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Mayor of Denver

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Title: Mayor of Denver  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: USS Denver (CL-58), John Long Routt, Federico Peña, Wellington Webb, Side Show, Government of Denver, Ellen Hart Peña, Judiciary of Colorado, Mike Rosen, Colorado gubernatorial election, 2010
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Mayor of Denver

This is a list of Mayors of Denver.

# Mayor Term
1 Moore, John C.John C. Moore 1859–1861
2 Cook, Charles A.Charles A. Cook 1861–1863
3 Steck, AmosAmos Steck 1863–1864
4 Brendlinger, Hiram J.Hiram J. Brendlinger 1864–1865
5 Clark, George T.George T. Clark 1865–1866
6 DeLano, MiltonMilton DeLano 1866–1868
7 Clayton, William M.William M. Clayton 1868–1869
8 Stiles, Baxter B.Baxter B. Stiles 1869–1871
9 Harper, JohnJohn Harper 1871–1872
10 Bates, Joseph E.Joseph E. Bates 1872–1873
11 Case, Francis M.Francis M. Case 1873–1874
12 Barker, William J.William J. Barker 1874–1876
13 Buckingham, R. G.R. G. Buckingham 1876–1877
14 Stiles, Baxter B.Baxter B. Stiles 1877–1878
15 Sopris, RichardRichard Sopris 1878–1881
16 Morris, RobertRobert Morris 1881–1883
17 Routt, John LongJohn Long Routt 1883–1885
18 Bates, Joseph E.Joseph E. Bates 1885–1887
19 Lee, William ScottWilliam Scott Lee 1887–1889
20 Londoner, WolfeWolfe Londoner 1889–1891
21 Rogers, PlattPlatt Rogers 1891–1893
22 Van Horn, M. D.M. D. Van Horn 1893–1895
23 McMurry, Thomas S.Thomas S. McMurry 1895–1899
24 Johnson, Henry V.Henry V. Johnson 1899–1901
25 Wright, Robert R.Robert R. Wright 1901–1904
26 Speer, Robert W.Robert W. Speer 1904–1912
27 Arnold, Henry J.Henry J. Arnold 1912–1913
28 Perkins, J. M.J. M. Perkins 1913–1915
29 Sharpley, William H.William H. Sharpley 1915–1916
30 Speer, Robert W.Robert W. Speer 1916–1918
31 Mills, William Fitz RandolphWilliam Fitz Randolph Mills 1918–1919
32 Bailey, Dewey C.Dewey C. Bailey 1919–1923
33 Stapleton, Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin Stapleton 1923–1931
34 Begole, George D.George D. Begole 1931–1935
35 Stapleton, Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin Stapleton 1935–1947
36 Newton, J. QuiggJ. Quigg Newton 1947–1955
37 Nicholson, WillWill Nicholson 1955–1959
38 Batterton, RichardRichard Batterton 1959–1961
39 Currigan, Thomas G.Thomas G. Currigan 1963–1968
40 McNichols, Jr., William H.William H. McNichols, Jr. 1968–1983
41 Pena, FedericoFederico Peña 1983–1991
42 Webb, WellingtonWellington Webb 1991–2003
43 Hickenlooper, JohnJohn Hickenlooper 2003–2011
44 Vidal, BillBill Vidal 2011
45 Hancock, MichaelMichael Hancock 2011–


  • . Lists all 45 mayors and dates of terms, with pictures and biographical sketches.
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