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List of German World War II Ground Attack aces

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Title: List of German World War II Ground Attack aces  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Luftwaffe, Kurt Plenzat, Alfred Druschel, Operational history of the Luftwaffe (1939–45)
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of German World War II Ground Attack aces

The following list contains the German Stuka and other combat aircraft aces of World War II. The list is sorted by the number of combat missions flown.


Name Rank Combat missions Tank victories Aerial victories Position Picture
Rudel, Hans-UlrichHans-Ulrich Rudel Oberst 2530 512 9 Pilot 100px
Nordmann, TheodorTheodor Nordmann Major 1300 (approx) 80 Pilot
Plenzat, KurtKurt Plenzat Leutnant 1234 80 4 Pilot
Wosnitza, AloisAlois Wosnitza Oberfeldwebel 1217 104 2 Pilot
Schubert, GustavGustav Schubert Oberleutnant 1200+ Pilot
Stahl, HendrikHendrik Stahl Hauptmann 1200+ 100+ Pilot
Otte, Dr. jur. MaximilianDr. jur. Maximilian Otte Major 1179 Pilot
Glaeser, AlexanderAlexander Gläser Hauptmann 1123 Pilot
Doernbrack, WernerWerner Dörnbrack Major 1118 Pilot
Staehler, WilhelmWilhelm Stähler Oberleutnant ~1100 Pilot
Henze, KarlKarl Henze Major 1098 Pilot
Jakob, GeorgGeorg Jakob Oberstleutnant 1091 Pilot
Kieslich, FranzFranz Kieslich Major 1078 Pilot
Bauer, HerbertHerbert Bauer Major 1071 Pilot
Boerst, AlwinAlwin Boerst Major 1060 Pilot
Huebsch, AntonAnton Hübsch Oberfeldwebel 1060 120+ 8 Pilot
Noller, WilhelmWilhelm Noller Leutnant 1058 86 2 Pilot
Poelz, HubertHubert Pölz Hauptmann 1055 76 11 Pilot
Lang, FriedrichFriedrich Lang Major 1008 Pilot
Doerffel, GeorgGeorg Dörffel Oberstleutnant 1004 30 Pilot
Jungclausen, HeinzHeinz Jungclausen Hauptmann 1000+ Pilot
Kaubisch, HorstHorst Kaubisch Major ~1000 Pilot
Stuedemann, GerhardGerhard Stüdemann Hauptmann 996 117 Pilot
Weihrauch, WernerWerner Weihrauch Oberleutnant 992 Pilot
Jaeckel, EgbertEgbert Jaeckel Hauptmann 983 Pilot
Bruck, HelmutHelmut Bruck Oberst 973 Pilot
Meyering, HeinrichHeinrich Meyering Leutnant 972 Pilot
Bromen, WilhelmWilhelm Bromen Oberleutnant 965 76 7 Pilot
Brand, Hans-JoachimHans-Joachim Brand Hauptmann 964 Pilot
Kennel, KarlKarl Kennel Major 957 34 Pilot
Diekwisch, ErwinErwin Diekwisch Hauptmann 934 64 12 Pilot
Schalanda, JohannJohann Schalanda Hauptmann 933 Pilot
Frank, HeinzHeinz Frank Major 900+ Pilot
Haker, TheodorTheodor Haker Oberleutnant 900+ Pilot
Kuffner, AndreasAndreas Kuffner Hauptmann 900+ 60+ Pilot
Leicht, HelmutHelmut Leicht Major 900 Pilot
Andorfer, AntonAnton Andorfer Hauptmann 900 (1000) 45+ Pilot
Stepp, Hans-KarlHans-Karl Stepp Oberstleutnant ~900 Pilot
Gadermann, Ernst Gadermann Oberfeldwebel ~850 Gunner
Joswig, WilhelmWilhelm Joswig Oberleutnant 820 88 2 Pilot
Druschel, AlfredAlfred Druschel Oberst 800+ Pilot
Gassmann, PeterPeter Gaßmann Major 800+ Pilot
Grewe, JosefJosef Grewe Oberfeldwebel 800+ Pilot
Hettinger, FranzFranz Hettinger Oberfeldwebel 800+ Radio Operator
Ludigkeit, GüntherGünther Ludigkeit Hauptmann 800+ Pilot
Schrepfer, KarlKarl Schrepfer Major 800+ Pilot
Griebel, OsmarOsmar Griebel Fahnenjunker-Feldwebel 800 Pilot
Bellof, LudwigLudwig Bellof Oberfeldwebel ~800 Pilot
Fickel, HelmutHelmut Fickel Oberleutnant ~800 Pilot
Goetze, ManfredManfred Goetze Hauptmann ~800 Pilot
Gschwendtner, Karl-GeorgKarl-Georg Gschwendtner Leutnant ~800 Pilot
Moebus, MartinMartin Möbus Major ~800 60+ Pilot
Nossek, RainerRainer Nossek Oberleutnant ~800 73+ Pilot
Piske, HerbertHerbert Piske Oberleutnant 783 Pilot
Dose, PaulPaul Dose Hauptmann 781 Pilot
Kumminga, HansHans Kumminga Leutnant 779 Pilot
Reusch, Ernst-ChristianErnst-Christian Reusch Major 765 Pilot
Ensle, WolfgangWolfgang Ensle Oberfeldwebel 760 Pilot
Pipan, ArturArtur Pipan Hauptmann 758 Pilot
Hager, KarlKarl Hager Feldwebel 750 Pilot
Heiduschka, AlfredAlfred Heiduschka Oberfeldwebel 750 Pilot
Ludwig, HansHans Ludwig Oberfeldwebel 750 Pilot
Rabben, HerbertHerbert Rabben Oberfeldwebel 743 Pilot
Weissmann, EginhardEginhard Weißmann Oberleutnant ~740 Pilot
Stoll-Berberich, EgonEgon Stoll-Berberich Hauptmann 734 Pilot
Hermann, HorstHorst Hermann Feldwebel 729 Pilot
Stein, WernerWerner Stein Oberfeldwebel 727 Radio Operator
Fechner, KonradKonrad Fechner Oberfeldwebel 726 Pilot
Menapace, JosefJosef Menapace Hauptmann 723 Pilot
Huber, JosefJosef Huber Oberfeldwebel 721 Pilot
Meyn, WilhelmWilhelm Meyn Oberleutnant 721 Pilot
Fischer, SiegfriedSiegfried Fischer Oberfeldwebel 713 80 15 Pilot


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