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List of Wu-Tang Clan affiliates

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Title: List of Wu-Tang Clan affiliates  
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Subject: Killah Priest, Cappadonna, Wu-Tang Clan, Mathematics (producer), Prodigal Sunn
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List of Wu-Tang Clan affiliates

The following is a list of Wu-Tang Clan associated acts,[1] known as Killa Beez and Wu Fam. They are at times directly funded, supported, or produced by Clan members, are formed as extension groups originating from Clan members, or close to The Clan. The list is ever growing, but there remains a basis of sound and content musically common amongst the vast majority.


  • Groups 1
    • A.I.G. 1.1
    • Achozen 1.2
    • Almighty 1.3
    • American Cream Team 1.4
    • Ancient Coins 1.5
    • Black Knights 1.6
    • Black Market Militia 1.7
    • Brooklyn Zu 1.8
    • C.C.F. Division 1.9
    • Damenaces 1.10
    • Da Manchuz 1.11
    • Deadly Venoms 1.12
    • Force MDs 1.13
    • GP Wu 1.14
    • Hillside Scramblers 1.15
    • House Gang 1.16
    • Ice Water Inc. 1.17
    • Illuminati Network 1.18
    • K.G.B. 1.19
    • Killarmy 1.20
    • M.M.O. 1.21
    • Maccabeez 1.22
    • Northstar 1.23
    • Orphanage 1.24
    • The Unknown 1.25
    • Royal Fam 1.26
    • Sunz of Man 1.27
    • Team Napalm 1.28
    • Tha Beggas 1.29
    • Theodore Unit 1.30
    • T.H.U.G. Angels 1.31
    • T.M.F. 1.32
    • Two On Da Road 1.33
    • Warghosts 1.34
    • Wisemen 1.35
    • Wu-Latino 1.36
    • Wu South 1.37
    • Wu-Syndicate 1.38
    • Zu Ninjaz 1.39
  • Rappers 2
    • 12 O'Clock 2.1
    • 9th Prince 2.2
    • Armel 2.3
    • Beretta 9 2.4
    • Black Jesus 2.5
    • Buddha Monk 2.6
    • Bronze Nazareth 2.7
    • Cappadonna 2.8
    • Cilvaringz 2.9
    • Darkim Be Allah 2.10
    • Dom Pachino 2.11
    • Don Staten 2.12
    • Dreddy Krueger 2.13
    • Free Murda 2.14
    • Hanz On 2.15
    • Hell Razah 2.16
    • Intell 2.17
    • Islord 2.18
    • JoJo Pellegrino 2.19
    • Killa Sin 2.20
    • Killah Priest 2.21
    • King Just 2.22
    • La the Darkman 2.23
    • Lord Superb 2.24
    • Lounge Lo 2.25
    • Maddam Scheez 2.26
    • Popa Wu 2.27
    • Prodigal Sunn 2.28
    • Remedy 2.29
    • Shabazz the Disciple 2.30
    • Shyheim 2.31
    • Silkski 2.32
    • Solomon Childs 2.33
    • Streetlife 2.34
    • Sun God 2.35
    • Timbo King 2.36
    • Warcloud 2.37
    • Young Justice 2.38
    • Young Dirty Bastard 2.39
  • Singers 3
    • Allah Real 3.1
    • Blue Raspberry 3.2
    • Suga Bang Bang 3.3
    • Jamie Sommers 3.4
    • Ms Roxy 3.5
    • Tekitha 3.6
    • Stone Mecca 3.7
    • Tash Mahogany 3.8
    • Thea Van Seijen 3.9
    • Makeba Mooncycle 3.10
  • Producers 4
    • 4th Disciple 4.1
    • Arabian Knight 4.2
    • Big Deal aka Djehwti Awsar El / Khemwest 4.3
    • Bronze Nazareth 4.4
    • Cilvaringz 4.5
    • DJ Ace Nyc 4.6
    • Falling Down 4.7
    • J-Love 4.8
    • John the Baptist 4.9
    • Mathematics 4.10
    • Moongod Allah 4.11
    • Rocks The World 4.12
    • RNS 4.13
    • CUETRAX (q-tracks) 4.14
    • Su-Preme 4.15
    • True Master 4.16
    • Y-Kim the Illfigure 4.17
  • References 5



