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London North

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Title: London North  
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Subject: Gordon Walker (businessman), London North Centre (provincial electoral district), London West (provincial electoral district), Marion Boyd, Ontario general election, 1987
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London North

London North was a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada. It was first created for the 1926 provincial election when the London riding was divided in two sections, and then eliminated prior to the 1934 provincial election when the city was re-configured as a single seat. London North was re-established for the 1955 provincial election and retained until 1999, when most of its territory was integrated into the new riding of London North Centre.

The riding was Progressive Conservative bastion for most of its history, and was represented by both Premier John Robarts and cabinet minister Gordon Walker at different times. Marvin Shore won the riding as a Liberal in 1975, and crossed the floor to the Progressive Conservatives the following year. Liberal Ronald Van Horne won it back for his party in 1977, and held it until his retirement in 1988. Progressive Conservative Dianne Cunningham was its final representative.


Assembly Years Member Party
17th 1926-1929     James Moore Progressive Conservative
18th 1929-1934
London from 1934 to 1955
25th 1955-1959     John Robarts Progressive Conservative
26th 1959-1963
27th 1963-1967
28th 1967-1971
29th 1971-1975     Gordon Walker Progressive Conservative
30th 1975-1976     Marvin Shore Liberal
1976-1977     Progressive Conservative
31st 1977-1981     Ronald Van Horne Liberal
32nd 1981-1985
33rd 1985-1987
34th 1987-1988
1988-1990     Dianne Cunningham Progressive Conservative
35th 1990-1995
36th 1995-1999

Electoral history

Ontario general election, 1977
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Ronald Van Horne 15,033 47.0%
Progressive Conservative Marvin Shore 10,631 33.2%
New Democratic David Cunningham 6,130 19.2%
Libertarian Greg Utas 201 0.6%
Ontario general election, 1981
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Ronald Van Horne 15,444 49.6% +2.6%
Progressive Conservative Ted Browne 11,825 38.0% +4.8%
New Democratic Sam Maumur 3,864 12.4% -6.8%
Ontario general election, 1985
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Ronald Van Horne 20,536 54.4% +4.8%
Progressive Conservative George Auold 11,433 30.3% -7.7%
New Democratic Marion Boyd 5,191 13.8% +1.4%
Freedom Robert Smeenk 566 1.5% +1.5%
Ontario general election, 1987
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Ronald Van Horne 22,452 57.8% +3.4%
New Democratic Diane Whiteside 7,961 20.5% +6.7%
Progressive Conservative Lucky Clark 7,177 18.5% -11.8%
Family Coalition Elvin Mizzau 711 1.8% +1.8%
Freedom Barry Malcolm 537 1.4% -0.1%
Ontario general election, 1990
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Progressive Conservative Dianne Cunningham 18,079 41.3% +22.8%
New Democratic Carolyn Davies 14,005 32.0% +11.5%
Liberal Steve Buchanan 9,990 22.8% -35.0%
Family Coalition Bob Maniuk 1,095 2.5% +0.7%
Freedom Jack Plant 601 1.4% +0.0%
Ontario general election, 1995
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Progressive Conservative Dianne Cunningham 23,195 52.7% +11.4%
Liberal Larry Crossan 11,112 25.2% +2.4%
New Democratic Carolyn Davies 8,167 18.5% -13.5%
Family Coalition Graeme Benedetti 777 1.8% -0.7%
Green John Beverley 365 0.8% +0.8%
Freedom Jack Plant 334 0.8% -0.6%
Natural Law Rita Varrin 101 0.2% +0.2%
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