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Impulse (body mist)

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Title: Impulse (body mist)  
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Subject: Spice Girls, List of Unilever brands, The Saturdays, Conimex, Simon van den Bergh
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Impulse (body mist)

Impulse is a bodyspray manufactured by Fabergé which was part of Unilever, an Anglo-Dutch company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and London, United Kingdom. Introduced as a 'perfume deodorant' in South Africa in 1972, Impulse was launched in the UK in 1981, including the butterfly design and the slogan "Men can't help acting on Impulse."

In the early 1980s, six scents were introduced, in the USA, called "Always Alluring", "Delightfully Daring", "Instantly Innocent", "Mysterious Musk", "Possible Playful", and "Suddenly Sassy".

In 1986, three scents were introduced called "Elation", "Electric Musk", and "Temptation".

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, two scents were introduced called "Tres LA" and "Night Rhythms" that were both merged with Prince Matchabelli.

In 1992, the last scent introduced, in the USA, called "Impressions".

In the summer of 1997, the Spice Girls became spokesmodels for the Impulse body sprays edition known as "Impulse Spice", while on tour promoting their two albums, Spice and Spiceworld.

There have been different Impulse body spray ranges too, such as the Impulse Shakers range. This range was designed for summer and had slightly different style to normal impulse sprays, as it had a small "ball" inside the can for "shaking" the ingredients up together before spraying. It came in fragrances like "Berry Crush", "Frangipani Fling", "Melon Madness" and "Tropical Breeze".

In 2006 there were eight fragrances with names such as "Thrill", "Goddess", and "Siren". In addition to the bodyspray, the Impulse brand includes antiperspirants and moisturisers.

Another interesting branch out for Impulse was the "water resistant" formula Summer Splash.

Impulse perfumes have been developed by Ann Gottlieb, a 'Nose' famous for creating several successful fragrances.

Stars of Impulse commercials include Neil Morrissey and Emma Harrison.

Recently there have been three new limited edition fragrances available called "The City Collection" and they are called "Paris", "London", and "New York". A re-release of these three fragrances were brought out as "Paris Chic", "London Vibe" and "New York Sass".

Other limited releases include: Impulse Oxygen: Sci and Air, Impulse Exotics: Rio Carnivale, Tahiti, Jamaica and Amazon, Impulse Groove: Bootylicious, Night Fever, Electric Vibe and Funkadelic

Also recently a new fragrance called "True Love" has been released.

The latest fragrance from Impulse is called "Very Pink".

In Australia the fragrances varied slightly in name..... From 1988 these included Spellbound, Mischief, Midnight, Temptation, Inspiration, On Fire, Impressions, Merely Musk and Incense.

Two of these 20-odd year old fragrances are still available in Australia today.... Merely Musk and Incense.

Impulse are always reinventing themselves through new patterns on their packaging and releasing new fragrances.

Since the original releases over the years Impulse have added others to their range. Some disappearing and some still available today.:

Illusions, Exotique, Magic, Fascination, Free Spirit, Captivation, Devotion, Vive, Destiny, ID, Alive, Liberate, Cherish, Vanilla Kisses, Ico, Solar, Sphere, Moon Grass, Goddess, Spirit, Tease, Thrill, True Love, Romantic Spark, Into Glamour, Love Story, Sweet Smile, Maybe, Hint of Musk, Very Pink

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