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List of Indian state animals

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Title: List of Indian state animals  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Mizoram, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Narmadapuram division
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of Indian state animals

This is a list of the state animals of all the states and union territories of India.[1]

State Common name Scientific name Image
Andhra Pradesh Blackbuck Antilope cervicapra
Arunachal Pradesh Gayal Bos frontalis
Assam One-horned rhino Rhinoceros unicornis
Bihar Gaur Bos gaurus
Chhattisgarh Wild Buffalo B. bubalis arnee
Goa Gaur Bos gaurus
Gujarat Asiatic Lion Panthera leo persica
Haryana Blackbuck Antilope cervicapra
Himachal Pradesh Snow Leopard Uncia uncia or Panthera uncia
Jammu and Kashmir Kashmir stag Cervus elaphus hanglu
Jharkhand Indian Elephant Elephas maximus indicus
Karnataka Indian Elephant Elephas maximus indicus
Kerala Indian Elephant Elephas maximus indicus
Lakshadweep Butterfly Fish Chaetodon decussatus
Meghalaya Clouded Leopard Neofelis nebulosa
Madhya Pradesh Barasingha Rucervus duvaucelii
Maharashtra Indian Giant Squirrel Ratufa indica
Manipur Sangai Cervus eldi eldi
Mizoram serow capricornis
Nagaland Gaur Bos gaurus
Odisha Sambar Rusa unicolor
Puducherry Squirrel Sciuridae
Punjab Blackbuck Antilope cervicapra
Rajasthan Camel Camelus Dromedary camel
Sikkim Red Panda Ailurus fulgens
Tamil Nadu Nilgiri Tahr Nilgiritragus hylocrius
Telangana Gaur Bos gaurus
Tripura Phayre's Langur Trachypithecus phayrei
Uttarakhand Musk deer Moschidae
Uttar Pradesh Swamp Deer Rucervus duvaucelii
West Bengal Fishing cat Prionailurus viverrinus

The animals in India are endangered and some of them work.

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