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List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves recipients (1942)

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Title: List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves recipients (1942)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients
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List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves recipients (1942)

The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (German: Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes) and its variants were the highest awards in the military of the Third Reich during World War II. This military decoration was awarded for a wide range of reasons and across all ranks, from a senior commander for skilled leadership of his troops in battle to a low-ranking soldier for a single act of extreme gallantry. The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves (Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub) was introduced on 3 June 1940 to further distinguish those who had already received the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and who continued to show merit in combat bravery or military success. A total of 7 awards were made in 1940; 50 in 1941; 111 in 1942; 192 in 1943; 328 in 1944, and 194 in 1945, giving a total of 882 recipients—excluding the 8 foreign recipients of the award.

The number of 882 Oak Leaves recipients is based on the analysis and acceptance of the order commission of the Association of Knight's Cross Recipients (AKCR).[1] However, author and historian Veit Scherzer has challenged the validity of 27 of these listings.[2] With the exception of Hermann Fegelein, all of the disputed recipients had received the award in 1945, when the deteriorating situation of the Third Reich during the final days of World War II left a number of nominations incomplete and pending in various stages of the approval process. Hermann Fegelein received the Oak Leaves in 1942, but was sentenced to death by Adolf Hitler and executed by SS-Gruppenführer Johann Rattenhuber's Reichssicherheitsdienst (RSD) on 28 April 1945 after a court-martial led by SS-Brigadeführer and Generalmajor of the Waffen-SS Wilhelm Mohnke. The sentence was carried out the same day. The death sentence, according to German law, resulted in the loss of all orders and honorary signs.[3]


The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its higher grades were based on four separate enactments. The first enactment Reichsgesetzblatt I S. 1573 of 1 September 1939 instituted the Iron Cross (Eisernes Kreuz) and the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.[4] As the war progressed, some of the recipients distinguished themselves further and a higher grade, the Oak Leaves to Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, was instituted. The Oak Leaves, as they were commonly referred to, were based on the enactment Reichsgesetzblatt I S. 849 of 3 June 1940.[5] In 1941, two higher grades of the Knight's Cross were instituted. The enactment Reichsgesetzblatt I S. 613 of 28 September 1941 introduced the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords (Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub und Schwertern) and the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds (Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit Eichenlaub, Schwertern und Brillanten).[6] At the end of 1944 the final grade, the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds (Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit goldenem Eichenlaub, Schwertern und Brillanten), based on the enactment Reichsgesetzblatt 1945 I S. 11 of 29 December 1944, concluded the variants of the Knight's Cross.[7]

Recipients of 1942

Template:Bar graph The Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW—Supreme Command of the Armed Forces) kept separate Knight's Cross lists, one for each of the three military branches, Heer (Army), Kriegsmarine (Navy), Luftwaffe (Air force) and for the Waffen-SS. Within each of these lists a unique sequential number was assigned to each recipient. The same numbering paradigm was applied to the higher grades of the Knight's Cross, one list per grade.[8] The sequential numbers greater than 143 for the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords are unofficial and were assigned by the Association of Knight's Cross Recipients (AKCR) and are therefore denoted in parentheses.[9] The recipients are ordered chronologically and numbered by the official sequential number assigned by the OKW. The rank listed is the recipient's rank at the time the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves was awarded.

      This along with the * (asterisk) indicates that the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves was awarded posthumously.
      This along with the ? (question mark) indicates that historian Veit Scherzer has expressed doubt regarding the veracity or formal correctness of the listing.