A.I.G. is a duo composed of Allah Wise (aka The Wizard), and Darkim Be Allah. The group, whose name stands for "Allah Is God", debuted on the Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm compilation with the track "Bronx War Stories". An album titled Retaliation Strike was completed but was never released, a situation which eventually caused the group to leave the Wu-Tang stable and pursue an independent route, though they remain on good terms with the collective. They finally released their debut Fame Labs Presents in 2005. Stefano and Mike joined the group in 2011 as interns, but quickly escalated to the top with songs accounting for their daily trials and tribulations as interns. In 2012, Stefano and Mike were formally offered to continue their careers at A.I.G. on a full-time basis.[2]



Group formed in 2008 by Killah Priest originally consisted of Bronze Nazareth, M-Eighty, Son One, C Rayz Walz, and 5 Star. They released their album Original S.I.N. in 2008. In 2014 the group reformed under a new lineup of Bronze Nazareth, M Eighty, Nino Grave, Canibus, Cappadonna and Planet Asia to release the album The 2nd Coming.

American Cream Team

A group started in 1999 and mentored by Oli "Power" Grant and Raekwon consisting of Chip Banks (died 2000), Polite (who would join Rae's second group Ice Water Inc.), Lord Superb (who was featured on Rae and Ghost albums), Twiz (who would later become part of Ghost's Theodore Unit), Triflyn, and RhymeRecka. Raekwon featured American Cream Team on two songs on his second album Immobilarity and much of that album was produced by Triflyn. They were notably a clan member's first offspring crew. The group also made several appearances on mixtapes and compilations, including a track titled "It's Not A Game" on the soundtrack to the film Black and White which was played over the film's credits, and a track on Funkmaster Flex's The Mix Tape, Vol. III mixtape. Members of the group also made appearances on albums by Rae's fellow Clansmen Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele. In fact, after 50 Cent dissed the Wu, along with others, on his infamous track "How to Rob", it was Polite and Lord Superb of Cream Team to respond with a track called "Who the Fuck is 50 Cent?" followed by Raekwon's Clyde Smith skit off of Ghostface's album. Before Chip Banks's death, he has worked on several songs "Ain't Nobody" (featuring Billystone), "Club Life", "Everywhere We Go", "Hold Your Head", "Heavyweight Champion", "World Order" (featuring Outlawz), "Flashbacks" & "Niggas Don't Die". After the loss of member Chip Banks in a 2000 shooting on December 9 with the gunman over a money dispute, the group split up. Like many Wu affiliates, American Cream Team completed an album "Only In America" but it has never been released (the album was even advertised in the liner notes of other Wu-Tang releases). Since then, Lord Superb & Twiz have been incarcerated, though both were finally able to release a few official mixtapes. Rhyme Recka continues to record solo material and released an album titled The Autobiography of Rapper X in 2008.[3]

Ancient Coins

A group which consists of Armel, Got Flow, High Price, J.R. Spoons, Spanky Splash, Destroya and Holy Smokes. Released the Who Got Change? EP on the website in 2000.

Black Knights

One of the many Wu-affiliates to debut on the The Swarm compilation, this Californian group was originally associated with the group North Star (also from California) with whom they recorded as Black Knights Of The North Star. However, the groups have since separated. The group originally consisted of Crisis, Doc Doom (deceased), Rugged Monk, and Warcloud. Warcloud left the group to concentrate on his solo recordings. In 2001, the Black Knights released their debut album in only promo form Every Night Is A Black Knight with limited distribution, and also reunited with North Star for the closing song (titled "Black Knights Of The North Star") on North Star's debut album. In 2005, they re-released their debut to worldwide distribution through CHAMBERMUSIK.Com. Member Doc Doom was shot and killed in Compton CA on February 11, 2007. A compilation album of old and new material appeared in 2010. Their song "Caught Up" was in the 2007 anime TV series Afro Samurai in episode 3 with slightly different beats & added violin than the original mix. Rugged Monk and Crisis recorded a trio of albums along with former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante including The Medieval Chamber, The Almighty, and All Skills No Luck.[4][5]

Black Market Militia

Brooklyn Zu

A group closely affiliated with Ol' Dirty Bastard. The group is made up of rappers Merdoc, Raison the Zoo Keeper, 12 O'Clock, Buddha Monk, and Shorty Shitstainand some of those who left in early stages. They released an album in 2008 titled Chamber #9, Verse 32.

