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Extreme points of Texas

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Title: Extreme points of Texas  
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Subject: Geography of Texas
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Extreme points of Texas

Extreme points are portions of a region which are further north, south, east, or west than any other. This is a list of extreme points in U.S. states.

Northernmost point
Southernmost point
Easternmost point
Westernmost point
Alabama Approx. 6 miles NW of Waterloo, Lauderdale County, in the far NW corner of the state Sand Island, Mobile County Approx. 8 miles SE of Fort Mitchell, in Russell County on the Georgia border Southern third of the Mississippi state line, ending near Melvin, Choctaw County
Point Barrow[1]
71°23′15″N 156°28′52″W / 71.38750°N 156.48111°W / 71.38750; -156.48111 (AK-N Point Barrow)[1]
(also the northernmost point in the United States),
9 miles (14 km) North-East of Barrow

Arizona Western two-thirds of the northern border with Utah; formed by the 37th parallel Eastern third of the southern border with Mexico, running from west of Nogales to the New Mexico border Eastern border with New Mexico West of San Luis, Yuma County
Arkansas Northern border with Missouri On the Mississippi River, approx. 3 miles (5 km) SE of Readland, Chicot County Near Huffman, Mississippi County NW corner of the state on Highway 43 NNW of Maysville at Corner Stone tri-state monument (MO-AR-OK) across

road from store on Missouri side.

California Northern border with Oregon; formed by the 42nd parallel Border Field State Park in Imperial Beach, San Diego County About three miles south of Parker Dam, San Bernardino County (directly across from Buckskin Mountain State Park, AZ) Cape Mendocino, Humboldt County. Westernmost island: Sugarloaf Island, Humboldt County
State Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
Colorado Northern border with Wyoming; formed by the 41st parallel Southern border with New Mexico, near Chromo (approximately 36.99250°N) Eastern border with Kansas and Nebraska Western border with Utah
Connecticut Northern border with Massachusetts, just west of State Route 41 near Salisbury Great Captain Island, western Long Island Sound CT-MA-RI tri-state point Approx. 1 mile NW of I-684, Fairfield County (near the intersection of High Hill Road and King Street)
Delaware Pennsylvania border, near Brandywine, New Castle County Southern border with Maryland On State Route 1, between Fenwick Island and South Bethany, Sussex County On the border with Maryland, 1.5 miles south of the MD-DE-PA tri-point, see Arc Line in the article The Wedge (border)
Florida Western third of northern border with Alabama; formed by the 31st parallel Palm Beach Shores, north side of Lake Worth Inlet, Palm Beach County
Approximately 26°46′24.56″N 80°1′51.29″W / 26.7734889°N 80.0309139°W / 26.7734889; -80.0309139 (FL-E) || On the Perdido River approx. 12 miles WSW of Walnut Hill, Escambia County
30°51′55.11″N 87°38′04.67″W / 30.8653083°N 87.6346306°W / 30.8653083; -87.6346306 (FL-W)

Georgia Eastern section of northern border with North Carolina, from North/South Carolina intersection to near Dillard, Rabun County (Ellicott's Rock) On the St. Mary's River, approx. 5 miles NE of Macclenny, Florida Tybee Island, Chatham County NW corner of the state, approx. 7 miles south of Jasper, Tennessee
State Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
Hawaii Kure Island Ka Lae (south cape), Hawaii County (also the southernmost point in the United States) Cape Kumukahi, Hawaii County Kure Island
Idaho Northern border with Canada; formed by the 49th parallel Southern border with Utah and Nevada; formed by the 42nd parallel Eastern border with Wyoming On the Snake River, across from Huntington, Oregon
Illinois NW corner of the state, near East Dubuque, Jo Daviess County Fort Defiance State Park, Alexander County Land: In Lawrence County, along the Wabash River, near 38°46′57.56″N 87°29′50.19″W / 38.7826556°N 87.4972750°W / 38.7826556; -87.4972750 (IL-E)
Water: At the junction of border with Michigan and Wisconsin, almost due east of Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, approximately 42°29′36.54″N 87°1′11.77″W / 42.4934833°N 87.0199361°W / 42.4934833; -87.0199361 (IL-E) || Lock & Dam No. 20 on the Mississippi River, near Meyer, Adams County

