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Title: Chachran  
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Chachran Sharif
Chachran Sharif
Chachran Sharif

Coordinates: 30°07′N 71°16′E / 30.12°N 71.27°E / 30.12; 71.27Coordinates: 30°07′N 71°16′E / 30.12°N 71.27°E / 30.12; 71.27

Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Chachran Sharif (Urdu: چاچڑان شریف‎) is a city in Tehsil Khanpur of the Rahim Yar Khan District, in the Punjab state of Pakistan. Chacharan Sharif is a historical town of District Rahim Yar Khan which is attributed with name of famous poet and saint Khawaja Ghulam Fareed and it is called Fareed city as he was born and lived in this city. This city is situated at the east bank of Indus River and is the last northern town of District Rahim Yar Khan. After it the territory of District Rajan Pur begins; Mithankot, another historic town is directly across the river Indus on its west bank. A steel pontoon bridge is prepared in winter season which proves useful for 4 months. In this way this bridge gives the facility of travelling for thousands of the people of District Rahim Yar Khan and District Rajan Pur but this bridge is dismantled in the summer season and people cross the river using ferries and boats. In the floods days this way of communication is suspended. There are main mouzaz near Chachran Sharif Like Pahoran, Mud Adil, Beit Mugul, Mehran, Hasil Pur, Mouza Chachar, Mouza Chandia, Mouaza Hamid pur, faiz Abad, and Hyder Abad. Sardar Khair Muhammad Pahur who was Ex. Magistrate in eighteenth century and the Mouza Pahuran was named on his tribal name.


There are so many cites and references are available about Chachran Sharif in Authentic books. Some historian has mentioned in their books like Professor Saeed Ahmed Saeed has Quoted in his book "Political History Rahim Yar Khan" on Page 30, Mr. Yehya Amjad in his book "The History Of Old Pakistan" on page # 446, Professor H. C Rae Chaudhri in his book " Political History Of Initiant India" and Mr. Muhammad Hassan Dani in his book " Tamur Garha" on page 20 to page 22 mentioning that Malo was an ancient Arian democratic State. People of Malo tribe during the period of Great Alexander live near the linking point of Indus and Ravi Rivers, probably on the eastern side at Chachran, Allah Abad, Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan. So it proves that that In the age of Arian 900 BC, Chachran was like a basic city in that State. Shahzada Mirza Mehmood Shah cited in his travelling story on page # 46 that Chacharan at the bank of Indus River is in the premises of Bahawal Pur State. It is said that it was a big city and its population was like the population of Multan.

There was a big harbour in Chachran before the birth of Khawaja Ghulam Farid. Big boats used to be here and people do business through this way when travelling source were very rare. However Chachran got more fame after the birth known poet Khawaja Ghulam Farid and became known as Chachran Sharif. Mostly the people of Chachar tribe used to live and are living here and due it, its name has become known as Chachran Sharif. There are main mouzaz near Chachran Sharif Like Pahoran, Mud Adil, Beit Mugul, Mehran, Hasil Pur, Mouza Chachar, Mouza Chandia, Mouaza Hamid pur, faiz Abad, and Hyder Abad.


There is no court in Chachran Sharif. However there is a sub divisional headquarters for courts in the tehsil of Khan Pur, which comprises on two honourable additional session judges courts and five civil judges courts. The bar is consisting of 280 members.


People from Chachran Sharif have been comprehensively involved in local, state and national politics as well.

Major tribes

The main clans of the Chachran are the ',Mlaik Sulangi " Malik Balhara,chachar,mirani,

[Malik Sulangi][Ghouri]koreja, Qureshi, Pahore, AwanAwan Dashti chacher Mughal, Khawaja, Mian, Rajput, Bhatti, Baloch, Arain, Jat, Jam, Abbasi, Malik, Jatoi,  Gharro; Mirani, Khokhar, Patafi, Pahur}. Prior to the partition of British India in 1947, at least one third of population consisted of Hindus with predominance of Aroras who conducted the business and finance of the town. They left for India after the partition.

Mr Mehar Chand Verma, a Hindu Arora, was born in Chachran, migrated to India in 1947 and then to England in 1966, and has served as a municipal councillor in the city of Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom for many years.

Sport in Chachran Sharif

Cricket: Sport is widely played in the city, and the community of the city thoroughly enjoys sport as an enjoyable alternative in terms of recreation. The city is home to many talented cricketers of Pakistan who have achieved high levels and later gone on to represent national first-class teams as well as top state-wide clubs. The city once used to host a large cricket ground, which was generally maintained by the Mayor of the city and the town committee as well as prominent members of the city community. However, the municipality later demolished the ground and constructed a central park, much to the dismay of some people and their demands.Muhammad Abdullah Qureshi is the most popular cricketer in Chachran Sharif(03002139942).

Famous places and tourist attractions

One of the famous tourist attractions of the city is the Minchan Bund of Chachran Sharif Khawaja Ghulam Fareed Saran was (built in the eighteenth century for a Khawaja Sb.). The building structure is a blend of multi-cultural architecture, incorporating a typical eighteenth-century design as well as a traditional touch of both old and modern form of Pakistani architecture.


The Government High School for Girls & Boys is separately providing education in many disciplines. Matric level classes have started in this School. There are so many Private Schools in this city.


Khawaja Ghulam Fareed was a famous poet of Chachran Sharif. He wrote many books of poetry as well as the Islamic sciences.


Saraiki is the major language that is widely spoken. The national languages of Pakistan, Urdu and English,and Punjabi are also fluently spoken and understood, especially in formal occasions.Some people can speak, write or understand Arabic well.


There are Few famous Shrines or Darabrs (Tombs) in Chachran Sharif and in the surrounding areas. These tombs are of

  • Khwaja Ghulam Fareed in Kot Mithan which is almost at 9 km distance from his city Chachran Sharif that is in the territory of District Rajan Pur that is not include in our district Rahim Yar Khan and the present sajjada nasheen of khawaja farid shrine is no one, bcos after the death of HAZRAT KHWAJA FAIZ FAREED KOREJA many of the relatives started to claim sajaadgi because FAIZ FAREED sahib did not have any son, the claimers include "Mazhar Fareed, Mehboob Koreja and Khawaja Riaz Ahmed KOreja"
  • Shrine Of Bukhari Sahib


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