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Republic of Albaniasovereign country located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southern Europe.[1]It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the west, and on the Ionian Sea to the southwest. It is less than 100 km (62 mi) from Italy, across the Strait of Otranto. Albania is a parliamentary democracy that is transforming its economy into a market-oriented system. The Albanian capital, Tirana, is home to 350,000 of the country's 3.6 million population. As a result of the opening of the country in the post-communist era, Albania is now undergoing a development boom as its telecommunications, transport and utilities infrastructure is being revamped.

General reference

Geography of Albania

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 Greece 282 km
 Montenegro 172 km
 Macedonia 151 km
 Kosovo 112 km
  • Coastline: 362 km

Environment of Albania

Natural geographic features of Albania

Regions of Albania

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Ecoregions of Albania

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Administrative divisions of Albania

Counties of Albania

Albania is divided into twelve counties (Albanian: qarku, sing. qark (official term); but often prefektura, sing. prefekturë, sometimes translated as prefecture). Each contains several districts, sometimes described as subprefectures:

County Capital Districts
1. Berat Berat Berat, Kuçovë, Skrapar
2. Dibër Peshkopi Bulqizë, Dibër, Mat
3. Durrës Durrës Durrës, Krujë
4. Elbasan Elbasan Elbasan, Gramsh, Librazhd, Peqin
5. Fier Fier Fier, Lushnjë, Mallakastër
6. Gjirokastër Gjirokastër Gjirokastër, Përmet, Tepelenë
7. Korçë Korçë Devoll, Kolonjë, Korçë, Pogradec
8. Kukës Kukës Has, Kukës, Tropojë
9. Lezhë Lezhë Kurbin, Lezhë, Mirditë
10. Shkodër Shkodër Malësi e Madhe, Pukë, Shkodër
11. Tirana Tirana Kavajë, Tirana
12. Vlorë Vlorë Delvinë, Sarandë, Vlorë
Districts of Albania
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Albania is divided into 36 districts, or rrethe. Districts are grouped into counties or prefectures, of which there are 12. The capital city, Tirana, has a special status. The districts are:

  1. Berat
  2. Bulqizë
  3. Delvinë
  4. Devoll
  5. Dibër
  6. Durrës
  7. Elbasan
  8. Fier
  9. Gjirokastër
  10. Gramsh
  11. Has
  12. Kavajë
  13. Kolonjë
  14. Korçë
  15. Krujë
  16. Kuçovë
  17. Kukës
  18. Kurbin
  1. Lezhë
  2. Librazhd
  3. Lushnjë
  4. Malësi e Madhe
  5. Mallakastër
  6. Mat
  7. Mirditë
  8. Peqin
  9. Përmet
  10. Pogradec
  11. Pukë
  12. Sarandë
  13. Shkodër
  14. Skrapar
  15. Tepelenë
  16. Tirana
  17. Tropojë
  18. Vlorë
Municipalities of Albania

Government and politics of Albania

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Branches of the government of Albania

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Executive branch of the government of Albania

Legislative branch of the government of Albania

Judicial branch of the government of Albania

Foreign relations of Albania

International organization membership

The Republic of Albania is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Albania

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Military of Albania

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Local government in Albania

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History of Albania

Main article: History of Albania, Timeline of Albanian history, and Current events of Albania

By period

By field

Culture of Albania

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Art in Albania

Sports in Albania

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Economy and infrastructure of Albania

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Education in Albania

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