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D20 Future

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Title: D20 Future  
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D20 Future

d20 Future is an accessory for the d20 Modern role-playing game written by Christopher Perkins, Rodney Thompson, and JD Wiker. It facilitates the playing of campaigns in the far future, using elements such as cybernetics, mecha, mutations, robotics, space travel, starships, and xenobiology. d20 Future is one of the most extensive of science-fiction d20 games, and has its own SRD[1], being a source for many other sci-fi d20 games.


  • New Rules 1
  • Campaigns 2
  • Expansions 3
    • d20 Cyberscape 3.1
    • d20 Future Tech 3.2
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New Rules

d20 Future introduced a number of new elements to d20 Modern, including:

  • New classes, occupations, feats, and skill applications
  • New equipment, include cybernetics and mecha
  • Rules for robot player characters
  • Rules for mutations
  • Rules for scientific engineering, spaceships, and constructs
  • Hazards and environments, including vacuum and radiation
  • Progress Levels, describing global levels of technological development


The book presented a number of campaign models, which provided a framework for building a full campaign setting but did not include a full-scale setting. Campaign models introduced include:

  • Mecha Crusade, an anime-inspired (primarily Gundam-inspired) setting taking place in the 2050s that focuses on the war between Earth and the Colonists, with giant fighting robots (mecha) being used on both sides. It originally appeared as a mini-game in Polyhedron #154. Mecha Crusade uses a different system than the Guardians of Order-published d20 Mecha.
  • Star Law, a remake of the popular 1980s Star Frontiers space opera-based role-playing game. The mini-setting is cited to use material from Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn and Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space.


d20 Cyberscape

d20 Cyberscape is an expansion for the d20 Future supplement of d20 Modern. It adds more Cybernetics to accompany those found in d20 Future, as well as alternate forms of cybernetics, such as cybernetics in fantasy. It also includes a cyberpunk campaign model called CyberRave, in which the world has become a collection of corporation-owned and run countries.

d20 Future Tech

d20 Future Tech
d20 Future Tech Accessory
Designer(s) Rodney Thompson, J.D. Wiker
Publisher(s) Wizards of the Coast
Publication date 2006
Genre(s) Generic futuristic technology
System(s) d20 System, d20 Modern variant

d20 Future Tech is a 96 page supplement for the d20 Modern role-playing game and the d20 Future supplement. This supplement contains rules which expand on various weaponry and gadgets from d20 Future.

The book contains additional material expands of the following topics already established in d20 Future: Weapons/Personal Gear, Starships, Mecha, and Robotics. Also, there is a chapter on how future technology affects life and one on integrating different types of combat (Mecha vs Vehicle, Starship vs. Mecha, Etc.).

See also

External links

  • The d20 Future System Reference Document.
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