Number Name Service Rank Role and unit[Note 1] Date of award Notes Image
58 Boddien, Oskar vonOskar von Boddien Heer 16-HOberstleutnant[10] Commander of Aufklärungs-Abteilung 22[10][11] 8 January 1942*[10] Killed in action 6 January 1942[11]
59 Jordan, HansHans Jordan Heer 17-HOberst[12] Commander of Infanterie-Regiment 49[11][12] 16 January 1942[12] Awarded 64th Swords 20 April 1944[12]
60 Specht, Karl-WilhelmKarl-Wilhelm Specht Heer 17-HOberst[13] Commander of Infanterie-Regiment 55[11][13] 16 January 1942[13]
61 Wolff, Hans Freiherr vonHans Freiherr von Wolff Heer 14-HHauptmann[14] Commander of the I./Schützen-Regiment 28[11][14] 16 January 1942[14] At the same time promoted to Major[11]
62 Hube, Hans-ValentinHans-Valentin Hube Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[15] Commander of 16. Panzer-Division[11][15] 16 January 1942[15] Awarded 22nd Swords 21 December 1942
13th Diamonds 20 April 1944[15]
63 Noak, Karl-HeinzKarl-Heinz Noak Heer 13-HOberleutnant[16] Commander of the 1./Panzer-Jagd-Abteilung 137[11][16] 16 January 1942[16]
64 Helbig, JoachimJoachim Helbig Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[17] Gruppenkommandeur of the I.(Kampf)/Lehrgeschwader 1[11][17] 16 January 1942[17] Awarded 20th Swords 28 September 1942[17]
65 Hitzfeld, OttoOtto Hitzfeld Heer 16-HOberstleutnant[18] Commander of Infanterie-Regiment 213[11][18] 17 January 1942[18] Awarded (158th) Swords 9 May 1945?[19][Note 2]
66 Wegener, WilhelmWilhelm Wegener Heer 17-HOberst[21] Commander of Infanterie-Regiment 94[11][21] 19 January 1942[21] Awarded 97th Swords 17 September 1944[21]
67 Traut, HansHans Traut Heer 17-HOberst[22] Commander of Infanterie-Regiment 41 (motorized) and leader of 10. Infanterie-Division (motorized)[22][23] 23 January 1942[22]
68 Gilsa, Werner-Albrecht von und zuWerner-Albrecht von und zu Gilsa Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[24] Commander of 216. Infanterie-Division[23][24] 24 January 1942[24]
69 Breith, HermannHermann Breith Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[25] Commander of 3. Panzer-Division[23][25] 31 January 1942[25] Awarded 48th Swords 21 February 1944[25]
70 Kaldrack, RolfRolf Kaldrack Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[26] Gruppenkommandeur of the II./Schnellkampfgeschwader 210[23][26] 9 February 1942*[26] Killed in action 3 February 1942[23]
71 Borgmann, HeinrichHeinrich Borgmann Heer 14-HHauptmann[25] Commander of the III./Infanterie-Regiment 46[23][25] 11 February 1942[25] Killed in action 6 April 1945[23]
72 Kleist, Paul Ludwig Ewald vonPaul Ludwig Ewald von Kleist Heer 21-HGeneraloberst[27] Commander-in-chief of Panzergruppe 1[23][27] 17 February 1942[27] Awarded 60th Swords 30 March 1944[27]
73 Reinhardt, Georg-HansGeorg-Hans Reinhardt Heer 20-HGeneral der Panzertruppe[28] Commander-in-chief of Panzergruppe 3[23][28] 17 February 1942[28] Awarded 68th Swords 26 May 1944[28]
74 Model, WalterWalter Model Heer 20-HGeneral der Panzertruppe[29] Commanding general of the XXXXI. Panzerkorps[23][29] 17 February 1942[29] Awarded 28th Swords 2 April 1943
17th Diamonds 17 August 1944[29]
75 Langermann und Erlencamp, Willibald Freiherr vonWillibald Freiherr von Langermann und Erlencamp Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[30] Commander of 4. Panzer-Division[23][30] 17 February 1942[30]
76 Wessel, WalterWalter Wessel Heer 17-HOberst[31] Commander of Infanterie-Regiment 15 (motorized)[23][31] 17 February 1942[31] at the same time promoted to Generalmajor[23]
77 Hagen, WalterWalter Hagen Luftwaffe 16-LOberstleutnant[32] Geschwaderkommodore of Sturzkampfgeschwader 1[23][32] 17 February 1942[32]
78 Kesselring, AlbertAlbert Kesselring Luftwaffe 22-LGeneralfeldmarschall[33] Chief of Luftflotte 2 and OB Süd[23][33] 25 February 1942[33] Awarded 15th Swords 18 July 1942
