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Downsview (electoral district)

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Title: Downsview (electoral district)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Anthony Perruzza, Laureano Leone, Joe Volpe, Ontario provincial election, 1981/Downsview, Ontario provincial election, 1990/Downsview
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Downsview (electoral district)

Ontario electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Ontario
District created 1963
District abolished 1996
First contested 1963
Last contested 1995
Census divisions Toronto
Census subdivisions Toronto

Downsview was a provincial riding in Ontario, Canada. It was created for the 1963 provincial election, and was retained until redistribution in 1999. Downsview was located in North York, which was previously part of Metropolitan Toronto and is now part of the City of Toronto. It was formed from part of the original riding of York Centre. In 1996 it was merged into a newly reconstituted riding of the same name.

For most of its history, Downsview was a hotly contested marginal seat between the Liberals and the New Democratic Party. Its final representative, however, was a Progressive Conservative: Annamarie Castrilli was elected as a Liberal in 1995, but crossed parties on the last sitting day of the legislature before the 1999 election.

The riding's demographics and boundaries shifted throughout its existence. In the 1960s, it consisted of the area of the borough of North York between Bathurst Street and Keele Street. During this period, the riding had a large Jewish community, representing about 40% of the population.[1] In the 1975 election, the eastern, predominantly Jewish section of the riding was redistributed to the riding of Wilson Heights and the riding became predominantly Italian. Odoardo Di Santo, elected as a New Democrat in 1975, was one of the first three Italian-Canadians to serve in the Ontario legislature.


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  • Electoral results 2
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Provincial representatives

Parliament Years Member Party
Formed from part of York Centre riding in 1963
27th 1963-1967     Vern Singer Liberal
28th 1967-1971
29th 1971-1975
30th 1975-1977     Odoardo Di Santo NDP
31st 1977-1981
32nd 1981-1985
33rd 1985-1987     Joseph Cordiano Liberal
34th 1987-1990     Laureano Leone Liberal
35th 1990-1995     Anthony Perruzza NDP
36th 1995-1999     Annamarie Castrilli Liberal
1999     Progressive Conservative
Sourced from the Ontario Legislative Assembly[2]
Merged into York Centre riding after 1999

Electoral results

Ontario general election, 1963
Party Candidate Votes[3] Vote %
    Liberal Vern Singer 7,328 38.0
    New Democrat Alan Borovoy 6,806 35.3
    Progressive Conservative David Vanek 5,168 26.8
Total 19,302
Ontario general election, 1967
Party Candidate Votes[4] Vote %
    Liberal Vern Singer 8,875 36.6
    New Democrat Murray Chusid 8,848 36.4
    Progressive Conservative Max Shecter 6,293 25.9
    Independent Sonee Cohen 261 1.1
Total 24,277
Ontario general election, 1971
Party Candidate Votes[5] Vote %
    Liberal Vern Singer 16,933 52.2
    New Democrat Murray Chusid 10,803 33.3
    Progressive Conservative Lorraine Deane 4,673 14.4
Total 32,409
Ontario general election, 1975
Party Candidate Votes[6] Vote %
    New Democrat Odoardo Di Santo 8,090 37.0
    Liberal Michael Spensieri 7,962 36.4
    Conservative Barbara Greene 5,832 26.6
Total 21,884
Ontario general election, 1977
Party Candidate Votes[7] Vote %
    New Democrat Odoardo Di Santo 10,238 45.3
    Conservative Sam Stabile 6,109 27.0
    Liberal Joseph De Angelis 5,818 25.7
    Independent Doreen Leitch 252 1.1
Libertarian Michael Little 187 0.8
Total 22,604
Ontario general election, 1981
Party Candidate Votes[8] Vote %
    New Democrat Odoardo Di Santo 8,718 39.4
    Liberal Joe Volpe 8,039 36.3
    Conservative Ross Charles 5,368 24.3
Total 22,125
Ontario general election, 1985
Party Candidate Votes[9] Vote %
    Liberal Joseph Cordiano 11,250 43.9
    New Democrat Odoardo Di Santo 11,119 43.7
    Conservative Vincent Stabile 3,250 12.7
Total 28,559
Ontario general election, 1987
Party Candidate Votes[10] Vote %
    Liberal Laureano Leone 11,921 46.7
    New Democrat Maria Augimeri 11,778 46.2
    Conservative David McCreadle 1,816 7.1
Total 19,058
Ontario general election, 1990
Party Candidate Votes[11] Vote %
    New Democrat Anthony Perruzza 13,440 56.7
    Liberal Laureano Leone 8,180 34.5
    Conservative Chris Smith 1,471 6.2
Libertarian David Kenney 618 2.6
Total 23,709




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