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Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party


Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party

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The Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party was established in 1955, and is the highest authority within the Lao People's Revolutionary Party. It is periodically elected by the party's National Congress.


  • Members 1
    • 1st (1955–1972) 1.1
    • 2nd (1972–1982) 1.2
    • 3rd (1982–1986) 1.3
    • 4th (1986–1991) 1.4
    • 5th (1991–1996) 1.5
    • 6th (1996–2001) 1.6
    • 7th 2001–2006 1.7
    • 8th (2006–2011) 1.8
    • 9th (2011–2016) 1.9
  • Advisors of Party's Central Committee 2
  • See also 3


1st (1955–1972)

Kaysone Phomvihane, Nouhak Phoumsavan, Bun Phommahaxay, Sisavath Keobounphanh, Khamseng. May 1955, supplemented Souphanouvong, Phoumi Vongvichit, Phoun Sipaseut

1956 supplemented Khamsouk Saignaseng, Thit Mouan Saochanthala, Sisomphon Lovansay, Khamtay Siphandone, Somseun Khampithoun

1961 supplemented: Sanan Soutthichak, Phomma Douangmala

1963 supplemented Sali Vongkhamsao

2nd (1972–1982)

Kaysone Phomvihane

Nouhak Phoumsavan


Phoumi Vongvichit

Khamtay Siphandone

Phoune Sipraseuth

Sisomphone Lovansai

Sali Vongkhamsao

Sisavat Keobounphan

Saman Vignaket

Maichantan Sengmani

Maisouk Saisompheng

Chanmi Douangboutdi

Thit Mouan Saochanthala

Meun Somvichit

Souk Vongsak

Ma Khaykamphithoun

Somseun Khampithoun (died 1978)

Khamsouk Saignaseng

Boulang Boualapha

Sounthon Thebasa

Sanan Soutthichak

Khampheng Boupha (Mrs)

Khamban Sounisai (Alternate member, 1972)

Nhiavu Lobaliayao (Alternate member, 1972)

Siphone Phalikhan (Alternate member 1972)

Somsak Saisongkham (Alternate member 1972)

Sisana Sisane (Alternate member 1972)

Khamphay Boupha (Alternate member, 1972)

3rd (1982–1986)

4th (1986–1991)

5th (1991–1996)

6th (1996–2001)

7th 2001–2006

8th (2006–2011)

9th (2011–2016)

The sixty-one member Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party elected at its 9th Congress, March 17 – 21, 2011

Mr Choummaly Sayasone - General Secretary of the Central Committee, President of Laos

Mr Thongsing Thammavong - Member of the Politburo, Prime Minister of Laos

Mr Bounnhang Vorachit - Member of the Politburo, Executive Secretary of the Secretariat, Vice President of Laos

Dr Thongloun Sisoulith - Member of the Politburo, Head of the External Relations Commission, Deputy Prime Minister of Laos, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ms Pany Yathortou - Member of the Politburo, President of the National Assembly

Mr Asang Laoly - Member of the Politburo, Deputy Prime Minister of Laos, President of the State Control Authority

Lieutenant General Duangchay Phichit - Member of the Politburo, Deputy Prime Minister of Laos, Minister of Defense, died 17 May 2014

Mr Somsavat Lengsavad - Member of the Politburo, Standing Deputy Prime Minister of Laos

Dr Bounthong Chitmany - Member of the Politburo, Secretariat, Chairman of the Commission for Inspection, Chairman of the State Inspection Committee

Dr Bounpone Bouttanavong - Member of the Politburo, Secretariat, Head of Lao Party Central Office

Dr Phankham Viphavanh - member of Politburo, Minister of Education and Sports

Dr Thongbanh Sengaphone - member of Secretariat, Minister of Public Security, died 17 May 2014

Mr Chansy Phosikham - member of Secretariat, Head of the Party's Central Organisation Commission

Mr Soukanh Mahalath - member of Secretariat, Secretary of the Vientiane City Party Committee, Vientiane Mayor, died 17 May 2014

Major General Sengnouan Xayalath - member of Secretariat, Deputy Minister of National Defense

Mr Cheuang Sombounkhanh - member of Secretariat, Head of the Central Propaganda and Training Commission, died 17 May 2014

Dr Xaysomphone Phomvihane - Vice-President of the National Assembly

Mr Somphanh Phengkhammy - Vice-President of the National Assembly

Ms Onechanh Thammavong - Minister of Labour and Social Welfare

Dr Phimmasone Leuangkhamma - Governor of Luang Namtha

Mr Khammanh Sounvileuth - Governor of Bokeo province

Dr Chaleun Yiapaoher - Minister of Justice

Mr Soulivong Daravong - Minister of Energy and Mines

Ms Bounpheng Mounphosay

Dr Phandouangchit Vongsa

Mr Khamboun Douangpanya

Major General Chansamone Chanyalath

Dr Khampheuy Panmalaythong

Mr Vilayvanh Phomkhe

Mr Khamsane Souvong

Dr Sinlavong Khoutphaythoune

Dr Khamphanh Phommathat

Prof. Dr Somkot Mangnomek

Mr Sonesay Siphandone

Dr Nam Vinhaket

Mr Tong Yerthor

Ms Sisay Leudetmounsone

Major General Sanyahak Phomvihane

Prof. Dr Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune

Mr Khambay Damlath

Mr Sommad Pholsena

Mr Somdy Douangdy

Mr Phouphet Khamphounvong

Prof. Dr Bosengkham Vongdara

Dr Lien Thikeo

Prof. Dr Eksavang Vongvichit

Mr Khamla Lorlonsy

Mr Xaysi Santivong

Dr Khampheng Saysompheng

Mr Khamhoung Heuangvongsy

Brigadier General Souvone Leuangbounmy

Mr Khammeung Phongthady

Brigadier General Somkeo Silavong

Mr Khamjane Vongphosy

Mr Pan Noymany

Prof. Dr Soukkongseng Saignaleuth

Mr Khamphanh Sitthidampha

Mr Khamla Lingnasone

Mr Khampheuy Bouddavieng

Ms Sounthone Xayachack

Brigadier General Thongloy Silivong

Advisors of Party's Central Committee

5th Congress in 1991: Souphanouvong -died 1995, Phoumi Vongvichit -died 1994, Sisomphon Lovansay -died 1993

6th Congress in 1996 and 7th Congress: Nouhak Phoumsavan -died 2008 .

8th Congress in 2006 and 9th Congress: Khamtay Siphandone

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