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Molly Blane

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Title: Molly Blane  
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Molly Blane

This is a list of characters from American television series The Unit.

Main characters

Molly Blane

Molly Blane (Regina Taylor) is the wife of Jonas Blane; they have one daughter, Betsy Blane (Angela Wainwright[1]). In the beginning of the series, she works in real estate. Later on, she works for a private military company called "Blackthorne Security". In the penultimate episode, Molly is kidnapped by terrorists, and in the series finale, Molly leaves Jonas, because he does not want to leave the unit.

Tiffy Gerhardt

Tiffy Gerhardt is portrayed by American actress Abby Brammell.

She is the wife of Mack Gerhardt, and she and her husband have two daughters.

The character is portrayed as having a complicated and very much strained relationship with her husband Mack. In particular, Tiffy is a serial adulteress, often having affairs with other men, most notably her husband's superior officer Colonel Tom Ryan.[2] Because of this, her marriage with her husband is strained with Mack occasionally reacting with physical violence upon learning of his wife's adulterous affairs. However, when she attempted to exploit this by slashing her face with a razor blade, she is told by fellow army wife Molly Blane to simply divorce her husband (in part because Tiffy had lied to Molly about ending her affair with Tom Ryan,[3] and had been caught by another army wife, Kim Brown, entering a motel to have sex with the Colonel[4]). She worked at a strip club for some time to pay the bills.

Supporting characters

Betsy Blane

Besty Blane (Angela Wainwright[5]) is the daughter of Jonas Blane and Molly Blane.

She appears in: "Non-Permissive Environment" (2006, episode 1.5), "Silver Star" (2006, episode 2.11), "Every Step You Take" (2007, episode 3.4), "Gone Missing" (2007, episode 3.10), "Hero" (2009, episode 4.15).

Joss Morgan

Joss Morgan (Bre Blair) is the love interest, and then wife of Charles Grey. In Season 4, this aviation company heiress meets and falls in love with Charles Grey. Though it becomes hard for the two of them to marry because of her Russian relations, she and Charles do get married in the series finale. According to the writers in the provisional storyline for season 5, Grey's marriage to Joss would cause difficulties, as she is an independent woman and not prepared to submit to the normal restrictions of a Unit member's wife.

She appears in: "Switchblade" (2008, episode 4.11), "The Last Nazi" (2009, episode 4.14), "Flesh & Blood" (2009, episode 4.17), "Best Laid Plans" (2009, episode 4.18), "Unknown Soldier" (2009, episode 4.22),

Charlotte Ryan

Charlotte Canning (Rebecca Pidgeon), a Washington insider, marries Colonel Tom Ryan at the end of season 1 (in "The Wall" (2006, episode 1.13)). The newly wed Charlotte is shot twice in the back when a Serbian war criminal discovers the Unit's headquarters and attacks Alpha Team at Ryan's post-wedding celebration.

In Season 2, Charlotte is on the brink of legal trouble when she runs another driver off the road while under the influence of drugs, a crime that Tiffy Gerhardt takes the heat for.

In early Season 3, Col. Ryan discovers that Charlotte, has been selling secret information about his unit, and rogue CIA agents use it against him and his unit. After successfully breaking out the CIA's conspiracy, he decides to end the marriage. In a later episode, he appears to have an affair with his ex-wife but is still pining for Tiffy.

According to the writers, had the series continued into a fifth season the now Brigadier General Ryan would realise that his promotion had actually sidelined him into a meaningless staff post. He would eventually resume his relationship with his ex-wife Charlotte.

She appears in: "The Wall" (2006, episode 1.13), "Change of Station" (2006, episode 2.1), "The Kill Zone" (2006, episode 2.3), "Old Home Week (2006, episode 2.6),"Off the Meter" (2006, episode 2.7), "Report by Exception" (2006, episode 2.9), "Bait (2006, episode 2.10), "Bedfellows" (2007, episode 2.21), "Paradise Lost" (2007, episode 2.23), "Pandemonium: Part 1" (2007, episode 3.1), "Pandemonium: Part 2" (2007, episode 3.2), "Side Angle Slide" (2007, episode 3.11), "The Spear of Destiny" (2009, episode 4.13), "The Last Nazi" (2009, episode 4.14).


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