C.C.F. Division

A group consisting of Freemurda, ShaCronz and Terra Tory. They had a few featurings on RZA's Birth of a Prince and appeared on Popa Wu's Visions of the Tenth Chamber in 2000.


Former Brooklyn Zu Member, Former 4 Heisman Member. released several hit singles and featutred at First Summer Jam with Wu-Tang Clan. Also Father Of Next Generation Wu-Tang Artist Don Staten

Da Manchuz

A group affiliated with Buddha Monk and Brooklyn Zu. The group is composed of Drunken Dragon, Espionage(deceased), War, Babyface Fensta, Chilli Black, Lee-Major, G-Note$, Professor King Bean(deceased), and Born U Majesty. They released one album, Manchuz Dynasty, in 2007.

Deadly Venoms

Force MDs


Hillside Scramblers

A group affiliated with U-God. Original members were King Just, Leatha Face, Inf-Black, Kawz, Desert Eagle, Black Ice & singer Autumn Rae. Members now consist of Leatha Face, Inf-Black, Kawz, & Desert Eagle. Released their debut album, U-Godzilla Presents The Hillside Scramblers, in 2004. Leatha Face released his debut mixtape Dog Will Hunt through Chambermusik and is working on his debut album. A second Hillside Scramblers album was planned also.

House Gang

A group affiliated with Inspectah Deck and made up of rappers D.C., La Banga,, P.C., Carlton Fisk and Fes Taylor . They released one project in 2004 titled UndaDogz Vol. 1: House Gang Animalz and have appeared on other mixtapes including the "Back to Sicily" mixtape of Hanz On collectively in 2012.

Ice Water Inc.

A group consisting of Cigar, Polite (formerly of American Cream Team), Stumik and P.C. (of House Gang). They were featured on Raekwon's third album, The Lex Diamond Story. Raekwon unveiled their debut album from Ice Water Polluted Water via Babygrande Records in 2007. The album featured guest appearances from Wu members Raekwon and Method Man, as well as other appearances from Busta Rhymes, DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, Pimp C, Rick Ross, Jagged Edge, and Remy Ma. Although Cigar left the group for unknown reasons, he was replaced by D.C. (also of House Gang), and the crew has since grown to include Hanz On, who released a diss track to Joe Budden and his crew after the collective altercation that went down years ago. They are further featured on the Raekwon compilation release Raekwon: Babygrande Recordings of 2009 but of material from their debut.

Illuminati Network

Group fronted by Wu-Syndicate's own Napoleon and features Solomon Childs, Dexter Wiggles from Westcoast Killa Beez and UK artist Shaka Amazulu the 7th. They are also called Wuminati.[6]


K.G.B. (short for Klik Ga Bow) is a group made up of rappers Asiatic, Ill Knob Blobby Blob Head, Raheem, and DJ Kin. They released a few singles and appeared on songs by other Wu-Tang affiliates.



Wu-Tang affiliated group made up of rappers Bam-Bam, Itchy Fingas Sha, Trigg-nomm, Pearl Handles, and Naisha. They released their first album All About the Money in 2003.


Killah Priest's group who were introduced and featured heavily on his second album View From Masada. Originally composed of Killah Priest, Daddy Rose and Salahudin, the group is now composed of Killah Priest, Timbo King, and Hell Razah. Hot Flamez who is now known as Hah Flamez is also a close affiliate of the group.



A group consisting of members 4th Disciple, Beretta 9, Lord Superb, associate of Rae and Ghost, and ShoGun Assason. Not to be confused with the underground group associated with Definitive Jux and Rhymesayers Entertainment.

The Unknown

A group consisting of Bronze Nazareth and Kevlaar 7. Released their debut album Death's Birth: The Grip of Behemoths in 2000. Both are members of Wisemen.

Royal Fam

Sunz of Man

Team Napalm

Dom Pachino's independent label. Although the roster changed, years ago it initially consisted of rap artist Infinite who was introduced to Wu-Tang by RZA's younger brother 9th Prince. Infinite has since released new mixtapes from his independent label Elite. A few years later NLZ and C-4 were added to Team Napalm. As of 2011, current members of Napalm are Dom Pachino, Bugsy Da God and Chapelz. In 2007 Dom Pachino formed a new production company called Warface Music, with members consisting of Dom Pachino, Bugsy Da God, Chapelz & Jewels Polaar.