Indiana 45|37.33|N|86|0|0|W|region:US-IN_type:landmark name=IN-N

}} || On the Ohio River, opposite Uniontown, Kentucky
37°46′23″N 87°57′16″W / 37.77306°N 87.95444°W / 37.77306; -87.95444 (IN-S) || On the Ohio River, approx. 2 miles NE of Patriot, Switzerland County
38°52′31″N 84°47′8.7″W / 38.87528°N 84.785750°W / 38.87528; -84.785750 (IN-E) || On the Wabash River, opposite New Haven, Illinois
37°54′9″N 88°5′50.3″W / 37.90250°N 88.097306°W / 37.90250; -88.097306 (IN-W)

Iowa Northern border with Minnesota and South Dakota At the mouth of the Des Moines River, near Keokuk, Lee County On the Mississippi River, between Clinton and Sabula On the Big Sioux River, approx. 1 mile west of Westfield, Plymouth County
State Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
Kansas Northern border with Nebraska Southern border with Oklahoma On the Missouri River, within Kansas City, Kansas, at the GM Fairfax Assembly Plant, formerly the Fairfax Airport Western border with Colorado
Kentucky On the Ohio River, opposite North Bend, Ohio On Kentucky Lake at the Tennessee border, approx. 10 miles SE of New Concord, Calloway County On the Tug Fork River at the intersection with Virginia and West Virginia, Pike County On the Mississippi River, due south of New Madrid, Missouri, see Kentucky Bend
Louisiana NW corner of the state, near Zylks, Caddo Parish At the mouth of the Mississippi River, approx. 14 miles south of Venice, Plaquemines Parish Chandeleur Islands On the Toledo Bend Reservoir, approx. 5 mi. NW of Logansport, De Soto Parish
Maine Estcourt Station, opposite Pohenegamook, Quebec Cedar Island Ledge, York County Quoddy Head (also the easternmost point in the continental United States) Intersection with New Hampshire and Quebec, Oxford County
Maryland Northern border with Pennsylvania Cedar Island W.M.A. On the Atlantic Ocean at the Maryland-Delaware state line SW corner of the Maryland Panhandle, approx. 10 miles south of Gnegy Church, Garrett County
State Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
Massachusetts Approx. 1 mile NW of Salisbury Plains, in Salisbury, Essex County Approx. 4 miles WSW of Siasconset, Nantucket Island Nauset Light Beach, Cape Cod National Seashore, in Eastham, Barnstable County Near Alander Mountain, in Mount Washington, Berkshire County
Michigan Northernmost point of border with Ontario, almost due north of Passage Islands and northwest of the Gull Islands, approximately 48°18′21″N 88°22′11″W / 48.30583°N 88.36972°W / 48.30583; -88.36972 (MI-N) || Intersection of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio borders, southwest of Camden, Hillsdale County, approximately 41°41′46″N 84°48′22″W / 41.69611°N 84.80611°W / 41.69611; -84.80611 (MI-S) || Easternmost point of border with Ontario, northeast of Port Sanilac, Michigan approximately 43°35′28″N 82°7′22″W / 43.59111°N 82.12278°W / 43.59111; -82.12278 (MI-E) || Mouth of the Montreal River along Wisconsin state line, Gogebic County, approximately 46°33′58″N 90°25′7″W / 46.56611°N 90.41861°W / 46.56611; -90.41861 (MI-W)

Minnesota Angle Inlet, Lake of the Woods County (also the northernmost point in the contiguous 48 states) Southern border with Iowa, within 1 mile W of US 65 0|51.27|N|89|28|59.94|W|region:US-MN_type:landmark name=MN-E

