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The Republic of Zimbabwe, formerly known as Southern Rhodesia, the Republic of Rhodesia, and Zimbabwe Rhodesia, is a landlocked sovereign country located in Southern Africa, between the Zambezi River and Limpopo River.[1]

Starting about 800 years ago (circa 1250) the area was ruled until 1629 by the Mutapa Empire, renowned for its gold trade routes with the Arabs. In 1834, the Ndebele people arrived while fleeing from the Zulu leader Shaka, making the area their new empire, Matabeleland. In the 1880s, the British arrived with Cecil Rhodes's British South Africa Company and colonized the area, and it became known as Southern Rhodesia in 1898. The country attained recognised independence in 1980, along with a new name (Zimbabwe), new flag, and new government led by Robert Mugabe of the Zimbabwe African National Union.

In 2000, under the leadership of Mugabe an effort was undertaken to redistribute land from white holders (predominantly large farms) to 250,000 Africans.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing an economic and food crisis, described by some observers as the country's worst humanitarian crisis since independence, and it has been attributed in varying degrees to government economic mismanagement, government prohibitions on relief efforts from foreign NGOs (non-governmental organizations), a drought affecting the entire region, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.[2]

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Zimbabwe.

General reference

Geography of Zimbabwe

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 Mozambique 1,231 km
 Botswana 813 km
 Zambia 797 km
 South Africa 225 km
  • Coastline: none

Environment of Zimbabwe

Natural geographic features of Zimbabwe

Main articles: List of landforms of Zimbabwe and Landforms of Zimbabwe

Regions of Zimbabwe

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Ecoregions of Zimbabwe

Administrative divisions of Zimbabwe

Provinces of Zimbabwe
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Zimbabwe is divided into 8 provinces and 2 cities with provincial status:

  1. Bulawayo (city)
  2. Harare (city)
  3. Manicaland
  4. Mashonaland Central
  5. Mashonaland East
  6. Mashonaland West
  7. Masvingo
  8. Matabeleland North
  9. Matabeleland South
  10. Midlands
Districts of Zimbabwe
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The Provinces of Zimbabwe are divided into 59 districts and 1,200 municipalities. The districts are listed below, by province:

Municipalities of Zimbabwe

Demography of Zimbabwe

Government and politics of Zimbabwe

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Branches of the government of Zimbabwe

Executive branch of the government of Zimbabwe

Legislative branch of the government of Zimbabwe

Judicial branch of the government of Zimbabwe

Foreign relations of Zimbabwe

Relations with specific countries

International organization membership

The Republic of Zimbabwe is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Zimbabwe

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Military of Zimbabwe

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Local government in Zimbabwe

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History of Zimbabwe

Main article: History of Zimbabwe, years in Zimbabwe, and Current events of Zimbabwe

By period

By field

Culture of Zimbabwe

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Art in Zimbabwe

Sports in Zimbabwe

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Economy and infrastructure of Zimbabwe

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* Companies of Zimbabwe

Economic sectors

Education in Zimbabwe

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Infrastructure of Zimbabwe

Health in Zimbabwe

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See also

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