Tha Beggas

Washington DC natives Tha Beggas, at times confused with the spelling The Beggaz is a collective of hip-hop artists and groups that was featured on The Swarm album on a song called On The Strength. Some of the artists include: Long Axe (Black Lotus), Dragonfly (Black Lotus), Mega Soul, Scorpion, Samo Heung, Begga Ooh, Longfist, Bolo Gah(Actual Facts), Buda Love (Actual Facts), Jim Kelly (Black Lotus), Majik Sword, Yukon Black(Short Axe) and Father Lord(Actual Facts) (deceased). Before Lord's death, he was featured on Killah Priest's "Tai Chi" along with Hell Razah and 60 Second Assassin off the album "Heavy Mental" and Sunz Of Man "Sign Of The Time" along with Timbo King of Royal Fam. Two prominent songs that have leaked since his return are "Get Something" & "Deadly Act" (featuring his younger brother Prince Hasaan). One of Lord's many aliases is Wu-Chi. Lord was killed in a car accident on June 13, 1997. Some members of the group have also released projects under the name Hidden Aspects. There have also been solo projects from Dragonfly, Long Axe, Bolo, Begga Ooh, Samo Heung (under the name Sammy Bravo) and Short Axe (under the name Yukon Black). Bolo (King Cee), the producer of "On the Strength" released the first collaborative albim from the group titled "Blood Sweat and Years".

Theodore Unit

T.H.U.G. Angels

Group consisting of Hell Razah, Shabazz The Disciple, and producer Ayotollah. The album Welcome to Red Hook Houses was released in 2008.


Mentored by Ghostface Killah, the group consisted of Trife Da God, Tommy Whispers and Kryme Life. Kryme Life and Trife are members of Ghostface's group Theodore Unit, which effectively superseded T.M.F. They have continued to record in couples and as solo artists.

Two On Da Road

Group composed by 12 O'Clock, Prodigal Sunn. Made numerous guest appearances on various Wu-Tang Clan affiliates albums like Return to the 36 Chambers, Iron Flag and The Great Migration.


The Warghosts project[7] was created by Holocaust (aka Warcloud, Black Knights) and Bomshot (Devilz Rejectz). The Warghosts group has branched into international chapters such as Warghosts Germany[8] and Warghosts South Africa as well as national chapters in Oregon and Washington State.



This is a Latino collective composed of Latin American artists including Impetus, Rameses, 2Cara, and the group Los Yo Yais. They specialize in Latino Hip-Hop and released an album in 2008.[9][10]

Wu South

A loosely knit collective including Ratched Rush from Baltimore brought together by frontman Cappadonna, the crew has released two mixtapes, "Wu South Vl." (2005) and "Wu South Vl.2" (2009).


Zu Ninjaz

An Ol' Dirty Bastard affiliated group composed of 5 Foot Sniper, Black Lantern, Celo, D.L., Hook Ninja, K-Blunt, Ninja Scroll, Popa Chief, Rambo, Raw, and Shaheed. The group released their first album Now Justice in 2005.


12 O'Clock

Along with 4th Disciple and others, 12 O'Clock is one of the Wu affiliates whose connections to the group go back to before their fame, and he is in fact Ol' Dirty Bastard's cousin. He assisted behind the scenes in the making of the Clan's debut album and has made a few guest appearances on Wu-related albums since, including on the Clan's group album Iron Flag in 2001. His duet with Raekwon, "Nasty Immigrants", was on the soundtrack to the film Nutty Professor in 1996. Member of the Brooklyn Zu clique and also makes up half the duo 2 On The Road with Prodigal Sunn. Birth name D. Turner, also known as Billy Box. Appears On: "Protect Ya Neck II: The Zoo", Ol' Dirty Bastard, Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (1995); "Wu Blood-Kin", La The Darkman, Heist Of The Century (1998); "Ghetto Syringe", Wu-Syndicate, Wu-Syndicate (1999); "Chrome Wheels", Wu-Tang Clan, Iron Flag (2001); "Rough Cut", GZA, Legend of the Liquid Sword (2003); "It's My Life" & "Manhunt", Prodigal Sunn Return of the Prodigal Sunn (2005) and Bronze Nazareth's "The Great Migration".. He plans to work on an album "Next Generation Of The Zu" coming soon.