14th Diamonds 19 July 1944[33]
79 Köppen, GerhardGerhard Köppen Luftwaffe 09-LFeldwebel[34] Pilot in the 8./Jagdgeschwader 52[23][34] 27 February 1942[34]
80 Ubben, KurtKurt Ubben Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[35] Gruppenkommandeur of the III./Jagdgeschwader 77[35][36] 12 March 1942[35]
81 Ostermann, Max-HellmuthMax-Hellmuth Ostermann Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[37] Staffelkapitän of the 7./Jagdgeschwader 54[36][37] 12 March 1942[37] Awarded 10th Swords 17 May 1942[37]
82 Eckerle, FranzFranz Eckerle Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[38] Gruppenkommandeur of the I./Jagdgeschwader 54[36][38] 12 March 1942*[38] Killed in action 14 February 1942[36]
83 Huy, Wolf-DietrichWolf-Dietrich Huy Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[39] Staffelkapitän of the 7./Jagdgeschwader 77[36][39] 17 March 1942[39]
84 Strelow, HansHans Strelow Luftwaffe 12-LLeutnant[40] Staffelführer of the 5./Jagdgeschwader 51 "Mölders"[36][40] 24 March 1942[40]
85 Spies, WilhelmWilhelm Spies Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[41] Gruppenkommandeur of the I./Zerstörergeschwader 26 "Horst Wessel"[36][41] 5 April 1942*[41] Killed in action 27 January 1942[36]
86 Muller, Friedrich-WilhelmFriedrich-Wilhelm Müller Heer 17-HOberst[42] Commander of Infanterie-Regiment 105[36][42] 8 April 1942[42] Awarded 128th Swords 27 January 1945[42]
87 Topp, ErichErich Topp Kriegsmarine 14-MKapitänleutnant[43] Commander of U-552[36][43] 11 April 1942[43] Awarded 17th Swords 17 August 1942[43]
88 Eicke, TheodorTheodor Eicke Waffen-SS 20-WSS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Waffen-SS[44] Commander of SS-Division "Totenkopf"[36][44] 20 April 1942[44]
89 Hardegen, ReinhardReinhard Hardegen Kriegsmarine 14-MKapitänleutnant[45] Commander of U-123[36][45] 23 April 1942[45]
90 Spate, WolfgangWolfgang Späte Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant of the Reserves[46] Staffelkapitän of the 5./Jagdgeschwader 54[36][46] 23 April 1942[46]
91 Wunnenberg, AlfredAlfred Wünnenberg Waffen-SS 18-WSS-Brigadeführer and Generalmajor of the Police[47] Commander of SS-Polizei-Division[36][47] 23 April 1942[47]
92 Scherer, TheodorTheodor Scherer Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[48] Commander of 281. Sicherungs-Division and defender of Cholm[36][48] 5 May 1942[48]
93 Graf, HermannHermann Graf Luftwaffe 12-LLeutnant of the Reserves[49] Staffelführer of the 9./Jagdgeschwader 52[36][49] 17 May 1942[49] Awarded 11th Swords 19 May 1942
5th Diamonds 16 September 1942[49]
94 Dickfeld, AdolfAdolf Dickfeld Luftwaffe 12-LLeutnant of the Reserves[50] Pilot in the 7./Jagdgeschwader 52[36][50] 19 May 1942[Note 3]
95 Mackensen, Eberhard vonEberhard von Mackensen Heer 20-HGeneral der Kavallerie[51] Commanding general of the III. Panzerkorps[36][51] 26 May 1942[51]
96 Steinbatz, LeopoldLeopold Steinbatz Luftwaffe 10-LOberfeldwebel[52] Pilot in the 9./Jagdgeschwader 52[36][52] 2 June 1942[52] Awarded 14th Swords 23 June 1942[52]
97 Marseille, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim Marseille Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[53] Pilot in the 3./Jagdgeschwader 27[53][54] 6 June 1942[53] Awarded 12th Swords 18 June 1942
4th Diamonds 3 September 1942[53]
98 Lent, HelmutHelmut Lent Luftwaffe 15-LMajor[55] Gruppenkommandeur of the II./Nachtjagdgeschwader 2[54][55] 6 June 1942[55] Awarded 32nd Swords 2 August 1943
15th Diamonds 31 July 1944[55]
99 Malapert, Robert-Georg Freiherr vonRobert-Georg Freiherr von Malapert Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[56] Gruppenkommandeur of the II./Sturzkampfgeschwader 1[54][56] 8 June 1942*[56] Killed in action 21 May 1942[57]
