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By-elections to the 19th Canadian Parliament

By-elections to the 19th Canadian Parliament were held to fill vacancies in the Canadian House of Commons between the 1940 federal election and the 1945 federal election. The Liberal Party of Canada led a majority government for the 19th Canadian Parliament.

Seventeen vacant seats were filled through by-elections.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained
Grey North February 5, 1945 William Pattison Telford, Jr.      Liberal W. Garfield Case      Progressive Conservative Resignation to provide a seat for Andrew McNaughton No
Cartier August 9, 1943 Peter Bercovitch      Liberal Fred Rose      Labour Progressive Death No
Stanstead August 9, 1943 Robert Greig Davidson      Liberal Joseph-Armand Choquette      Bloc populaire Canadien Election declared void No
Humboldt August 9, 1943 Harry Raymond Fleming      Liberal Joseph William Burton      C. C. F. Death No
Selkirk August 9, 1943 Joseph Thorarinn Thorson      Liberal William Bryce      C. C. F. Appointed President of the Exchequer Court of Canada No
Charlevoix—Saguenay November 30, 1942 Pierre-François Casgrain      Liberal Frédéric Dorion      Independent Appointed a Superior Court Judge of Quebec No
Winnipeg North Centre November 30, 1942 J. S. Woodsworth      C. C. F. Stanley Knowles      C. C. F. Death Yes
Outremont November 30, 1942 Thomas Vien      Liberal Léo Richer Laflèche      Liberal Called to the Senate Yes
St. Mary February 9, 1942 Hermas Deslauriers      Liberal Gaspard Fauteux      Liberal Death Yes
Welland February 9, 1942 Arthur Damude      Liberal Humphrey Mitchell      Liberal Death Yes
York South February 9, 1942 Alan Cockeram      National Government Joseph W. Noseworthy      C. C. F. Resignation to provide a seat for Arthur Meighen No
Quebec East February 9, 1942 Ernest Lapointe      Liberal Louis St. Laurent      Liberal Death Yes
Edmonton East June 2, 1941 Frederick Clayton Casselman      Liberal Cora Taylor Casselman      Liberal Death Yes
Saskatoon City August 19, 1940 Walter George Brown      United Reform Movement Alfred Henry Bence      Conservative Death No
Carleton August 19, 1940 Alonzo Hyndman      National Government George Russell Boucher      Conservative Death Yes
Waterloo North August 19, 1940 William Daum Euler      Liberal Louis Orville Breithaupt      Liberal Called to the Senate Yes
Kingston City August 12, 1940 Norman McLeod Rogers      Liberal Angus Lewis Macdonald      Liberal Death Yes

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