9th Prince


Armel is a member of Ancient Coins, A&R and The Cra-Z 88z. He is signed to GZA's small label Liquid Swords Entertainment. He made his first high-profile appearance on the track "Rough Cut" on GZA's album Legend of the Liquid Sword in 2002. He has since formed the group A&R with Sharecka of Royal Fam. He released Armel presents Ancient Coins in 2003.

Beretta 9

Black Jesus

Member of Harlem 6 who is also affiliated with Gang Starr. Released his first solo album T.G.S.N.T. in 2005 and Gods of War in 2007.

Buddha Monk

Member of Brooklyn Zu who has worked prolifically as a rapper and producer for Wu-Tang affiliates including Da Manchuz and Zu Ninjaz. Buddha Monk has released The Prophecy (1998), Unreleased Chambers (2008), The Dark Knight (2013) as well as various mixtapes.

Bronze Nazareth



Darkim Be Allah

Formed A.I.G. with AllahWise and dropped their self-titled debut-album in 2005 on Fame Labs Records. Mostly known for producing RZA solo song from The Gravediggaz album The Pick, The Sickle & The Shovelin 1997. In 2000 he released an 8-track EP called Live at the Lab: Take 1 through 2008 saw Fame Labs release The Manhattan Project, a compilation which heavily featured Darkim Be Allah. Live At The Lab: Take 2 is a 15-track album produced by Darkim and featuring various members of the Fame Labs crew including AllahWise, 36Zero and Darkim himself.

Dom Pachino

Don Staten

2nd Cousin of Ol' Dirty Bastard. Along With Intell, Young Dirty Bastard & Sun God etc. he is apart of the Next Generation Wu-Tang Clan.

Dreddy Krueger

Birth name James Dockery. Affiliated at one time with both United Kingdom and Royal Fam but now virtually retired from rapping, concentrating his attention on being the A&R for most Wu-Tang members. Heavily involved with the Wu-Tang's business and promotion, while running his own label Think Differently Music. Think Differently released the compilation Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture in 2005, which featured Wu-Tang members and affiliates collaborating with well-known independent/underground hip hop artists to big independent success. They further released a double disc album Wu-Tang The Lost Anthology in 2007. He continued to work for compilation and side projects under the Wu's greater team. His name is derived from the horror film legend Freddy Krueger.

Free Murda

The son of Popa Wu and cousin of Ol' Dirty Bastard, RZA and GZA. He debuted in 1999 on Popa Wu's Visions of the 10th Chamber with his partner Shacronz as the Cuffie Crime Family or 'CCF Division', He also appeared on the 2008 sequel Popa Wu's Visions of the 10th Chamber part II.Free Murda and Shacronz also featured on the Wu-Tang Killa Beez 2002 album The Sting ("Hatin' Don't Pay"), RZA's album Birth of a Prince ("We Pop", "The Drop Off" and "Wherever I Go") Prodigal Sunn's 2005 album Return Of The Prodigal Sunn, and Think Differently's 2005 release Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture ("Cars On The Interstate"). Free Murda also appears on the Derailed Original Soundtrack ("Really Want None"), Cappadonna's album The Yin & The Yang ("Revenge"), Northstar's self-titled album ("We Got It" and "See Me"), and furthermore on Masta Killa's Made In Brooklyn on the track "East MCs". He released his debut solo album, Let Freedom Reign in 2007 on Cleopatra Records.

Hanz On

Hell Razah


Born Dontae Hawkings, Intell (stylized as iNTeLL) is the son of U-God and nephew of Method Man. He has released several mixtapes.[11]


JoJo Pellegrino

Italian-American MC from Staten Island, Pellegrino made major underground headway for his blunt style and word play. He caught the attention of various heads in the early 2000s, particularly that of Chris Lighty, to then sign with Violator Management. With the fall of Loud Records, however, his album was shelved in 2001, Forgetaboutit (though it can now be found online). He released material on mixtapes and features having recorded with Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, and Method Man. After putting together his own label, the album Flawless - Machine Gun Pelly, with singles and videos coming out in 2011 began to emerge marking his return after a long hiatus.

Killa Sin

Killah Priest

King Just

Born Adrian Angevin (1972), King Just was a member of the Shaolin Soldiers (Profes now know as Fes Taylor, Leatha Face, Star & Mega Don) who originated from the Park Hill section of Staten Island. His debut album is named Mystics of the God and was released in 1995. He has subsequently participated in projects by the Hillside Scramblers[12] and The Outfit.