100 Wolff, LudwigLudwig Wolff Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[14] Commander of 22. Infanterie-Division (Luftlande)[54][14] 22 June 1942[14]
101 Geisshardt, FriedrichFriedrich Geißhardt Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[58] Pilot and adjutant in the Stab of the I./Jagdgeschwader 77[54][Note 4] 23 June 1942[58]
102 Setz, HeinrichHeinrich Setz Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[59] Staffelkapitän of the 4./Jagdgeschwader 77[54][59] 23 June 1942[59]
103 Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt, Walter vonWalter von Brockdorff-Ahlefeldt Heer 20-HGeneral der Infanterie[60] Commanding general of the II. Armeekorps[54][60] 27 June 1942[60]
104 Mutzelburg, RolfRolf Mützelburg Kriegsmarine 14-MKapitänleutnant[61] Commander of U-203[54][61] 15 July 1942[61]
105 Schnee, AdalbertAdalbert Schnee Kriegsmarine 14-MKapitänleutnant[62] Commander of U-201[54][62] 15 July 1942[62]
106 Clausen, ErwinErwin Clausen Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[63] Staffelkapitän of the 6./Jagdgeschwader 77[54][63] 23 July 1942[63]
107 Bauer, ViktorViktor Bauer Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[64] Staffelkapitän of the 9./Jagdgeschwader 3 "Udet"[54][64] 26 July 1942[64]
108 Beerenbrock, Franz-JosefFranz-Josef Beerenbrock Luftwaffe 10-LOberfeldwebel[65] Pilot in the 10./Jagdgeschwader 51 "Mölders"[54][65] 3 August 1942[65]
109 Hackl, AntonAnton Hackl Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[66] Staffelkapitän of the 5./Jagdgeschwader 77[54][66] 7 August 1942[66] Awarded 78th Swords 9 July 1944[Note 5]
110 Herr, TraugottTraugott Herr Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[68] Commander of 13. Panzer-Division[54][68] 9 August 1942[68] Awarded 117th Swords 18 December 1944[68]
111 Kempf, WernerWerner Kempf Heer 20-HGeneral der Panzertruppe[69] Commanding general of the XXXXVIII. Panzerkorps[54][69] 10 August 1942[69]
112 Kollewe, GerhardGerhard Kollewe Luftwaffe 15-LMajor[70] Gruppenkommandeur of the II.(Kampf)/Lehrgeschwader 1[54][70] 16 August 1942[70]
113 Gorn, WalterWalter Gorn Heer 16-HOberstleutnant[71] Commander of Kradschützen-Bataillon 59[71][72] 17 August 1942[71] Awarded 30th Swords 8 June 1943[71]
114 Brandle, KurtKurt Brändle Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[73] Gruppenkommandeur of the II./Jagdgeschwader 3 "Udet"[72][73] 27 August 1942[73]
115 Steinhoff, JohannesJohannes Steinhoff Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[74] Gruppenkommandeur of the II./Jagdgeschwader 52[72][74] 2 September 1942[74] Awarded 82nd Swords 28 July 1944[74]
116 Sigel, WalterWalter Sigel Luftwaffe 16-LOberstleutnant[75] Geschwaderkommodore of Sturzkampfgeschwader 3[72][75] 2 September 1942[75]
117 Zemsky, JohannJohann Zemsky Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[76] Gruppenkommandeur of the II./Sturzkampfgeschwader 1[72][76] 3 September 1942*[76] Killed in action 28 August 1942[77]
118 Druschel, AlfredAlfred Druschel Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[Note 6] Gruppenkommandeur of the I./Schlachtgeschwader 1[72][78] 3 September 1942[78] Awarded 24th Swords 19 February 1943[78]
119 Bormann, Dr. Ing. ErnstDr. Ing. Ernst Bormann Luftwaffe 17-LOberst[25] Commander of Gefechtsverband Bormann augmenting Kampfgeschwader 76[72][25] 3 September 1942[25]
120 Hein, GerhardGerhard Hein Heer 12-HLeutnant of the Reserves[79] Leader of the 5./Infanterie-Regiment 209[79][80] 6 September 1942[79]
121 Ziegler, WernerWerner Ziegler Heer 13-HOberleutnant[81] Leader of the 2./Infanterie-Regiment 186[72][81] 8 September 1942[81] Awarded 102nd Swords 23 October 1944[81]
122 Wilcke, Wolf-DietrichWolf-Dietrich Wilcke Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[82] Geschwaderkommodore of Jagdgeschwader 3 "Udet"[72][82] 9 September 1942[82] Awarded 23rd Swords 23 December 1942[82]
