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Don Mills (electoral district)

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Title: Don Mills (electoral district)  
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Subject: Murad Velshi, Dennis Timbrell, Ontario general election, 1990, Defunct Ontario provincial electoral districts, Green Party of Ontario candidates, 1999 Ontario provincial election
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Don Mills (electoral district)

Don Mills
Ontario electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Ontario
District created 1963
District abolished 1996
First contested 1963
Last contested 1999
Census divisions Toronto
Census subdivisions Toronto

Don Mills was a provincial electoral district in Ontario, Canada. It was created for the 1963 provincial election, and lasted until the provincial redistribution on 1996. The riding was formally retired with the 1999 provincial election. At its abolishment, the riding consisted of the neighbourhoods of Woodbine Gardens and Parkview Hill in the borough of East York plus the neighbourhoods of Flemingdon Park and the southern part of Don Mills in North York (all of North York south of Lawrence Avenue). It was abolished into Don Valley East, Don Valley West and Beaches—East York.

The riding was a bastion of strength for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario for most of its history, and was represented by moderate Tory cabinet ministers Dennis Timbrell and David Johnson at different times. The Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party both represented the riding between 1987 and 1993.


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  • Provincial representatives 2
  • Electoral results 3
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The riding was created in 1963, one of several new ridings in Metro. The initial boundaries were the North York city limits on the south and east and west and Lawrence Avenue East formed the northern boundary.[1]

Provincial representatives

Parliament Years Member Party
Created from part of York East riding in 1963
27th 1963 − 1967     Stanley Randall PC
28th 19671971
29th 1971 − 1975 Dennis Timbrell
31st 1977 − 1981
32nd 1981 − 1985
33rd 1985 − 1987
34th 1987 − 1990     Murad Velshi Liberal
35th 1990 − 1993     Margery Ward[nb 1] NDP
1993 − 1995     David Johnson Conservative
36th 1995 − 1999
Sourced from the Ontario Legislative Assembly[2]
Merged into
Don Valley East, Don Valley West and Beaches—East York
after 1999

Electoral results

Ontario general election, 1963
Party Candidate Votes[3] Vote %
    Conservative Stanley Randall 9,711 51.7
    New Democrat James Renwick 5,252 28.0
    Liberal David Stewart 3,825 20.4
Total 18,788
Ontario general election, 1967
Party Candidate Votes[4] Vote %
    Conservative Stanley Randall 9,645 41.5
    New Democrat Chris Smith 8,739 37.6
    Liberal Gordon Ryan 4,660 20.0
    Social Credit Rae Becaock 222 1.0
Total 23,266
Ontario general election, 1971
Party Candidate Votes[5] Vote %
    Conservative Dennis Timbrell 15,182 49.3
    New Democrat Jim Norton 10,123 32.9
    Liberal Michael Kuster 5,481 17.8
Total 30,786
Ontario general election, 1975
Party Candidate Votes[6] Vote %
    Conservative Dennis Timbrell 13,873 46.3
    New Democrat Bob Sherwood 8,216 27.4
    Liberal Donald Wright 7,845 26.2
Total 29,934
Ontario general election, 1977
Party Candidate Votes[7][nb 2] Vote %
    Conservative Dennis Timbrell 16,872 55.1
    New Democrat Steve Thomas 8,014 26.2
    Liberal Andrew Meles 4,919 16.1
    Libertarian Michael Martin 797 2.6
Total 30,602
Ontario general election, 1981
Party Candidate Votes[8] Vote %
    Conservative Dennis Timbrell 17,661 63.8
    Liberal Murad Velshi 5,491 19.8
    New Democrat Michael Lee 4,547 16.4
Total 27,699
Ontario general election, 1985
Party Candidate Votes[9] Vote %
    Conservative Dennis Timbrell 15,535 50.7
    Liberal John Atkin 7,557 24.6
    New Democrat Michael Wyatt 6,222 20.3
    Independent Gary Watson 1,344 4.4
Total 30,658
Ontario general election, 1987
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Murad Velshi 10,573 39.9
Conservative David Lindsay 8,666 32.7
New Democratic Margery Ward 6,368 24.0
Independent David Smith 588 2.2
Freedom David Pengally 330 1.2
Total 26,525
Source: "How Metro-Area Voted". The Toronto Daily Star (Toronto). 1987-09-11. p. A12. 
By-election, April 1, 1993
Party Candidate Votes[10][nb 3] Vote %
    Conservative Dave Johnson 9,008 56.3
    Liberal Murad Velshi 5,524 34.5
    New Democrat Chandran Myvaganam 1,479 9.2



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