La the Darkman

Lord Superb

Originally a member of Raekwon's Cream Team, he became close with Ghostface Killah and his Theodore crew, as well. He appeared on Rae and Ghost albums, standing out particularly in Supreme Clientele. He has since cut ties with the Wu, and served time in jail. He has brashly stated that he gave Ghost his style, and felt abandoned when Rae's Cream Team came to an end. He has since released official mixtapes.

Lounge Lo

An Othorized F.A.M. MC whose other names are Lounge Mode or Lounger was formally signed to Code Red Entertainment. Lounge has been connected with the Wu since their very beginning his earliest reference was on GZA's "Pass The Bone". He appears numerous times on his older brother Cappadonna's albums.

Maddam Scheez

Female MC from South Cali who first came to light on "Digital Bullet". She is closely linked with the Westcoast Killa Beez (Black Knights & Northstar) and Deadly Venoms, and was set to be the fifth member of the group Deadly Venoms. She hosted an underground hip hop show named "Ground Zero" in LA for a while.

Popa Wu

The father of Wu-offshoots ShaCronz and Free Murda and an expert on the philosophy of the Five Percent Nation, Popa Wu can be heard giving teachings on Wu-Tang tracks such as "North Star" (Raekwon), "Black Jesus", "All That I Got Is You" (Ghostface Killah), "The Blessing", and "Wu-Revolution". He released a solo album titled Visions of the 10th Chamber in 2000, which was effectively a compilation of Wu-affiliated artists (including La the Darkman, Method Man, & Ol' Dirty Bastard) with regular interjections from Popa Wu himself. In 2008 He released Visions of the 10th Chamber Part II, a second compilation composed of a big collection of artists with Dj Nino Carta and Dlah. Popa Wu was featured on "Older Gods pt.2" from Masta Killa's second LP, Made in Brooklyn and on the track "Return of the North Star" from Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II. Also goes by the righteous name of Freedom Allah. At the public premiere of Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang in NYC, he mentioned that he is planning to publish a book. He is currently running his label Popa Wu Records out of Brooklyn, NY. Artists Include: Young Dirty Bastard, BoNasty, sons D&G and Freem Murda.

Prodigal Sunn


Shabazz the Disciple



Solomon Childs

Solomon Child is a Staten Island artist closely associated with various members of the Wu. Backed by the RZA in combination with his brother Divine(CEO)of Wu Music Group. He released his debut album entitled The Voice of the People in 2009.[13] A close associate of Cappadonna and Remedy, he was once part of Theodore Unit before going completely solo. He originally rapped under the moniker, Killa Bamz, and has continued releasing albums with features by numerous affiliates, as well as forming his own label. In 2013 Solomon Childs appeared on the single "Bang To The Death" by Mike ADHD featuring Ruste Juxx, Kromeatose, Fes Taylor and Solomon Childs (Produced by 4th assassin).


Sun God

He is Ghostface Killah's eldest son, he made his debut with the song "Man Up" on Put it on the Line in 2005. he appears twice on his album More Fish in "Miguel Sanchez" and "Street Opera". He also appears on "Yapp City" and "Paisely Darts" from Ghost's album The Big Doe Rehab, "Man Up" on Put it on the Line, "Dogs Of War" on Fishscale and "Gunshowers" on the Wu-Massacre album. He is signed to Starks Enterprises, his father's label.

Timbo King


Born Anthony Creston Brown, Warcloud is a west coast Wu-Tang Clan affiliate and former member of the group Black Knights (when he was known as Holocaust, the Sign of Hell's Winter). He is also known by the aliases Alcatraz and Robot Tank. He has released five albums to date: Nightmares That Surface from Shallow Sleep, Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard, Blue Sky Black Death Presents: The Holocaust in collaboration with production duo Blue Sky Black Death, Theatre of Pain, in collaboration with American Poets 2099, and "Holocaust as Robot Tank - The Signs of Hells Winter".

Young Justice

GZA's teenage son, he first appeared on the intro to his father's Legend of the Liquid Sword album and then released a cover of his father's "Killa Hills 10304". Also appears, with Lord Jamar's and Ol' Dirty Bastard's sons, on Lord Jamar's The 5% Album. Signed to Liquid Swords Entertainment and hoping to release an album soon, he is currently pursuing an education.