123 Scholtz, KlausKlaus Scholtz Kriegsmarine 15-MKorvettenkapitän[83] Commander of U-108[72][83] 10 September 1942[83]
124 Schmidt, HeinzHeinz Schmidt Luftwaffe 12-LLeutnant[84] Pilot in the 4./Jagdgeschwader 52[72][84] 16 September 1942[84]
125 Bleichrodt, HeinrichHeinrich Bleichrodt Kriegsmarine 14-MKapitänleutnant[85] Commander of U-109[72][85] 23 September 1942[85]
126 Muller, Friedrich-KarlFriedrich-Karl Müller Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[42] Staffelkapitän of the 1./Jagdgeschwader 53[Note 7] 23 September 1942[42]
127 Crinius, WilhelmWilhelm Crinius Luftwaffe 10-LFeldwebel[87] Pilot in the 3./Jagdgeschwader 53[72][87] 23 September 1942[87]
128 Tonne, WolfgangWolfgang Tonne Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[43] Staffelkapitän of the 3./Jagdgeschwader 53[43][72] 24 September 1942[43]
129 Hauenschild, Bruno Ritter vonBruno Ritter von Hauenschild Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[88] Commander of 24. Panzer-Division[72][88] 27 September 1942[88]
130 Beisswenger, HansHans Beißwenger Luftwaffe 12-LLeutnant of the Reserves[Note 8] Pilot in the 6./Jagdgeschwader 54[89][90] 3 October 1942[89]
131 Reinert, Ernst-WilhelmErnst-Wilhelm Reinert Luftwaffe 09-LFeldwebel[28] Pilot in the 4./Jagdgeschwader 77[90][28] 7 October 1942[Note 9] Awarded 130th Swords 1 February 1945[28]
132 Torley, KarlKarl Torley Heer 14-HHauptmann[43] Commander of the I./Infanterie-Regiment 60 (motorized)[43][90] 11 October 1942[43]
133 Kummel, JohannesJohannes Kümmel Heer 14-HHauptmann[91] Commander of the I./Panzer-Regiment 8[90][91] 11 October 1942[91]
134 Rall, GüntherGünther Rall Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[92] Staffelkapitän of the 8./Jagdgeschwader 52[92][93] 26 October 1942[92] Awarded 34th Swords 12 September 1943[92]
135 Kirschner, LudwigLudwig Kirschner Heer 16-HOberstleutnant[94] Commander of Infanterie-Regiment 72[90][94] 28 October 1942[94]
136 Hupfer, KonradKonrad Hupfer Heer 14-HHauptmann[95] Commander of the I./Infanterie-Regiment 72[90][95] 28 October 1942[95]
137 Stotz, MaxMax Stotz Luftwaffe 10-LOberfeldwebel[94] Pilot in the 5./Jagdgeschwader 54[90][94] 30 October 1942[94]
138 Schweickhardt, HeinrichHeinrich Schweickhardt Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[96] Staffelkapitän of the 8./Kampfgeschwader 76[Note 10] 30 October 1942[96]
139 Schenck, WolfgangWolfgang Schenck Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[97] Gruppenkommandeur of the I./Zerstörergeschwader 1[90][97] 30 October 1942[97]
140 Seitz, HermannHermann Seitz Heer 16-HOberstleutnant[98] Commander of Panzergrenadier-Regiment 63[90][98] 31 October 1942[98]
141 Zwernemann, JosefJosef Zwernemann Luftwaffe 10-LOberfeldwebel[99] Pilot in the 7./Jagdgeschwader 52[90][99] 31 October 1942[99]
142 Luth, WolfgangWolfgang Lüth Kriegsmarine 14-MKapitänleutnant[100] Commander of U-181[90][100] 13 November 1942[100] Awarded 29th Swords 15 April 1943
7th Diamonds 9 August 1943[100]
143 Toniges, WernerWerner Töniges Kriegsmarine 14-MKapitänleutnant[101] Commander of Schnellboot S-102 in the 1. Schnellbootflottille[90][101] 13 November 1942[101]
144 Strachwitz von Gross-Zauche und Camminetz, Hyazinth GrafHyazinth Graf Strachwitz von Gross-Zauche und Camminetz Heer 16-HOberstleutnant of the Reserves[94] Commander of the I./Panzer-Regiment 2[94][102] 13 November 1942[94] Awarded 27th Swords 28 March 1943
11th Diamonds 15 April 1944[94]
145 Ramcke, Hermann-BernhardHermann-Bernhard Ramcke Luftwaffe 18-LGeneralmajor[92] Commander of Fallschirmjäger-Brigade "Ramcke"[92][102] 13 November 1942[92] Awarded 99th Swords 19 September 1944
20th Diamonds 19 September 1944[92]
146 Wurmheller, JosefJosef Wurmheller Luftwaffe 12-LLeutnant[103] Pilot in the 7./Jagdgeschwader 2 "Richthofen"[102][103] 13 November 1942[Note 11] Awarded 108th Swords 24 October 1944[103]
