Malankara Catholic Youth Movement

Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM) is the official organization of the youth in Syro-Malankara Catholic Church. The Kerala Catholic Youth Movement was officially inaugurated on December 28, 1978 in the special senate held at Mannam, Kottayam.[1] Although there were some youth organisations in the parish level at different parts of Kerala, the spread of the organization of the youth movements in the diocesan took place rather late.


Different stages of growth

MCYM acts in unit/regional/ecclesiastical district/mission centres/diocese/ archdiocese/church. MCYM works in parish units, in regional or ecclesiastical districts, in mission centres, in eparchies or archieparhies, in the Church as a whole .

The following is a brief description of the permanent action-plan of the central body, developed during the past fifteen years. It organizes six major activities in a year.

National Meet/Global Meet, Annual Senate

National Meet, Annual Senate, Directors’ Meet are organized in the month of May from 2004 onwards and now it is conducted as global meet.

Year Place
1994 Santhinilayam, Tiruvalla.
1995 Santhinilayam, Tiruvalla
1996 Malankara Seminary, Thiruvananthapuram.
1997 Santhinilayam, Tiruvalla
1998 Chennai
1999 Tiruvalla
2000 Kanyakumari
2001 Thiruvananthapuram
2002 Santhinilayam, Tiruvalla
2003 Pune
2004 Dharsana Pastoral Centre, Peechi
2005 Santhinilayam, Tiruvalla
2006 Prathiksha Youth Centre, Bathery.
2007 Kanyakumari.
 2009    Thiruvananthapuram
 2010    Mavelikara
 2011    Hyderabad
 2012    Bhopal

Youth conventions

Along with the Re-union celebrations, the youth convention is being conducted in September and it commences with the Flaming Light Procession, and Flag Procession.

Year Place
1990 Bathery
1991 Vennikulam
1992 Kollam
1994 Kattapana
1995 Kattanam
1996 Nilambur
1997 Piravam
1998 Thiruvananthapuram
1999 Sulthan Bathery
2000 Thiruvalla
2001 Mylapra
2002 Chengaroor
2003 Bathery
2004 Thiruvalla
2005 Mavelikara
2006 Muvattupuzha
2007 Kodenchery.

The youth conventions are conducted under the leadership of the central body and each eparchial unit.

Commemoration of Mar Ivanios

On the day before the commemoration of the late Archbishop Mar Ivanios, the founder of Malankara Re-union Movement, the MCYM conducts memorial meetings at the tomb of Mar Ivanios.

MCYM Day - October

The Sunday close to the Feast of St. Francis Assisi is celebrated as the MCYM Day in the units.

Study circle on St. Francis Assisi

A seminar is being held every year on the life and visions of St. Francis Assisi, the heavenly patron of MCYM, is and it is conducted in the eparchy where the youth convention is held.

Malankara Youth Convention Outside Kerala

This convention is organized for the youth of the mission centres outside Kerala during the months of October and December and the members of the central secretariat actively participate in it.

Eparchial camps

Central unit conducts three days camps for each diocese basing on the theme of the central unit and leadership training programs.

Amendment of constitution

Timely amendment in the constitution of the Central Body has been made on 14 May 2005, and it was published by Moran Mor Cyril Baselios Catholicos, the first Major Archbishop of Malankara Catholic Church


'Yuvachetana’, The official organ of the MCYM is being published every year by the central unit and at the time its 15th anniversary in 2006, a special issue was published as Souvenir.

Catholicos Flag Procession

In connection with the elevation of Malankara Catholic Church as a Major Archiepiscopal Church MCYM and MCA jointly organized the Catholicos Flag Procession in two phases from 29 March to 13 May 2005. Mr. Thomas John Thevarath, the president of the MCA and V.C. Georgekutty, the president of the MCYM were the captains. It started from the diocese of Bathery and ended in the Archdiocese of Thiruvananthapuram. Most of the priests and diocesan leaders actively participated in it.

MCYM of United States Exarchate

Malankara Catholic Youth Movement of the United States Exarchate is the youth wing of Malankara Catholics in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The Youth Movement has grew with the help of many including all the bishops, priests, and youth that have sacrificed for the sake of our youth.

The Malankara Syrian Catholic Church MCYM Conferences of North America:

Year Venue Location Hosting Church
Eastern University
St. David's, PA, USA
St. Jude's Syro Malankara Catholic Church of Philadelphia
Houston Baptist University
Houston, TX, USA
St. Peter's Syro Malankara Catholic Church of Houston
Seneca College
Toronto, ON, Canada
St. Mary's Syro Malankara Catholic Church of Toronto
Villanova University
Villanova, PA, USA
St. Jude's Syro Malankara Catholic Church of Philadelphia

The Malankara Syrian Catholic Church MCYM Leadership Retreats of North America:

Year Venue Location Hosting Church
Carmelite Retreat Center
Chicago, IL
St. Mary's Syro Malankara Catholic Church of Chicago


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  • Syro-Malankara
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