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Title: Jinzhong  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Taigu County, Shen Weichen, Heshun County, Shouyang County, Xiyang County
Collection: Cities in Shanxi, Jinzhong
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Prefecture-level city
Old town of Pingyao
Old town of Pingyao
Jinzhong (red) in Shanxi (orange)
Jinzhong (red) in Shanxi (orange)
Jinzhong is located in Shanxi
Location of the city center in Shanxi
Country People's Republic of China
Province Shanxi
County-level divisions 12
Municipal seat Yuci District
 • Type Prefecture-level city
 • CPC Jinzhong Secretary Zhang Pu (张 璞)
 • Mayor Wu Qinghai (吴清海)
 • Prefecture-level city 16,408 km2 (6,335 sq mi)
 • Urban 1,327 km2 (512 sq mi)
 • Metro 2,780 km2 (1,070 sq mi)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Prefecture-level city 3,249,425
 • Density 200/km2 (510/sq mi)
 • Metro 635,651
 • Metro density 230/km2 (590/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 030600
Area code(s) 0354
Licence plates K
Administrative division code 140700
ISO 3166-2 CN-14-07

Jinzhong (simplified Chinese: 晋中; traditional Chinese: 晉中; pinyin: Jìnzhōng) is a prefecture-level city with 3,249,425 inhabitants at the 2010 census in east central Shanxi province of the People's Republic of China.


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Administrative divisions

Before 1999, what is now Jinzhong was Jinzhong Prefecture, with its capital at the county-level city of Yuci (Chinese: 榆次; pinyin: Yúcì; Wade–Giles: Yu-tz'u). In 1999, Jinzhong Prefecture became Jinzhong Prefecture-level City, and Yuci County-level City became Yuci District (a county-level district). Yuci district is now part of Taiyuan built up area home to 3,848,151 inhabitants in 2010.

Jinzhong is divided into the following county-level subdivisions:

# Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Population (2003 est.) Area (km²) Density (/km²)
1 Yuci District 榆次区 Yúcì Qū 530,000 1,327 399
2 Jiexiu City 介休市 Jièxiū Shì 380,000 743 511
3 Yushe County 榆社县 Yúshè Xiàn 140,000 1,651 85
4 Zuoquan County 左权县 Zuǒquán Xiàn 160,000 2,028 79
5 Heshun County 和顺县 Héshùn Xiàn 140,000 2,251 62
6 Xiyang County 昔阳县 Xīyáng Xiàn 230,000 1,943 118
7 Shouyang County 寿阳县 Shòuyáng Xiàn 210,000 2,111 99
8 Taigu County 太谷县 Tàigǔ Xiàn 280,000 1,034 271
9 Qi County 祁县 Qí Xiàn 260,000 854 304
10 Pingyao County 平遥县 Píngyáo Xiàn 490,000 1,260 389
11 Lingshi County 灵石县 Língshí Xiàn 240,000 1,206 199


Lingshi County was the location of the Nanshan Colliery disaster.



The prefecture-level city houses several Shanxi Courtyard Houses, businessmen's residences lauded as outstanding civilian residences.

Sister Cities


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External links

  • Jinzhong City Portal
  • - Jinzhong Information Network

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