147 Merten, Karl-FriedrichKarl-Friedrich Merten Kriegsmarine 15-MKorvettenkapitän[104] Commander of U-68[102][104] 16 November 1942[104]
148 Lang, FriedrichFriedrich Lang Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[105] Staffelkapitän of the 1./Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 "Immelmann"[102][105] 21 November 1942[Note 12] Awarded 74th Swords 2 July 1944[105]
149 Boerst, AlwinAlwin Boerst Luftwaffe 13-LOberleutnant[106] Staffelkapitän of the 3./Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 "Immelmann"[102][106] 28 November 1942[106] Awarded 61st Swords 6 April 1944[106]
150 Kylling-Schmidt, EkkehardEkkehard Kylling-Schmidt Heer 13-HOberleutnant[107] Chief of the 4./Füsilier-Regiment 26[102][107] 4 December 1942[107]
151 Nobis, ErnstErnst Nobis Heer 16-HOberstleutnant[16] Commander of Jäger-Regiment 204[102][16] 5 December 1942[16]
152 Fischer, WolfgangWolfgang Fischer Heer 19-HGeneralleutnant[108] Commander of 10. Panzer-Division[102][108] 9 December 1942[108]
153 Allmendinger, KarlKarl Allmendinger Heer 19-HGeneralleutnant[109] Commander of 5. Jäger-Division[102][109] 13 December 1942[109]
154 Paepcke, HeinrichHeinrich Paepcke Luftwaffe 14-LHauptmann[110] Gruppenkommandeur of the III./Kampfgeschwader 30[Note 13] 19 December 1942*[110] Killed in action 17 October 1942[111]
155 Balck, HermannHermann Balck Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[112] Commander of 11. Panzer-Division[102][112] 20 December 1942[112] Awarded 25th Swords 4 March 1943
19th Diamonds 31 August 1944[112]
156 Heitz, WalterWalter Heitz Heer 20-HGeneral der Artillerie[17] Commanding general of the VIII. Armeekorps[17][102] 21 December 1942[17]
157 Fegelein, HermannHermann Fegelein?[Note 14] Waffen-SS 17-WSS-Oberführer Commander of SS-Kampfgruppe "Fegelein"[114] 22 December 1942 Awarded 83rd Swords 30 July 1944
158 Ruckteschell, Helmuth vonHelmuth von Ruckteschell Kriegsmarine 17-MKapitän zur See of the reserves[115] Commander of Hilfskreuzer "Michel" (HSK 9)[115][116] 23 December 1942[115]
159 Steiner, FelixFelix Steiner Waffen-SS 19-WSS-Gruppenführer and Generalleutnant of the Waffen-SS[74] Commander of 5. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division "Wiking"[74][116] 23 December 1942[74] Awarded 86th Swords 10 August 1944[74]
160 Lanz, HubertHubert Lanz Heer 19-HGeneralleutnant[117] Commander of 1. Gebirgs-Division[116][117] 23 December 1942[117]
161 Schlömer, HelmuthHelmuth Schlömer Heer 18-HGeneralmajor[118] Commander of 3. Infanterie-Division (motorized)[116][118] 23 December 1942[118]
162 Edelsheim, Maximilian Reichsfreiherr vonMaximilian Reichsfreiherr von Edelsheim Heer 17-HOberst[38] Commander of Panzergrenadier-Regiment 26[38][116] 23 December 1942[38] Awarded 105th Swords 23 October 1944[38]
163 Ludwiger, Hartwig vonHartwig von Ludwiger Heer 17-HOberst[119] Commander of Jäger-Regiment 83[116][119] 23 December 1942[119]
164 Hirschfeld, Harald vonHarald von Hirschfeld Heer 14-HHauptmann[18] Leader of the II./Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 98[18][116] 23 December 1942[18]
165 Bremm, JosefJosef Bremm Heer 13-HOberleutnant of the reserves[25] Chief of the 5./Infanterie-Regiment 426[25][116] 23 December 1942[25] Awarded (159th) Swords 9 May 1945?[19][Note 15]
166 Thumm, HelmutHelmut Thumm Heer 17-HOberst[121] Commander of Jäger-Regiment 56[116][121] 23 December 1942[121]
167 Pannwitz, Helmuth vonHelmuth von Pannwitz Heer 17-HOberst[122] Leader of the Kampfgruppe "von Pannwitz"[116][122] 23 December 1942[122]
168 Fiebig, MartinMartin Fiebig Luftwaffe 19-LGeneralleutnant[123] Commanding general of the VIII. Fliegerkorps[116][123] 23 December 1942[123]



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