Young Dirty Bastard

Young Dirty Bastard is Ol' Dirty Bastard's eldest Son. He toured with the Wu-Tang Clan during their 2007 tours. Under the guidance of his uncle, the RZA, he has already recorded 3 mixtapes carrying on his father's legacy. He was also featured on Brand Nubian member Lord Jamar's debut solo album The 5% Album, on the track "Young Godz", together with GZA's son Young Justice and Lord Jamar's son Young Lord. Young Dirty Bastard released his first album in 2011 entitled Food Stamp Celebrity Vol. 1. He also released his single "Welfare" on November 15, 2011, what would've been his father's 43rd birthday. He continues to tour with the Wu-Tang Clan, spreading the legacy of his Father O.D.B. He is featured on Gore Elohims album "Electric Lucifer". YDB also was featured in Mike ADHD's "Frag Out" music video also featuring Baby Eazy E and Bizarre of D12 (produced by Sean Strange).


Allah Real

Al Green-style singer who was featured on RZA's Birth of a Prince. He has made appearances on Ghostface Killah's The Pretty Toney Album, Masta Killa's debut No Said Date as well as both Mathematics albums. He released his mixtape Real Estate in 2005 through CHAMBERMUSIK.

Blue Raspberry

Suga Bang Bang

Reggae artist who appeared on the Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai - The Album compilation and is affiliated with the new United Kingdom clique. Performed the chorus of "In the Hood" from the Wu-Tang Clan's Iron Flag album. He was on "Cameo Afro" with Big Daddy Kane & GZA from The RZA Presents: Afro Samurai OST. Is featured on the track "Cold Outside" on Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II.

Jamie Sommers

Female MC who was signed to RZA's Razor Sharp label. First heard on Ghostface Killah's Ironman album, and later on RZA's Bobby Digital projects.

Ms Roxy

Female vocalist first heard on Wu-Tang Forever. Has also appeared on RZA's solo debut album Bobby Digital in Stereo.


Stone Mecca

The Los Angeles-based "future soul" group Stone Mecca is a part of the Wu-Tang Family. The group consists of founder/producer Tru James, Princess Tre Azure, The Countess Adrienne King, Prince Super Day aka Inglewood Green, and Sir Joseph on guitar. Stone Mecca has made recent contributions to the RZA's Digi Snacks album and accompanied RZA on the Summer 2008 Digi Snacks US/Canada Tour. They were last featured on the Afro Samurai & Afro Samurai Resurrection soundtracks.[14]

Tash Mahogany

Model, actress, and musician (sings and raps) who was discovered by

Thea Van Seijen

Thea Van Seijen is a Dutch vocalist affiliated with RZA and can be heard on many of his albums and soundtracks.[15]

Makeba Mooncycle

A solo artist affiliated with Sunz of Man. Her first collaboration was with Sunz of Man on the Five Deadly Venom mixtape called We Can't Be Touched, produced by Ray Rolls and Tony Touch. Other tracks include "Fire" with Royal Fam, produced by Arabian Knight, and "Doing Our Thang" produced by Joe Loopz on Sunz of Man's album. She was asked by RZA to work with Tekitha and other female singers affiliated with Wu-Tang to work on a "Black Shampoo Project", but nothing ever materialized. She has recorded three projects: E.A.R.T.H. P.O.W.E.R. (2004), Balance (2005), and Throwback Classics (2005).


4th Disciple

Arabian Knight

Big Deal aka Djehwti Awsar El / Khemwest

Big Deal/Righteous Born aka Djehwti Awsar El (Jah-whotie Uhsar El) has produced tracks for many established names including Havoc, Sade, Onyx, Black Rob, Ice-T, Guru of Gang Starr, Lil' Kim, Puff Daddy, Timbo King and Killah Priest amongst others. Is a member of the group Wu-Tang/Harlem 6.

Bronze Nazareth


DJ Ace Nyc

Official DJ to Prodigal Sunn of the Wu-Tang Clan affiliate group Sunz Of Man, and international club DJ, producer, and remixer of both EDM & Hip-Hop. Also known as the "Ladies Favorite Most Hated" (#LFMH).

