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Mary Lutyens

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Title: Mary Lutyens  
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Subject: Rosalind Rajagopal, Freedom from the Known, Edwin Lutyens, Annie Besant, Perchance to Dream
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Mary Lutyens

Above: letter written by Mary Lutyens in 1991

Edith Mary Lutyens (1908 – 9 April 1999) was a British author who is principally known for her authoritative biographical works on the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti.


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Early life

She was the fourth and youngest daughter of the architect Edwin Lutyens, and his wife Emily Bulwer-Lytton. Emily was the daughter of Robert Bulwer-Lytton, Viceroy of India, and the granddaughter of the novelist-peer Edward Bulwer-Lytton. As a result of her mother's interest in theosophy,[1] Mary Lutyens met Krishnamurti when she was a child: she knew him from 1911 until his death in 1986.


In the 1920s, Lutyens spent some time at The Manor, a centre run by Charles Webster Leadbeater in Mosman, New South Wales, Australia, while Krishnamurti and his brother Nitya stayed at another house nearby. The Manor was a large home known to its neighbours as Bakewell's Folly.[2] Charles Leadbeater rented it from 1922 and Lutyens stayed there for some time, which eventually provided her with material for her book Krishnamurti: The Years of Awakening.[3]

Apart from her works on Krishnamurti, Lutyens also wrote a number of novels, and biographies of John Ruskin, Effie Gray and her own father. In her book Millais and the Ruskins she put forward the controversial argument that Ruskin could not consummate his marriage because he was repelled by his wife's pubic hair.[4]

Personal life

Mary Lutyens married twice. Her first marriage, in 1930, to Anthony Rupert Herbert Franklin Sewell, a stockbroker, produced one daughter, Amanda Lutyens, but ended in divorce in 1945. Her second marriage, in 1945, was to J. G. Links, art historian and royal furrier, and ended with his death in 1997.


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