash

The Mutant Response Division is a mutant-hunting group that appears in Marvel Comics. It is also called the M.R.D. for short.


When the Leper Queen reorganized her Sapien League, she captured some mutants and infected them with the Legacy Virus.[1] She then unleashed the infected mutants upon the people at an anti-mutant rally which resulted in the deaths of those participating there. Because of these incidents, the United Nations established the Mutant Response Division. Bolivar Trask (who had been resurrected by Bastion using the Transmode virus) used his connections in Washington DC and the United Nations to be the superior of the Mutant Response Division. They first target the mutants that aren't on X-Men's Utopia base which included X-Factor Investigations. They arrange a trap for them by hiring Absorbing Man to set up the trap.[2]

The MRD officers also attempted take out Banshee in Ireland, but were thwarted by the arrival of Shatterstar and Layla Miller. The pair rescued Banshee,[3] and teleported back to New York City.[4] Meanwhile, MRD officials also followed Monet and Strong Guy into South America. However, before the troops could lead an attack, Monet, Strong Guy, and Monet's father were all transported with Baron Mordo to New York City.[5]

The MRD launched one final assault on X-Factor, with Trask leading in his Dread-X. Monet used her telepathic abilities on Trask briefly freeing him from Bastion's control. Trask used this small window of freedom to commit suicide after telling the MRD soldiers to retreat. Colonel Moran continued the charge, but was defeated by X-Factor.[6]

Like Trask, Stephen Lang (also resurrected by Bastion), the Head of Project: Armageddon, was placed in a high ranking position in the Mutant Response Division. As Trask is dealing with the mutant population in New York City, Lang is hunting mutants in more remote locations. He was stationed in Portugal to eliminate Vanisher at his safe house/brothel in Monsato.[7]

When Steve Rogers became the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., he voiced disapproval for the MRD.[8] It is unknown, however, if the MRD program still exists or was cancelled.

Known members

  • Colonel Moran
  • Nash
  • Sylvius

In other media


  • Before appearing in the comics, the Mutant Response Division appears in Wolverine and the X-Men. Besides the Mutant Response Division being led by Colonel Moss (who is based on the Ultimate Marvel version of John Wraith), it is sponsored by Senator Robert Kelly and Warren Worthington II. Bolivar Trask and Sybil Zane served as the Mutant Response Division' scientists when it came to developing the Sentinels. The MRD has a nickname called "the MRDies (mar-dees)."
  • The Mutant Response Division is referenced in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "The Man in the Ant Hill." When Clay Quartermain discovered that Whirlwind is a mutant, Nick Fury had Clay Quartermain double the power on Whirlwind's power negating device and arrange for Whirlwind to be handed over to the Mutant Response Division.

Video games

  • Years before appearing in comic books, a version of the Mutant Response Division appears in X-Men: Legends. In this version, they are called the Genetics Research and Security Organization (or GRSO, for short). Their appearance is short, as they attempt to arrest Magma in front of an angry mob, but this arrest was failed, as Mystique and the Blob kidnapped Magma.
  • In X-Men: Destiny, the Mutant Response Division appear under the command of Luis Reyes who attempt to promote better relations between Humans and Mutants. The rally however comes under attack seemingly from Magneto which provokes the Purifiers into attacking. Ultimately, its revealed that the MRD as well as Reyes are under the control of Bastion who used them to promote conflict between Humans and Mutants.


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