Falling Down

Close producer of Killarmy, including individual members 9th Prince and Dom Pachino, he has also produced with Inspectah Deck, Solomons Childs, Polite, and Kool G Rap. He is something of a 4th Disciple student, so to say, though not much is known about him. Had once been proposed to sign as a Wu Element, but cordially turned the proposition down. He remained close with various affiliates, and while being able to expand to other artists, as well. He has released various compilation albums to date.


The self-proclaimed "King of Mixtapes", he is responsible for most of the Wu-Tang affiliated mixtapes and is the official tour DJ for Ghostface Killah.

John the Baptist

Born John Hitchman Jr., John has produced albums for GZA, Killah Priest, U-God and Royal Fam. He is currently managing his own new company, "Deadly Venoms Productions".[16]


Moongod Allah

Closely associated with Cilvaringz, he produced tracks like "Wu-Tang Martial Expert" and "Valentine's Day Massacre".

Rocks The World

Production group consisting of Russ Prez, Smokin' Joe, and Storm. The group produced music for a variety of Wu-Tang affiliates, primarily those from Protect Ya Neck Records.[17]


Producer whose works include tracks by Shyheim, GP Wu, King Just, Pop da Brown Hornet, and the Gravediggaz. RNS is credited as the one who taught The RZA the art of production. Has been keeping a low profile out of the Wu for a while now and extended his work into mixing and engineering.

CUETRAX (q-tracks)

Wu-tang Affiliated producer and recording engineer (arranger/composer/cameo artist) that studied under the direction of Billboard top 100 producer RNS. His works include Ghostface Killah's & Trife Da God Put it on the Line track "Project Soap Operas" (co-producer song arranger). CUETRAX also co-produced, recorded and mixed Ugod's: certified gold "Mr Excitment" in Titusville Florida (2005) Free Agency Recordings and U-Godzilla Presents the Hillside Scramblers featuring Leatha Fase, KAWZ and JMAUL, He recorded and mixed GP Wu June Luva's "311 In Progress",[18] King Just's Iron Curtain UnitedU-Godzilla Presents the Hillside cast. with Shyheim, Bottom Up Records CEO, CUETRAX mixed and tracked vocals for "Love Letters" featuring Interscope Records songstress "MYA". CUETRAX appears as a feature on the title track "BU" as a cameo artist. He Arranged and engineered DJ Doowop's State Vs. Doowop[19] which included "Castle to Castle" starring Raekwon and voiced the Defense Lawyer on various skits throughout the mixtape.[20] Working behind the scenes he also produced for newly Wu-affiliated rapper Spank Just Business and co-produced with R&B singer Kofi Black of Ice water inc.. CUETRAX is the recording engineer and producer that was instrumental in creating "Wu-related" works from dates 2002 to present day. He recorded and mixed "Apple" written by Theodore Unit and featuring Kryme Life. He is credited for producing Jojo Pellegrino's "Blues" and his catalog with the Ruthless bastards appears on DJ Storm's Verizano Villians Volumes 1 through 4. He recorded and produced works on the Smoke Fest by Apocalipps, in particular. The recording artist CUETRAX makes his cameo appearance on "Pink Cookies starring DJ MEGATRON and Gretta produced by Mike Check distribution through CHAMBERMUSIK.Com. Also found on the "Wu-international" website is First Class Trip featuring JUX produced and recorded by CUETRAX. Other works include Son God, Cappadonna and co-produced Street Pharmacists by 9th prince featuring Tommy Whispers and Aquavibe's Paradox, one fourth of the Staten Island-based group Phokuss, produced by the Gooch of TMI Productions.


True Master

Y-Kim the Illfigure

He was the primary producer for the Killa Beez group, Royal Fam, Y-Kim achieved a cult-following among Wu-Tang fans. He produced the majority of the Royal Fam's album "Black Castle" (at first shelved then re-released), as well as many contributions to early albums from Sunz of Man, Killah Priest, Cappadonna, and Buddha Monk. Although RZA is credited as producer, it is rumored that he produced the song "What Da Blood Clot?" from Method Man's "Tical". In addition, he takes credit for "Summin Gotz Ta Give", "I Declare War", Royal Fam; "Blessed Are Those", "From Then Till Now", Killah Priest, Heavy Mental (1998); "Army Brickaid", Royal Fam, (2000). A compilation of his work, "Monster Reborn Vl. 1", was released in 2005.


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