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European Parliament Election, 2004 (Belgium)

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Title: European Parliament Election, 2004 (Belgium)  
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Subject: Mouvement des Citoyens pour le Changement, Christlich Soziale Partei (Belgium)
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European Parliament Election, 2004 (Belgium)

Belgium European Parliament election, 2004
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13 June 2004
→ 2009
24 seats to the European Parliament

Elections to the European Parliament were held in Belgium on June 13, 2004. The elections produced little overall change in the distribution of seats in the European Parliament among Belgium's many political parties. The two socialist parties improved their vote, while the Green parties lost ground. The Flemish nationalist party the Flemish Bloc (Vlaams Blok) registered the largest gains.


Registered voters 7,552,240  
Votes cast 6,857,986 90.8%
Invalid votes 367,995 5.4%
Valid votes 6,489,991 94.6%


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Dutch-speaking electoral college

Party Affiliation Votes  % Change Seats Change
  Christian Democratic and Flemish (CD&V)–New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) 1,131,119 28.15 Increase 6.47 4 Increase 1
  Flemish Bloc (VB) 930,731 23.16 Increase 8.07 3 Increase 1
  Flemish Liberals and Democrats (VLD) 880,279 21.91 Decrease 1.7 3 Steady 0
  Socialist Party Different (SP.A)–Spirit 716,317 17.83 Increase 3.62 3 Increase 1
  Green! 320,874 7.99 Decrease 3.99 1 Decrease 1

French-speaking electoral college

Party Affiliation Votes  % Change Seats Change
  Socialist Party (PS) 878,577 36.09 Increase 10.31 4 Increase 1
  Reformist Movement (MR) 671,422 27.58 Increase 0.59 3 Steady 0
  Democratic Humanist Centre (CDH) 368,753 15.15 Increase 1.84 1 Steady 0
  Ecolo 239,687 9.84 Decrease 12.86 1 Decrease 2

German-speaking electoral college

Party Affiliation Votes  % Change Seats Change
  Christian Social Party (CSP-EVP) 15,722 42.49 Increase 6.02 1 Steady 0
  Partei für Freiheit und Fortschritt (PFF)–Reformist Movement (MR) 8,434 22.79 Increase 3.19 0 Steady 0
  Socialist Party (SP) 5,527 14.94 Increase 3.52 0 Steady 0
  Ecolo 3,880 10.49 Decrease 6.52 0 Steady 0
  Party of German-speaking Belgians (PDB) 3,442 9.3 Decrease 0.62 0 Steady 0

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