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List of mountains in Chile

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Title: List of mountains in Chile  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Geology of Chile, Panguipulli Batholith, National Geology and Mining Service, Juan Fernández Ridge, Chile Rise
Collection: Lists of Landforms of Chile, Lists of Mountains by Country, Mountains of Chile
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of mountains in Chile


  • Mountains by elevation 1
  • Mountains by region 2
    • Arica and Parinacota Region 2.1
    • Tarapacá Region 2.2
    • Antofagasta Region 2.3
    • Atacama Region 2.4
    • Coquimbo Region 2.5
    • Valparaíso Region 2.6
    • Santiago Metropolitan Region 2.7
    • O'Higgins Region 2.8
    • Maule Region 2.9
    • Bío-Bío Region 2.10
    • Araucanía Region 2.11
    • Los Ríos Region 2.12
    • Los Lagos Region 2.13
    • Aisén Region 2.14
    • Magallanes and Antártica Chilena Region 2.15
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Mountains by elevation

Mountain Metres Feet Location and Notes
Ojos del Salado 6,891 22,608 Atacama Region – Highest volcano on Earth
Nevado Tres Cruces 6,749 22,142 Atacama
Llullaillaco 6,739 22,110 Antofagasta
Tres Cruces Central 6,629 21,749 Atacama
Incahuasi 6,621 21,722 Atacama
Tupungato 6,570 21,555 Santiago Metropolitan
El Muerto 6,488 21,286 Atacama
Pomerape 6,282 20,610 Tarapacá
Parinacota 6,348 20,827 Tarapacá
Tres Quebradas 6,239 20,469 Atacama
Pular 6,233 20,449 Antofagasta
Olivares 6,216 20,394 Coquimbo
Solo 6,190 20,308 Atacama
Aucanquilcha 6,176 20,262 Antofagasta
El Toro 6,168 20,236 Atacama
Las Tórtolas 6,155 20,194 Coquimbo
Alto 6,148 20,171 Santiago Metropolitan
El Ermitaño 6,146 20,164 Atacama
San Pedro 6,145 20,161 Antofagasta
Sierra Nevada de Lagunas Bravas 6,127 20,102 Atacama
Barrancas Blancas 6,119 20,075 Atacama
Marmolejo 6,108 20,039 Santiago Metropolitan
San Pablo 6,092 19,987 Antofagasta
Colorados 6,080 19,948 Atacama
Guallatiri 6,071 19,918 Tarapacá
Nevado del Plomo 6,070 19,915 Santiago Metropolitan
Vicuñas 6,067 19,905 Atacama
El Fraile 6,061 19,885 Atacama
Acotango 6,052 19,856 Tarapacá
Copiapó 6,052 19,856 Atacama
Socompa 6,051 19,852 Antofagasta
Acamarachi 6,046 19,836 Antofagasta
Peña Blanca 6,030 19,783 Atacama
Palpana 6,023 19,760 Antofagasta
Nevado de los Piuquenes 6,019 19,747 Santiago Metropolitan
Nevado San Francisco 6,016 19,738 Atacama

Mountains by region

Arica and Parinacota Region

Parinacota Volcano

Tarapacá Region

Antofagasta Region

Cerros de Incahuasi

Atacama Region

Nevado de Incahuasi

Coquimbo Region

Valparaíso Region

Santiago Metropolitan Region

O'Higgins Region

Maule Region

Descabezado Grande

Bío-Bío Region


Araucanía Region


Los Ríos Region


Los Lagos Region

Aisén Region


Magallanes and Antártica Chilena Region

Cuernos del Paine


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