}} || Near St. Vincent, Minnesota

Mississippi Central half of the northern border with Tennessee Approx. 2 miles SE of Ansley, Hancock County Near Eastport, Tishomingo County On the Mississippi River, approx. 7 miles west of Pinckneyville, Wilkinson County
Missouri On the Des Moines River, immediately north of the Battle of Athens State Historic Site, Clark County Southern border of the Missouri Bootheel On the Mississippi River, approx. 2 miles SE of Cairo, Illinois On the Missouri River, immediately south of the intersection of Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska state lines, Atchison County
State Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
Montana Northern border with Canada; marked by the 49th parallel In the Beaverhead National Forest, approx. 25 miles SW of Lima (as the crow flies), Beaverhead County Eastern border with North and South Dakota "Straight" portion of the western border with Idaho, extending from the Canadian border to approx. 8 miles SW of Heron, Sanders County
Nebraska "Straight" portion of the northern border with South Dakota, from the west bank of the Missouri River to the Wyoming state line (marked by the 43rd parallel) Southern border with Kansas SE corner of the state, in the Iowa Indian Reservation, Richardson County Western border of the state with Wyoming
Nevada Northern border with Idaho and Oregon; marked by the 42nd parallel On the Colorado River, at the intersection with Arizona and California Eastern border with Arizona and Utah Western border with California north of Lake Tahoe
New Hampshire Approx. 100 meters WNW of the intersection with Maine and Quebec Approx. 1 mile NNE of Dracut, Massachusetts Inhabited: Star Island, Isles of Shoals; Uninhabited: Anderson's Ledge, Isles of Shoals (both are part of the Town of Rye.) On the Connecticut River, opposite Brattleboro, Vermont. (The entire river is part of New Hampshire.)
New Jersey On the Delaware River, opposite Port Jervis, New York (latitude 41.36 North) Cape May Point State Park, Cape May County (latitude 38.93 North) On the Hudson River in Alpine, Bergen County (longitude 73.90 West) In the Killcohook National Wildlife Refuge (longitude 75.56 West). NJ and Delaware share a short land border in this area.
State Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
New Mexico Northern border with Colorado Southern border of New Mexico's "bootheel" with Mexico, Hidalgo County Eastern border with Oklahoma (not Texas) Western border with Arizona
New York In the Saint Lawrence River just north of Robert Moses State Park and Barnhart Island, St. Lawrence County (latitude 45.01 North) Southern tip of Staten Island, Richmond County (latitude 40.50 North) at Tottenville, Staten Island Montauk Point, Suffolk County (longitude 71.86 West) Western (not southern) border with Pennsylvania (longitude 79.76 West), at Twentymile Creek
North Carolina Northern border both Virginia and Tennessee Cape Fear, Brunswick County Rodanthe, Dare County Hothouse Township, Cherokee County
North Dakota Northern border with Canada (formed by the 49th parallel) Southern border with South Dakota (45° 56' 07" N)[15] On the Bois de Sioux River, approx. 3 miles NE of Fairmount, Richland County 46°05′02″N 96°33′16″W / 46.083977°N 96.55455°W / 46.083977; -96.55455|| Western border with Montana (104° 03' 2.7")[15]

Ohio At junction of border with Erie and Pennsylvania
42°19′37.59″N 80°31′11.43″W / 42.3271083°N 80.5198417°W / 42.3271083; -80.5198417 (OH-N);[16]
in Conneaut, Ashtabula County

38°24′11.76″N 82°33′3.78″W / 38.4032667°N 82.5510500°W / 38.4032667; -82.5510500 (OH-S),[17]
In Burlington, Lawrence County

At Pennsylvania border
40°38′19.68″N 80°31′8.37″W / 40.6388000°N 80.5189917°W / 40.6388000; -80.5189917 (OH-E);[18]

At Indiana border
39°6′19.73″N 84°49′12.56″W / 39.1054806°N 84.8201556°W / 39.1054806; -84.8201556 (OH-W);[19]

State Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
Oklahoma Northern border with Kansas along 37 °N At the southern (Texas) shore of Gunn Lake on the Red River, just above the intersection of the Arkansas and Texas state lines, McCurtain County 33°36′56″N 94°31′34″W / 33.61556°N 94.52611°W / 33.61556; -94.52611 (OK-southernmost point, McCurtain County)|| Extreme southeastern Sequoyah County in middle of Arkansas River below Moffett, bordering Fort Smith, Arkansas, on its northwest side 35°23′39″N 94°25′52″W / 35.39417°N 94.43111°W / 35.39417; -94.43111 (OK-easternmost point, Sequoyah County) || Western border with New Mexico along 103 °W, also known as the Cimarron Meridian

Oregon 17|30.19|N|124|1|30.03|W|region:US-OR_type:landmark name=OR-N

}}[20] || Southern border with California and Nevada (marked by the 42nd parallel) from the Pacific Ocean 42°0′0.00″N 124°12′45.45″W / 42.0000000°N 124.2126250°W / 42.0000000; -124.2126250 (OR-SW)[21] to Idaho 42°0′0.00″N 117°1′34.39″W / 42.0000000°N 117.0262194°W / 42.0000000; -117.0262194 (OR-SE)[22] || On the Snake River, Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, approx. 10 miles (as the crow flies) west of Lucile, Idaho (longitude 116.46 West)45°36′41.33″N 116°27′49.54″W / 45.6114806°N 116.4637611°W / 45.6114806; -116.4637611 (OR-E)[23] || Cape Blanco, Curry County (longitude 124.57 West) 42°50′10.50″N 124°33′54.84″W / 42.8362500°N 124.5652333°W / 42.8362500; -124.5652333 (OR-W)[24] Westernmost islands: Orford Reef, Curry County

Pennsylvania At junction of border with New York and Ontario, northeast of North East, Pennsylvania, approximately 42°29′59.45″N 79°45′42.74″W / 42.4998472°N 79.7618722°W / 42.4998472; -79.7618722 (PA-N) || Southern border with Maryland and West Virginia || Matamoras, Pennsylvania || Western border with Ohio and West Virginia

Rhode Island NE corner of the state, in Cumberland, Rhode Island Southern tip of Block Island SE corner of the state; intersection of Massachusetts state line and Rhode Island Sound, near Quicksand Pond Napatree Point
South Carolina 12|55.44|N|82|23|25.29|W|region:US-SC_type:landmark name=SC-N

}}|| Cockspur Island, Jasper County near Georgia coast (20 miles south of Beaufort 32°01′17.79″N 80°53′21.35″W / 32.0216083°N 80.8892639°W / 32.0216083; -80.8892639 (SC-S)|| Intersection of the North Carolina border and the Atlantic Ocean near Myrtle Beach || Oconee County, near Georgia at Chattooga River at the junctions of Tugaloo and Savannah Rivers nearby Whitewater Falls

State Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
South Dakota Northern border with North Dakota Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, slightly WSW of the intersection of the Big Sioux and Missouri Rivers, Union County On the Big Sioux River, 1 km Southeast of Hudson, South Dakota, Lincoln County Western border with Montana and Wyoming
Tennessee In land between the lakes along the Kentucky border in Stewart county Tn along the Georgia border, in the city of East Ridge, Tennessee NE corner of the state SW corner of the state
Texas Northern border with the Oklahoma Panhandle Approx. 5 miles SE of Brownsville, on the Rio Grande On the Sabine River, SW of Burr Ferry, Louisiana 0.6 miles west of the Rio Grande, near Borderland, El Paso County
Utah Northern border with Idaho; formed by the 42nd parallel Southern border with Arizona Eastern border with Colorado Western border with Nevada
Vermont Northern border with Quebec roughly follows the 45th parallel, mostly running about 1 km to 2 km north of the parallel. The northernmost segment of the border is in the town of Highgate, Vermont On the Connecticut River, at the intersection of Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire On the Connecticut River, approx. 1 mile east of Beecher Falls, Essex County On the East Bay of Lake Champlain, approx. 2 miles north of Whitehall, New York
State Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
Virginia Approx. 3 miles NW of Unger, West Virginia 1/2 mile north of Whitetown, North Carolina Intersection of Maryland-Virginia (Eastern Shore ) State line and Atlantic Ocean, Assateague Island National Seashore, Accomack County Approx. 2 miles E of Middlesboro, Kentucky, in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
Washington Northern border with Canada, formed by the 49th parallel Reed Island, Clark County (latitude 45.55 North) Intersection of Washington, Oregon and Idaho state lines (longitude 116.92 West) Bodelteh Islands, Clallam County (longitude 124.77 West) (also the westernmost point in the contiguous 48 states) Westernmost mainland: Cape Alava, Clallam County
West Virginia Intersection of West Virginia-Pennsylvania state line and the Ohio River Approx. 1 mile NW of Amonate, Virginia Intersection of West Virginia-Virginia state line and the Potomac River On the Tug Fork River, approx. 5 miles NNW of Louisa, Kentucky
Wisconsin Northernmost point of border with Minnesota, north of Apostle Islands, approximately 47°18′36″N 90°39′16″W / 47.31000°N 90.65444°W / 47.31000; -90.65444 (WI-N) || Intersection of border with Illinois and Lake Michigan || Easternmost point of border with Michigan, northwest of North Manitou Island, approximately 45°14′11″N 86°14′59″W / 45.23639°N 86.24972°W / 45.23639; -86.24972 (WI-E) || On the St. Croix River, 1/4 mile south of Polk-Burnett county line

Wyoming Northern border with Montana; formed by the 45th parallel Southern border with Colorado and Utah; formed by the 41st parallel Eastern border with Nebraska and South Dakota Western border with Idaho and Utah
State / Territory Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point
American Samoa 03|20|S|171|04|40|W|region:AS_type:isle name=AS-N

}} || Steps point, Tutuila Island || Rose Atoll 14°32′48″S 168°09′07″W / 14.54667°S 168.15194°W / -14.54667; -168.15194 (AS-E) || Cape Taputapu, Tutuila Island

District of Columbia Near the intersection of E Beach Dr NW and Verbena St NW Western end of Oxon Hill Farm Intersection of Eastern Avenue NE and Southern Avenue NE Western side of C&O Canal National Historical Park, about 2/3 of the way up the island
Federated States of Micronesia (Independent Associated State since 1986) Ulithi Atoll Kapingamarangi Atoll Kosrae Island Ngulu Atoll
Guam Ritidian Point Aga Point (mainland), Cocos Island (offshore) Pati point Udall Point (formerly Orote Point)
Guantanamo Bay (Naval Base) Eastern 2/3 of the northern border with the rest of the bay Winward Point Eastern border of longitude near 75º05' Southern 1/3 of Guantanamo Bay's western border (a longitude line west of Leeward Point Field)
Northern Mariana Islands Northern tip of Farallon de Pajaros Southern tip of Rota island Eastern tip of Farallon de Medinilla Western tip of Farallon de Pajaros
Puerto Rico Area of land near San Antonio Southern tip of Isla Caja de Muertos Eastern tip of Isla Culebrita Western tip of Isla Mona
U.S. Virgin Islands Small island off the north coast of Hans Lollik Island Southwest Cape, St. Croix island Udall Point (AKA East Point), St. Croix Island Western tip of Savana Island
Territory Northernmost point Southernmost point Easternmost point Westernmost point


^ A: The State of Alaska uniquely crosses or spans the 180 degree East-West Meridian, and The State of Alaska's territory includes many islands and in several areas "water". This uniquely results in (2) two or (3) three different definitions of East-, South- and West-ernmost points.

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